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The eighth generation (Generation VIII) of the Pokémon franchise features 86 new fictional species of creatures introduced to the core video game series in the 2019 Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield. The starter Pokémon were the first of the generation to be revealed.

Design and development[edit]

Development of Pokémon Sword and Shield began in 2016, immediately following the development period of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The conceptual phase lasted approximately a year and the debugging process continued into 2019.[1] With the Galar region based on Great Britain, the native Pokémon draw inspiration from British fauna, folklore, and mythology. The legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta are wolf-like creatures, drawing inspiration from wolves that frequently appear in British mythology.[2] Design of the starter Pokémon revolved around the area in which they would be encountered by the player character.[1]

List of Pokémon[edit]

List of Pokémon species introduced in Generation VIII (2019)
Name National Pokédex
Type(s) Evolves into Notes
English Japanese Primary Secondary
Grookey Sarunori (サルノリ) 810 Grass Thwackey (#811) The Grass-type starter in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Grookey are mischievous and curious monkey-like Pokémon.[3] It carries a special stick from the forests where its species live. Using energy from the sun transferred through Grookey, this stick can revitalize plants in the area where Grookey uses it as a drumstick.[4] In a poll held by The Pokémon Company International's official Twitter account, Grookey was the least popular of the three starters, receiving only 25% of the vote.[5] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Grookey is a spirit along with Sobble and Scorbunny.
Thwackey Bachinkī (バチンキー) 811 Grass Rillaboom (#812) Grookey's evolution, Thwackey, is a monkey-like Pokémon that is able to use its two sticks to practice its drumming. It keeps the beat alive during its daily life.
Rillaboom Gorirandā (ゴリランダー) 812 Grass Does not evolve Thwackey's evolution, Rillaboom, is a Gigantopithecus-like Pokémon who has been given a tree stump drum in addition to its two sticks. It uses this drum to unleash powerful sound waves during battle. This Pokémon has a gentle nature.
Scorbunny Hibanny (ヒバニー) 813 Fire Raboot (#814) The Fire-type starter in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Scorbunny are energetic rabbit-like Pokémon said to always be running.[3] It can run long and fast enough for the soles of its feet to ignite fires. They also have a fire-sac in their chest which becomes more powerful the more Scorbunny runs.[6] In a Twitter poll held by The Pokémon Company on the three starters, Scorbunny came in second receiving 37% of the vote, just shy of Sobble.[5] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Scorbunny is a spirit along with Sobble and Grookey.
Raboot Rabifutto (ラビフット) 814 Fire Cinderace (#815) Scorbunny's evolution, Raboot, is a rabbit-like Pokémon with thick fur that makes it survive in cold weather. It never seems to use its hands, in favor of using its feet to attack and to juggle Berries in order to eat them.
Cinderace Ēsubān (エースバーン) 815 Fire Does not evolve Raboot's evolution, Cinderace, is a rabbit-like Pokémon with perfect physical abilities, such as jumping and kicking. It uses fire energy on a stone to make it into a flaming soccer ball.
Sobble Messon (メッソン) 816 Water Drizzile (#817) The Water-type starter in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sobble are timid, chameleon-like Pokémon that can blend into their surroundings when exposed to water.[3][7] Sobble frequently start crying, which causes those around it to start crying in return, in order to distract opponents and escape conflict; its tears are said to be as potent as 100 onions.[7] In a Twitter poll held by The Pokémon Company on the three starters, Sobble was the most popular, receiving 38% of the vote.[5] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sobble is a spirit along with Grookey and Scorbunny.
Drizzile Jimereon (ジメレオン) 817 Water Inteleon (#818) Sobble's evolution, Drizzile, is a chameleon-like Pokémon that can use its tongue for eating and attacking. It is a smart Pokémon in battle, often using water-based strategies.
Inteleon Intereon (インテレオン) 818 Water Does not evolve Drizzile's evolution, Inteleon, is a chameleon-like Pokémon with a spy-like behavior. It is able to fire water from its fingertips at Mach 3. It can also find the weaknesses of its opponent.
Skwovet Hoshigarisu (ホシガリス) 819 Normal Greedent (#820)
Greedent Yokubarisu (ヨクバリス) 820 Normal Does not evolve
Rookidee Kokogara (ココガラ) 821 Flying Corvisquire (#822)
Corvisquire Aogarasu (アオガラス) 822 Flying Corviknight (#823)
Corviknight Armorga (アーマーガア) 823 Flying Steel Does not evolve Corviknight are large, raven-like Pokémon who are frequently used to taxi people around the Galar region. Their design draws inspiration from the legend of ravens guarding the Tower of London.[2] Certain Corviknight are capable of Gigantamax and grow to more than 14 m (46 ft) in height. The energy produced by Gigantamax Corviknight causes its steel feather to form "blade birds" that fly around the creature and can be used to attack.[8] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Corviknight is a spirit.
Blipbug Satchimushi (サッチムシ) 824 Bug Dottler (#825)
Dottler Redōmushi (レドームシ) 825 Bug Psychic Orbeetle (#826)
Orbeetle Iorubu (イオルブ) 826 Bug Psychic Does not evolve
Nickit Kusune (クスネ) 827 Dark Thievul (#828)
Thievul Fokusurai (フォクスライ) 828 Dark Does not evolve
Gossifleur Himenka (ヒメンカ) 829 Grass Eldegoss (#830) Gossifleur are flower-like Pokémon that can ride wind gusts by spinning their petals. They prefer unpolluted land and their pollen is used in folk medicine and tea.[2]
Eldegoss Watashiraga (ワタシラガ) 830 Grass Does not evolve The evolution of Gossifleur, Eldegoss are dandelion-like Pokémon whose seeds are used as a food source by people and Pokémon.[2]
Wooloo Wooluu (ウールー) 831 Normal Dubwool (#832) Wooloo are peaceful, sheep-like Pokémon whose wool is used in certain Galar towns to create goods. When faced with combat, they tend to simply roll away. Their simple design originates from the abundance of sheep across the United Kingdom.[2] Wooloo proved popular with fans, with many of them creating fan art of it. Michael McWhertor of Polygon described Wooloo as "perfect in every way", while game director Shigeru Ohmori said that "it definitely caught [him] by surprise just how popular it became".[9][10]
Dubwool Baiūrū (バイウールー) 832 Normal Does not evolve
Chewtle Kamukame (カムカメ) 833 Water Drednaw (#834)
Drednaw Kajirigame (カジリガメ) 834 Water Rock Does not evolve Drednaw are slow, turtle-like Pokémon known for their immense biting power. They are particularly stubborn and hard to raise, resulting in inexperienced trainers releasing them after capture.[2] Certain Drednaw are capable of Gigantamax and grow to more than 24 m (79 ft) in height. Becoming bipedal in the process, Gigantamax Drednaw use their massive bodies to crush opponents. By rapidly extending its neck, they can punch holes in large metal structures and mountains.[11]
Yamper Wanpachi (ワンパチ) 835 Electric Boltund (#836) Yamper are corgi-like Pokémon with the unique ability "Ball Fetch" which retrieves lost Pokeballs. Yamper received positive reactions, with critics and fans calling it adorable.[12][13][14] Some have noted that Yamper's design may reference Queen Elizabeth II's fondness for Welsh and Pembroke corgis.[15]
Boltund Parusuwan (パルスワン) 836 Electric Does not evolve
Rolycoly Tandon (タンドン) 837 Rock Carkol (#838) Rolycoly are rock and coal Pokémon that were commonplace in Galar homes up until 100 years before the events of Sword and Shield. The coal that falls off their bodies was used for cooking and heating.[16] David Lozada of Game Revolution described Rolycoly's history as "depressing", and likened their usage to slavery. He also labeled Rolycoly as one of the weirdest Pokémon to date.[17]
Carkol Toroggon (トロッゴン) 838 Rock Fire Coalossal (#839)
Coalossal Sekitanzan (セキタンザン) 839 Rock Fire Does not evolve Gigantamax Coalossal is exclusive to Sword.
Applin Kajitchu (カジッチュ) 840 Grass Dragon Flapple (#841)
Appletun (#842)
Applin is a "wyrm"[disambiguation needed] in an apple. It evolves into Flapple or Appletun depending on the item it is given. Tart Apples, only found in Pokemon Sword, evolve Applin into Flapple, and Sweet Apples, found exclusively in Pokemon Shield, evolve it into Appletun.
Flapple Appuryū (アップリュー) 841 Grass Dragon Does not evolve
Appletun Taruppuru (タルップル) 842 Grass Dragon Does not evolve
Silicobra Sunahebi (スナヘビ) 843 Ground Sandaconda (#844)
Sandaconda Sadaija (サダイジャ) 844 Ground Does not evolve Sandaconda are snake-like Pokémon with a large sand pouch on its neck. This pouch is so thick that a Durant's pincers can't pierce through it. They expel the sand stored inside through their nostrils. When they take on a Gigantamax form, they resemble a tornado, and attack by spinning the sand around their body.
Cramorant Uu (ウッウ) 845 Flying Water Does not evolve Cramorant are cormorant-like Pokémon that activate their Gulping Form (or Gorging Form if below 50 percent health) after using the moves Surf or Dive. In Gulping Form, Cramorant emerges from its dive with an Arrokuda in its mouth. In Gorging Form, it emerges with a Pikachu in its mouth, face-first, kicking its legs. If any damage is dealt to Cramorant while in this state, they will counterattack by spitting a catch from their mouth. If Pikachu is spit at the opposing Pokémon, it becomes paralyzed.
Arrokuda Sashikamasu (サシカマス) 846 Water Barraskewda (#847) Cramorant's Gulping form has it try to swallow this Pokémon.
Barraskewda Kamasujō (カマスジョー) 847 Water Does not evolve
Toxel Erezun (エレズン) 848 Poison Electric Toxtricity (#849)
Toxtricity Sutorindā (ストリンダー) 849 Poison Electric Does not evolve There are two forms of Toxtricity based on the nature of the Toxel it evolves from; Low Key form and Amped form.
Sizzlipede Yakude (ヤクデ) 850 Bug Fire Centiskorch (#851)
Centiskorch Maruyakude (マルヤクデ) 851 Bug Fire Does not evolve Centiskorch are centipede-like Pokémon with a set of heat organs on its belly. They produce fire while doing this, in which fire makes up their antennae and rear end. When Centiskorch take on a Gigantamax form, they gain more legs and their fire becomes more powerful. Both Centiskorch and its Gigatamax form are based on the Ōmukade, a giant centipede yokai in Japanese mythology.
Clobbopus Tatakko (タタッコ) 852 Fighting Grapploct (#853)
Grapploct Otosupasu (オトスパス) 853 Fighting Does not evolve
Sinistea Yabacha (ヤバチャ) 854 Ghost Polteageist (#855) Sinistea are teacup Pokémon inspired by black tea. This Pokémon is unique in that it has authentic and phony forms, emulating antique collecting. Authentic Sinisteas have a seal of authenticity on the bottom of their cup, whereas phonies do not. Authentic Sinisteas are much rarer to find than their phony counterparts.
Polteageist Potdeath (ポットデス) 855 Ghost Does not evolve Polteageist are teapot Pokémon inspired by black tea. They can pour their power into leftover tea to multiply themselves. This Pokémon retains the authentic or forgery forms of the Sinistea from which it evolves. [18]
Hatenna Miburimu (ミブリム) 856 Psychic Hattrem (#857)
Hattrem Teburimu (テブリム) 857 Psychic Hatterene (#858)
Hatterene Burimuon (ブリムオン) 858 Psychic Fairy Does not evolve
Impidimp Berobā (ベロバー) 859 Dark Fairy Morgrem (#860) Impidimp are purple imp-like Pokémon. Ben Reeves of Game Informer criticized the species as a "monstrosity".[12]
Morgrem Gimō (ギモー) 860 Dark Fairy Grimmsnarl (#861)
Grimmsnarl Ōronge (オーロンゲ) 861 Dark Fairy Does not evolve
Obstagoon Tachifusaguma (タチフサグマ) 862 Dark Normal Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Linoone, the first known Pokémon to be evolved exclusively from their pre-evolved forms' regional counterparts. Galarian Linoone evolved into this Pokémon as a result of their survival instincts. It is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Obstruct. Obstagoon's design, notably its long tongue and star pattern over its right eye, bares a strong resemblance to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the band Kiss. Simmons acknowledged the resemblance and called it "flattering".[19]
Perrserker Nyaikingu (ニャイキング) 863 Steel Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Meowth.
Cursola Sanigōn (サニゴーン) 864 Ghost Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Corsola, Cursola's shell has broken as a result of its excessive spirit energy. It fires its branches towards the sky after gathering beneath the full moon.
Sirfetch'd Negigaknight (ネギガナイト) 865 Fighting Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Farfetch'd. Only the most experienced Farfetch'd in battle can evolve into Sirfetch'd. It uses its sharp leek as a weapon, and retires from battle when it withers. Players must use Farfetch'd and have it crit three times in battle for it to evolve.
Mr. Rime Barikōru (バリコオル) 866 Psychic Ice Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Mr. Mime. Its model appears to be inspired by The Tramp, Charlie Chaplin's famous silent film character.
Runerigus Desubān (デスバーン) 867 Ground Ghost Does not evolve The evolution of Galarian Yamask.
Milcery Mahomiru (マホミル) 868 Fairy Alcremie (#869) This Pokemon has a unique way of evolving; depending on several factors, the Milcery will evolve into a different 'flavored' Alcremie. Players need to give their Milcery a 'sweet' obtained from cafes, and then using their leftstick spin the player-character. Your character will strike a pose and then Milcery will evolve. The Milcery will evolve into different flavors of Alcremie based on how long you 'stir' it, what direction you stir your thumbstick, and what time of day it is.
Alcremie Mawhip (マホイップ) 869 Fairy Does not evolve Alcremie are based on a traditional English desert, strawberries and cream. They can produce whipped cream that becomes richer the happier they are.[20] Certain Alcremie are capable of Gigantamax and in combination with a giant cake formed in the process grow to more than 29 m (95 ft) in height. The cake is extremely resistant to attacks. They use "high-calorie cream missiles" to attack opponents.[21] Critics and fans praised Alcremie's design as cute. Writers of Eater and Time also brought attention to sexual innuendos surrounding the Pokémon's descriptions.[20][14] David Lozada of Game Revolution called Alcremie one of the weirdest Pokémon to date.[17]
Falinks Tairētsu (タイレーツ) 870 Fighting Does not evolve
Pincurchin Bachin'uni (バチンウニ) 871 Electric Does not evolve
Snom Yukihami (ユキハミ) 872 Bug Ice Frosmoth (#873)
Frosmoth Mosunō (モスノー) 873 Bug Ice Does not evolve
Stonjourner Ishihenjin (イシヘンジン) 874 Rock Does not evolve Stonjourner are blocky Pokémon. The stones that make up their body can move like arms and legs. They often gather together in a ring-shaped formation. Stonjourner is based on the rock formations of Stonehenge. Exclusive to Sword.
Eiscue Kōrippo (コオリッポ) 875 Ice Does not evolve Eiscue are penguin-like Pokémon with an icy head. They produce cold air to keep their head warm. Eiscue changes from the bulky "Ice Face" to the faster "Noice Face" when hit by a physical attack, and back when Hail is active. Exclusive to Shield.
Indeedee Iessan (イエッサン) 876 Psychic Normal Does not evolve Male Indeedee are exclusive to Sword, while females are exclusive to Shield.
Morpeko Morpeko (モルペコ) 877 Electric Dark Does not evolve Morpeko are hamster-like Pokémon with electric abilites. The electricity they generate causes them to be hungry. When they get extremely hungry, they also become violent. Morpeko's signature move Aura Wheel changes type depending on whether it is in Full Belly Mode (Electric) or Hangry Mode (Dark). In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Morpeko is a spirit.
Cufant Zōdō (ゾウドウ) 878 Steel Copperajah (#879)
Copperajah Daiōdō (ダイオウドウ) 879 Steel Does not evolve Copperajah is based on the Indian elephant. The Pokedex entry says it came to Galar from another region, implying that it originates from a Pokémon region that hasn't been discovered yet, possible a Pokémon region based on India.
Dracozolt Patchiragon (パッチラゴン) 880 Electric Dragon Does not evolve Four fossil chimera Pokémon were introduced in Sword and Shield. Each come from various combinations of four fossils: Bird, Dino, Drake, and Fish.

Dracovish is very popular in the competitive Pokémon scene due to its move, Fishious Rend.

Arctozolt Patchirudon (パッチルドン) 881 Electric Ice Does not evolve
Dracovish Uonoragon (ウオノラゴン) 882 Water Dragon Does not evolve
Arctovish Uochirudon (ウオチルドン) 883 Water Ice Does not evolve
Duraludon Duraludon (ジュラルドン) 884 Steel Dragon Does not evolve Duraludon are alloy Pokémon that are unusually light for their size. Sharing a habitat with Tyranitar, the two species frequently battle for territory. Duraludon are capable of using the Steel-type move Steel Beam てっていこうせん (Tettei Kо̄sen).[22]
Dreepy Dorameshiya (ドラメシヤ) 885 Dragon Ghost Drakloak (#886)
Drakloak Doronchi (ドロンチ) 886 Dragon Ghost Dragapult (#887)
Dragapult Doraparuto (ドラパルト) 887 Dragon Ghost Does not evolve According to its poked entry, it keeps its pre-evolved counter part, dreepy, in its horns, "like supersonic missiles."[23] Dragapult may be based off of supersonic jets.
Zacian Zacian (ザシアン) 888 Fairy Does not evolve Zacian is a wolf-like Pokémon that carries a sword in its mouth and fights gracefully.[2] Its sword is capable of gracefully cutting through anything.[24] Its design is similar to the Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls.[2][25] Bandai Namco, the publisher for Dark Souls, acknowledged the similarity soon after the Pokémon's reveal during E3 2019.[26] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Zacian is a spirit along with Zamazenta.
Fairy Steel
Zamazenta Zamazenta (ザマゼンタ) 889 Fighting Does not evolve Zamazenta is a wolf-like Pokémon adorned with a large shield on the front of its body. This shield is capable of repelling any attack.[2][24] In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Zamazenta is a spirit along with Zacian.
Fighting Steel
Eternatus Mugendaina (ムゲンダイナ) 890 Poison Dragon Does not evolve
Kubfu unknown Unknown Fighting Urshifu Kubfu is central to Isle of Armor story.
Urshifu unknown Unknown Fighting Dark Does not evolve Kubfu evolves into Urshifu after completing its training. Its secondary type depends on its fighting style, with Dark for Single-Strike Style, and Water for Rapid-Strike Style.
Fighting Water
Calyrex unknown Unknown Psychic Grass Does not evolve Calyrex is the focus of The Crown Tundra story.
Unnamed Regi- Pokemon 1 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Two unnamed Pokémon resembling the Legendary Golems (Regice, Regirock, Registeel) appeared in a Nintendo Direct on January 9, 2020.
Unnamed Regi- Pokemon 2 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Galarian Forms[edit]

List of Galarian Pokémon forms introduced in Generation VIII (2019)
English name Japanese name National Pokédex
Type(s) Evolves into Notes
Primary Secondary
Meowth Nyarth (ニャース) 52 Steel Perrserker (#863) The Galarian form was introduced into Sword/Shield along with a Gigantamax version of original Meowth. The Galarian Meowth has a large, bushy beard and a black coin on its head. Gigantamax Meowth's model appears to be inspired by the Long Cat meme.
Ponyta Ponyta (ポニータ) 77 Psychic Rapidash (#078) The Galarian form of Ponyta was released through the Pokémon 24-hour live stream, and became commonly referred to as the 'Ghost Ponyta' (even though it is a Psychic type). The appearance of Galarian Ponyta came from the life energy of the forests. Its mane is capable of storing this energy. Exclusive to Shield.
Rapidash Gallop (ギャロップ) 78 Psychic Fairy Does not evolve
Slowpoke Yadon (ヤドン) 79 Psychic Slowbro (#080)
Slowking (#199)
Released January 9th, 2020 to promote the reveal of the Sword and Shield expansion packs. Slowpoke will only evolve into Galarian Slowbro with an item obtained in The Isle of Armor and into Galarian Slowking from an item obtained in The Crown Tundra.
Slowbro Yadoran (ヤドラン) 80 Unknown Does not evolve The Galarian form of Slowbro will not be available until the release of the Isle of Armor expansion pack.
Farfetch'd Kamonegi (カモネギ) 83 Fighting Sirfetch'd (#865) When this Pokémon was first previewed it was trending worldwide on Twitter, due to its very unique way of evolving. Players must use Farfetch'd and have its attacks crit three times in a single battle for it to evolve into Sirfetch'd. Exclusive to Sword
Weezing Matadogas (マタドガス) 110 Poison Fairy Does not evolve The Galarian form of Weezing is adorned with smog resembling facial hair and has top hat-like smokestacks extending from the top of its two heads. It inhales polluted air and expels purified air from its smokestacks. It uses the smog on its faces as a weapon during battle. Fans have likened its appearance to a bong.[27]
Mr. Mime Barrierd (バリヤード) 122 Psychic Ice Mr. Rime (#866)
Articuno Freezer (フリーザー) 144 Unknown Does not evolve Galarian forms of the Generation I Legendary Birds were revealed in a Nintendo Direct on January 9, 2020.
Zapdos Thunder (サンダー) 145 Unknown Does not evolve
Moltres Fire (ファイヤー) 146 Unknown Does not evolve
Slowking Yadoking (ヤドキング) 199 Unknown Does not evolve
Corsola Sunnygo (サニーゴ) 222 Ghost Cursola (#864) The Galarian form of Corsola is based on coral bleaching caused by climate change.[28] This reflects the sea it used to live in, as every Corsola died due to a meteorite impact. Its branches are not really solid, but they can absorb the life force of a victim. Exclusive to Shield.
Zigzagoon Jiguzaguma (ジグザグマ) 263 Dark Normal Linoone (#264) The Galarian form of Zigzagoon moves in many directions. It is often believed to be the original form of Zigzagoon. It enjoys battling and provokes other Pokémon in order to battle with them.
Linoone Massuguma (マッスグマ) 264 Dark Normal Obstagoon (#862) The Galarian form of Linoone can charge at destructive speeds. It is a popular Pokémon among angry youths, mainly because of its ability to pick fights against stronger opponents.
Darumaka Darumakka (ダルマッカ) 554 Ice Darmanitan (#555) The Galarian form of Darumaka came from the Pokémon's original form adapting to the cold climate of the region it lives in. It likes to do snowball fights with its friends. Exclusive to Sword.
Darmanitan Hihidaruma (ヒヒダルマ) 555 Ice Does not evolve The Galarian Form of Darmanitan has a large snowball on its head, which it uses for food storage and to attack opponents. Its fire sac, along with its fighting nature, have cooled down in the cold weather.
Ice Fire
Yamask Desumasu (デスマス) 562 Ground Ghost Runerigus (#867)
Stunfisk Maggyo (マッギョ) 618 Ground Steel Does not evolve



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