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This is a list of named geological features on Dione, a moon of Saturn. Dionean geological features are named after people and places in Roman mythology.


Catenae are crater chains. They are named after rivers in Roman mythology.

Catena Named after Coordinates
Aufidus Catena Aufidus, river in southern Italy 78°00′S 296°24′W / 78.0°S 296.4°W / -78.0; -296.4 (Aufidus Catena)
Pactolus Catena Pactolus, river in Turkey 8°47′N 327°09′W / 8.79°N 327.15°W / 8.79; -327.15 (Pactolus Catena)
Pantagias Catenae Pantagias, river in Sicily 15°18′S 141°42′W / 15.3°S 141.7°W / -15.3; -141.7 (Pantagias Catenae)


Dionean chasms are called chasmata. They are named after important locations in Roman mythology and history.

Chasma Named after
Aurunca Chasmata Aurunca, Campania
Drepanum Chasma Drepanum, Sicily
Eurotas Chasmata Eurotas River, Peloponnese
Larissa Chasma Larissa, Thessaly
Latium Chasma Latium, Italy
Padua Chasmata Padua, Veneto
Palatine Chasmata Palatine Hill, Rome
Tibur Chasma Tibur, Lazio


Dionean ridges are called dorsa. They are named after Roman hills.

Dorsum Named after
Janiculum Dorsa Janiculum, Rome


Dionean fossae (long narrow depressions) are named after cities, streets and rivers in Roman mythology.

Fossa Named after
Argiletum Fossae Argiletum, a street near the forum of ancient Rome
Arpi Fossae Arpi, Apulia
Carthage Fossae Carthage, Tunisia
Clusium Fossae Clusium, Tuscany
Fidena Fossae Fidenae, Latium
Helorus Fossa river Helorus, Sicily
Himella Fossa river Himella, a tributary of the Tiber
Petelia Fossae Petelia, Calabria


Originally, three geological features were labelled lineae (bright wispy markings). However, later evidence from the Cassini probe revealed them to be chasms, and they were all renamed as such (see above).


Dionean craters are named after figures from Greek and Roman mythology, especially the Aeneid.

Crater Named after
Acestes Acestes, King of Sicily
Adrastus Adrastus, King of Argos
Aeneas Aeneas, Trojan Prince
Amastrus Amastrus, Trojan warrior
Amata Amata, Queen of the Latins
Anchises Anchises, Dardanian king
Antenor Antenor, Trojan prince
Butes Butes, boxer
Caieta Caieta, Trojan nurse
Camilla Camilla, Volscian queen
Cassandra Cassandra, Trojan princess
Catillus Catillus the Arcadian, founder of Tibur
Coras Coras, founder of Tibur
Creusa Creusa, Trojan princess
Dido Dido, Carthaginian queen
Evander Evander, Roman hero
Halys Halys, Trojan warrior
Ilia Alternate name of Rhea Silvia, mother of Romulus and Remus
Italus Italus, ancestor of the Italians
Latagus Latagus, Trojan soldier
Lausus Lausus, Etruscan prince
Magus Magus, Rutulian soldier
Massicus Massicus
Palinarus Palinarus
Remus Remus
Ripheus Ripheus
Romulus Romulus
Sabinus Sabinus
Turnus Turnus

Other craters: Erulus, Lagus, Sagaris

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