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This is a list of named geological features on Enceladus. Geological features on Enceladus are named after people and places from Burton's translation of the Arabian Nights — called The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — a collection of Medieval folk tales from the Middle East.


Enceladean plains are called planitiae. They are named after the locations of events in the Arabian Nights.

Planitia Named after
Diyar Planitia Diyar
Sarandib Planitia Serendib


Enceladean ridges are called dorsa. They are named after the locations of events in the Arabian Nights.

Dorsum Named after
Cufa Dorsa Cufa
Ebony Dorsum Ebony


Sulci are long, parallel grooves. Enceladean sulci are named after the locations of events in the Arabian Nights.

Sulcus Named after
Alexandria Sulcus Alexandria, Egypt
Al-Medinah Sulci Medina, Saudi Arabia
Al-Yaman Sulci Yemen
Andalús Sulci Al-Andalus
Baghdad Sulcus Baghdad, Iraq
Bulak Sulcus Boulaq, Egypt
Cairo Sulcus Cairo, Egypt
Camphor Sulcus Camphor
Cashmere Sulci Kashmir
Damascus Sulcus Damascus, Syria
Hamah Sulci Hama, Syria
Harran Sulci Harran, Turkey
Labtayt Sulci Labtayt, possibly Leptis Magna
Láhej Sulci Lahij, Yemen
Makran Sulci Makran
Misr Sulci Egypt
Mosul Sulci Mosul, Iraq
Samarkand Sulci Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Shiraz Sulcus Shiraz, Iran
Sind Sulci Sindh, Pakistan


Fossae are ditches or trenches. Enceladean fossae are named after the locations of events in the Arabian Nights.

Fossa Named after
Anbar Fossae Anbar, Iraq
Bassorah Fossa Basra, Iraq
Bishangarh Fossae Bishangarh
Daryabar Fossa Daryabar
Isbanir Fossa Isbanir
Kaukabán Fossae Kaukaban, Yemen
Khorasan Fossa Khorasan


On Enceladus, escarpments are called rupes.

Rupes Named after
Samaria Rupes Samaria, from Khudadad and His Brothers


Enceladean craters are named after characters in the Arabian Nights.

Crater Named after
Ahmad Ahmad
Ajib Brother of Gharib in "The History of Gharib and His Brother Ajib."
Al-Bakbuk Al-Bakbuk
Al-Fakik Al-Fakik
Al-Haddar Al-Haddar
Al-Kuz Al-Kuz
Al-Mustazi Al-Mustazi
Aladdin Aladdin
Ali Baba Ali Baba
Ayyub Ayyub
Aziz Aziz
Bahman Oldest prince in "The Two Sisters Who Envied Their Cadette"
Behram Bahram
Dalilah Dalilah
Duban Duban
Dunyazad Dunyazad
Fitnah Fitnah
Ghanim Ghanim
Gharib Gharib
Harun Harun al-Rashid
Hassan Hassan
Hisham Caliph in "The Caliph Hisham and the Arab Youth"
Ishak Character in "Isaac of Mosul and the Merchant"
Ja’afar Ja'far ibn Yahya
Jansha Jansha
Julnar Julnar
Kamar Kamar al-Akmár in "The Ebony Horse"
Kasim Brother of Ali Baba
Khusrau Sassanid ruler Khosrau II
Ma’aruf Hero of "Ma'aruf the Cobbler and His Wife Fatimah"
Marjanah Marjanah
Masrur Eunuch in "Nur al-Din Ali and the Damsel Anis al-Jalis"
Morgiana Slave girl in "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"
Musa Musa
Mustafa Mustafa in Aladdin
Omar Omar
Otbah Otbah
Parwez Second prince in "The Two Sisters Who Envied Their Cadette"
Peri-Banu Peri-Banu
Perizadah Youngest princess in "The Two Sisters Who Envied Their Cadette"
Rayya Rayya
Sabur King of Persia in "The Ebony Horse"
Salih Salih
Samad Samad
Shahrazad Shahrazad
Shahryar Shahryar
Shakashik Shakashik
Sharrkan Sharrkan
Shirin Shirin
Sindbad Sindbad
Yunan King of Persian city in "The Tale of the Vizier and the Sage Duban"
Zaynab Daughter of Dalilah in "The Rogueries of Dalilah the Crafty and Her Daughter Zaynab the Coney-Catcher"
Zumurrud Zumurrud

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