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This is a list of named geological features on Io, a moon of Jupiter. See also the list of mountains on Io and the list of paterae on Io.

Eruptive Centers[edit]

Eruptive centers on Io, locations typically where major volcanic activity was observed and characterized before the volcanic landform was, are named after the gods of volcanoes and/or blacksmiths in various mythologies.

Volcano Named after
Amirani Amirani (Georgian)
Kanehekili Kanehekili (Hawaiian)
Loki Loki (Norse)
Marduk Marduk (Babylonian)
Masubi Ho-Masubi (Japanese)
Maui Māui (Hawaiian)
Pele Pele (Hawaiian)
Prometheus Prometheus (Greek)
Surt Surtur (Icelandic)
Thor Thor (Norse)
Volund Volund (Norse)
Zamama Zamama (Babylonian)


On Io, catenae (crater chains) are named after sun gods in various mythologies. In 2006, the use of the term catena was discontinued in favor of the patera or plural paterae. Below is a list of features that previously used the descriptor term catena.

Catena Named after
Mazda Paterae Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrian)
Reshet Patera Reshet (Aramaic)
Tvashtar Paterae Tvashtri (Hindu)


Ionian fluctūs (areas of lava flow) are named after fire and thunder gods in various mythologies, or after locations in Greek mythology associated with Io.

Fluctus Named after
Acala Fluctus Acala (Buddhism)
Arinna Fluctus Arinna (Hittite)
Donar Fluctus Donar (Germanic)
Euboea Fluctūs Euboea (Greek)
Fjorgynn Fluctus Fjorgyn (Norse)
Kanehekili Fluctus Kanehekili (Hawaiian)
Lei-Kung Fluctus Lei Gong (Chinese)
Lei-zi Fluctus Lei Zi (Chinese)
Marduk Fluctus Marduk (Sumerian)
Masubi Fluctus Ho-Masubi (Japanese)
Sobo Fluctus Sobo (Vodou)
Tsui Fluctus Tsui (Khoikhoi)
Tung Yo Fluctus Tung Yo (Chinese)
Uta Fluctus Uta (Sumerian)


Ionian mensae (mesas) are named after mythological figures associated with fire or with the nymph Io.

Mensa Named after
Capaneus Mensa Capaneus (The Divine Comedy)
Echo Mensa Echo (Greek)
Epaphus Mensa Epaphus (Greek)
Hermes Mensa Hermes (Greek)
Iynx Mensa Iynx (Greek)
Pan Mensa Pan (Greek)
Prometheus Mensa Prometheus (Greek)
Telegonus Mensae Telegonus (Greek)
Tvashtar Mensae Tvashtar (Hindu)


Ionian montes (mountains and volcanos) are named after people and places associated with the nymph Io, and sun and fire gods in various other mythologies.


Ionian paterae (shallow craters and crater chains) are named after sun gods and fire gods in various mythologies.


Ionian plana (plateaus) are named after locations in Greek mythology associated with the nymph Io.

Planum Named after
Argos Planum Argos
Danube Planum Danube River
Dodona Planum Dodona
Ethiopia Planum Ethiopia
Hybristes Planum Hybristes
Iopolis Planum Iopolis
Lyrcea Planum Lyrcea
Nemea Planum Nemea


Ionian regiones (regions) are mostly named after locations in Greek mythology associated with the nymph Io.

Regio Named after
Bactria Regio Bactria
Bosphorus Regio Bosphorus
Bulicame Regio Bulicame (The Divine Comedy)
Chalybes Regio Chalybes
Colchis Regio Colchis
Illyrikon Regio Illyria
Lerna Regio Lerna
Media Regio Media
Mycenae Regio Mycenae
Tarsus Regio Tarsus


Ionian tholi (hills) are named after mythological figures associated with fire or with the nymph Io.

Tholus Named after Coordinates
Apis Tholus Apis (Greek) 10°54′S 347°53′W / 10.9°S 347.88°W / -10.9; -347.88 (Apis Tholus)
Inachus Tholus Inachus (Greek) 16°11′S 347°46′W / 16.18°S 347.76°W / -16.18; -347.76 (Inachus Tholus)
Tsui Goab Tholus Tsui (Khoikhoi) 0°06′S 163°00′W / 0.1°S 163.0°W / -0.1; -163.0 (Tsui Goab Tholus)

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