List of ghost towns in Arkansas

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The partially submerged Monte Ne Amphitheater in Monte Ne, Arkansas

This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in Arkansas, United States of America.


An illustration of Arkansas Post, Arkansas, depicting the settlement in 1689. This was painted in 1904.
Ruins of the New White Eagle Mill, Rush Historic District, Buffalo National River, Arkansas

Ghost towns can include sites in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Some sites no longer have any trace of civilization and have reverted to pasture land or empty fields. Other sites are unpopulated but still have standing buildings. Some sites may even have a sizable, though small population, but there are far fewer citizens than in its grander historic past.

Barren site[edit]

  • Sites no longer in existence
  • Sites that have been destroyed
  • Deserted
  • Covered with water
  • Barren site
  • Reverted to pasture
  • May have a few difficult to find foundations/footings at most

Neglected site[edit]

  • Only rubble left
  • Roofless building ruins
  • Buildings or houses still standing, but majority are roofless

Abandoned site[edit]

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Buildings and houses all abandoned
  • No population
  • Site no longer in existence except for one or two buildings, for example old church, grocery store

Semi-abandoned site[edit]

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Buildings and houses largely abandoned
  • few residents
  • many abandoned buildings
  • Small population

Historic community[edit]

  • Building or houses still standing
  • Still a busy community
  • Smaller than its boom years
  • Population has decreased dramatically, to one fifth or less.

Ghost towns[edit]

Town name   County   Established   Disestablished   Current status   Remarks   
Anderson Flat[1] Independence
Arkansas Post Arkansas 1686 1863 Barren site, protected area
Bolding[1] Union
Bruno[1] Marion
Chalk Bluff[1] Clay
Crossroads[1] Pulaski 1957 Submerged in Lake Maumelle Town and Cemetery under water. Located Hwy 10/Hwy 113.
Daleville[1] Clark 1880s Currently the site of The Daily Lumber Company
Eros[1] Marion School listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.
Four Gum Corner[1] St. Francis Mostly farm land now.
Fort Douglas
Graysonia Clark 1902 1951 Ruins Shipped the first flask of Arkansas cinnabar in 1932.
Kimberly Pike 1908 1911 Incorporated into Murfreesboro
Lewisburg Conway 1831 1883 Was the county seat of Conway County until 1883.
Monte Ne Benton 1901 1932 Submerged in Beaver Lake
Moscow Nevada 1810 1873 Only Moscow Methodist Church and Cemetery remain Economic displacement by Cairo and Fulton Railroad.[2]
Napoleon Desha Submerged Was once the county seat of Desha County.
Rush Marion 1880 1940 Ruins A zinc mining region of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas
Sneed Jackson 1929 Barren site Was destroyed by Arkansas' only F5 tornado on April 10, 1929.
Violett Arkansas Barren site


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