List of ghost towns in Colorado

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Abandoned buildings at Animas Forks, Colorado
Houses along Ashcroft, Colorado's Main Street, 2007
Token coin with the value of $1.00, issued by the Rawley Mine Commissary in Bonanza, Colorado
Circa 1911
In 2005
An abandoned house in Eastonville, Colorado
Remains of the old ore mill in Eureka, Colorado
The remains of an old cabin at Dyersville, Colorado
Remains of the Bassick silver mine, Querida, Colorado

This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in Colorado, a state of the United States. Colorado has over 1,500 ghost towns. Currently only about 640 remain. Due to incomplete records and legends that are now accepted as fact, no exhaustive list can realistically be produced.

Most Colorado ghost towns were abandoned for the following reasons:

  • Mining towns were abandoned when the mines closed; many due to the devaluation of silver in 1893.
  • Mill towns were abandoned when the mining towns they serviced closed.
  • Farming towns on the eastern plains were often deserted due to rural depopulation.
  • Coal towns were abandoned when the coal (or the need for it) ran out.
  • Stage stops were abandoned when the railroad came through.
  • Rail stops were deserted when the railroad changed routes or abandoned the spurs.

Others were abandoned for more unusual reasons. Some were resort towns which never brought in enough tourists. One or two former townsites are now underwater, caused by the creation of reservoirs; a few are covered in mining tailings, as noted below. Of the list below, some involve settlements with visible tangible remains such as structures or cemeteries, while the precise location of others is known only through maps and historic accounts.

The following is a list of the most notable ghost towns, sortable alphabetically or by county:

Town County
(Park City, Finntown)
Lake County
Alta San Miguel
Animas Forks San Juan
Apex Gilpin
Arapahoe Jefferson
Arrow Grand
Ashcroft Pitkin
Autobees Huerfano
Axial Moffat
Bakerville Clear Creek
Bassick City
(see Querida)
Bijou Basin El Paso
Bonanza Saguache
Bowerman Gunnison
Brodhead Las Animas
Buckskin Joe
(Laurette, Lauret)
Buick Elbert
Calcite Fremont
Calumet Huerfano
Capitol City Hinsdale
Caribou Boulder
Carpenter Mesa
Carrizo City Baca
Carrizo Springs Baca
Carson Hinsdale
Chattanooga San Juan
Chihuahua Summit
Chivington Kiowa
Clarkville Yuma
Climax Lake
Coalmont Jackson
Colfax Custer
Copper City Baca
Crystal Gunnison
Dakan Douglas
Dallas Ouray
Decatur Summit
Dearfield Weld
Duncan Saguache
Dyersville Summit
Eastonville El Paso
Edgerton El Paso
Eldora Boulder
Eureka San Juan
Fairmount Jefferson
Floresta Gunnison
Fondis Elbert
Francevillle El Paso
Galena Custer
Geneva City Park
Gillett Teller
Gilman Eagle
Goldfield Teller
Gold Park Eagle
Gothic Gunnison
Graysill Mines La Plata
Gwillimsville El Paso
Hamilton Park
Henson Hinsdale
Holy Cross City Eagle
(Bullion City)
San Juan
Howbert Park County
(submerged in Eleven Mile State Park)
Husted El Paso
Independence Pitkin
Iola Gunnison
(submerged in Blue Mesa Reservoir)
Jimmy's Camp El Paso
Juanita Archuleta
Keota Weld
King's Canyon Jackson
Kokomo Summit
Last Chance Washington
Lenado Pitkin
Liberty Saguache
Ludlow Las Animas
Lytle El Paso
Madrid Las Animas
Manhattan Larimer
Mayflower Gulch Summit
McConnellsville El Paso
McFerran El Paso
(see McPhee Reservoir)
Missouri City Gilpin
Montana City Denver
Montezuma Summit
Mount Vernon Jefferson
Nevadaville Gilpin
Old Zounds (O.Z.) El Paso
Old Carson Hinsdale
Oro City Lake
Parkville Summit
Patterson El Paso
Pearl Jackson
Poudre City Larimer
Primero Las Animas
Preston Summit
Pryor Huerfano
Purcell Weld
Querida Custer
Robinson Summit
Rosita Custer
Russell Gulch Gilpin
San Miguel Costilla
Silver Creek Clear Creek
Silver Dale Clear Creek
(see Horsetooth Reservoir)
St. Elmo Chaffee
Saints John Summit
Swandyke Summit
Table Rock El Paso
(founded 1859)
(Puma City, founded 1896)
Teller City Jackson
Tincup Gunnison
Tungsten Boulder
Turret Chaffee
Tuttle Kit Carson
Ula Custer
Uptop on Old La Veta Pass Huerfano
Uravan Montrose
Vicksburg Chaffee
Vulcan Gunnison
Williamsville El Paso
Winfield Chaffee

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