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This is a list of ghost towns in Nevada in the United States of America. Most ghost towns in Nevada are former mining boomtowns that were abandoned when the mines closed. Those that weren't set up as mining camps were usually established as locations for mills, or supply points for nearby mining operations. In Clark County settlements along the Colorado River have been submerged underneath the reservoirs of Lake Mead or Lake Mohave.


Ghost towns can include sites in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Some sites no longer have any trace of buildings or civilization, and have reverted to empty land. Other sites are unpopulated but still have standing buildings. Still others may support full-time residents, though usually far fewer than at their historical peak, while others may now be museums or historical sites.

For ease of reference, the sites listed have been placed into one of the following general categories.

Barren site
  • Site is no longer in existence
  • Site has been destroyed, covered with water, or has reverted to empty land
  • May have at most a few difficult-to-find foundations/footings
Neglected site
  • Little more than rubble remains at the site
  • Dilapidated, often roofless buildings remain at the site
Abandoned site
  • Buildings or houses still standing, but all or almost all are abandoned
  • No population, with the possible exception of a caretaker
  • Site no longer in use, except for one or two buildings
Semi-abandoned site
  • Buildings or houses still standing, but most are abandoned
  • A few residents may remain
Historic site
  • Buildings or houses still standing
  • Site has been converted to a historical site, museum, or tourist attraction
  • Still a busy community, but population is smaller than in its peak years

List of ghost towns in Nevada[edit]

Nevada Ghost Towns
Town Image County Established Disestablished Status Notes
Aurora Aurora NV.jpg Mineral 1860 Neglected site
Alturas Clark 1861 In El Dorado Canyon (Nevada) near Techatticup Mine in the Colorado Mining District.
Belleville Mineral 1872
Belmont Belmont Nevada.gif Nye 1865 Former Nye County courthouse in Belmont is preserved as Belmont Courthouse State Historic Park[1]
Berlin Berlin Ghost Town.jpg Nye 1897 1911 Preserved within Berlin–Ichthyosaur State Park[2]
Bermond Station Fairview & Bermond Station Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1920 1926 The site was also known as Frenchman or "Frenchy's and later as Bermond Station from 1920—26.[3]
Blair Blair Nevada Stamp mill c 1907.jpg Esmeralda 1907 1920 The site of the largest stamp mill in Nevada, at the time[3]
Bristol Wells Charcoal Kiln, Bristol Wells.jpg Lincoln 1872 1905
Broken Hills Broken Hills, Nevada b 1920.jpg Mineral 1913 1940
Bullfrog Inside Bullfrog Jail.jpg Nye
Bullionville Bullionville loading tailings b 1880.jpg Lincoln 1870 1882 Barren site A reliable water supply supported milling in town until nearby Pioche built waterworks to supply water to Pioche mills. Afterward, Bullioniville was slowly abandoned.[3]
Cactus Springs Nye
Callville Lake Mead Callville Bay Marina 2.jpg Clark 1864 1869 Submerged under Callville Bay of Lake Mead Steamboat landing, County seat of Pah-Ute County, Arizona Territory (1865–67), Post office (1867-69)
Candelaria Main street Candelaria Nev c 1880.jpg Mineral 1864 1939 The Northern Belle mine produced 15 million dollars in silver during production.[4]
Chafey Chafee Nevada 1908.jpg Pershing 1908 1913 Was originally called Dun Glen.[3]
Charleston 2013-06-28 10 00 10 View east along Elko County Route 746 (North Fork-Charleston Road) in Charleston in Nevada.jpg Elko
Clifton Lander 1862 Semi-abandoned site Just west of Austin.
Coaldale Coaldale Junction.jpg Esmeralda 1894 1993
Cobre Cobre Nevada.jpg Elko
Colorado City Clark 1861 Submerged under Lake Mohave Steamboat landing near the mouth of El Dorado Canyon (Nevada) in the Colorado Mining District.
Columbus Borax refining tanks, Columbus Nevada 1870s.jpg Esmeralda 1865 1881
Como Horse-powered whim Como Nevada.jpg Lyon 1861 1930s Post office 1879-1881, 1903-1905; Mining town occupied intermittently, activity finally ceasing in the 1930s after the closing of a sawmill.[3]
Cortez Cortez Mill Complex Tier C.jpg Lander 1863 1930 George Hearst mined at the area in the 1860s.
Crystal Springs Crystal Spring - Nevada.jpg Lincoln
Currant 2014-07-17 09 55 40 Panorama of Currant, Nevada from U.S. Route 6 about 118 miles east of the Esmeralda County Line-cropped.jpg Nye 1865 1871
Daveytown Humboldt 1910 1930
Deeth 2015-03-31 18 52 31 Buildings along Deeth‐O'Neil Road (Elko County Route 753) in Deeth, Nevada.JPG Elko 1869 1915 A depot and trading center for local ranchers and ranchers from adjacent counties.
Delano Elko 1870s 1927 The town was the site of a small gold-mining district that saw production from the 1870s to the 1960s.
Delamar Delamar Nevada newspaper office.jpg Lincoln 1890 1909 In 1897, Delamar had a population of 3000.[3]
Dixie Valley Dixie Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1861
Dun Glen Dun Glen Nevada 1880.jpg Pershing 1862 1894 Later became Chafey.[3]
Eagleville Mineral
El Dorado City Clark 1863 1880s Barren site Mining camp in El Dorado Canyon (Nevada) in the Colorado Mining District. Site of the El Dorado Mills.
Etna Pershing 1865 1872
Fairview Fairview Nevada July 4th 1906.jpg Churchill 1905 1919 At its height, Fairview had 27 saloons.[3]
Fish Lake Valley Esmeralda
Flanigan Flanigan townsite map.jpg Washoe 1909 1973
Fort Churchill Fort Churchill Gelatin.jpg Lyon Preserved within Fort Churchill State Historic Park[5]
Frenchman Frenchman Station Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1906 1920 The site was also known as "Frenchy's and later as Bermond Station from 1920—26[3]
Golconda Golconda School - Golconda Nevada.jpg Humboldt 1869 1908 Golconda's hot springs were a famous landmark for westbound travelers.[3]
Gold Center Mill foundation, Gold Center, Nevada.jpg Nye
Gold Point Gold point street.jpg Esmeralda
Goldfield Esmeralda County, Nevada courthouse.jpg Esmeralda
Grantsville Nye
Hamilton Hamilton Nevada.jpg White Pine 1868 1931 Hamilton was originally called Cave City, because early arrivals set up camp in nearby caves.[3]
Hardin City Humboldt 1858 1866 Neglected
Hiko MILL OF HYKO SILVER MINING COMPANY, HYKO, NEVADA - NARA - 524161.jpg Lincoln 1865 1882 Hiko was a Native American expression meaning "white man's town"[3]
Ione Ione nevada 1900.jpg Nye 1863 1930s At its peak, Ione had 100 houses and a population of 500.[3]
Jacobsville Lander Early 1860's Late 1870's A Pony Express station and the first seat of Lander County.
Johnnie Nye 1890 1935 Water in town was scarce. It was drawn from a spring four miles away, packed in canvas bags, and hauled to town by donkeys.[3]
Johntown Placer mining 1880s at site of Johntown , Nevada mining settlement.jpg Lyon Early 1850s 1860s Barren Site Considered the first ghost town of Nevada.[6]
Jungo Mapping the North Half of Lovelock One Degree Quadrangle in the Desert Area Near Jungo, Nevada, 1 August 1931.tiff Humboldt 1911 1952 Barren Post Office from January 1911 until May 1952.[7]
Jessup Jessup, Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1908
Lahontan City Churchill 1911 1915 Neglected Developed to house workers during the construction of Lahontan Dam[8]
Logan WATER RHYOLITES NEAR LOGAN SPRINGS, NEVADA - NARA - 524153.jpg Lincoln 1865 1930
Louisville Clark 1861 1862? In El Dorado Canyon (Nevada) near the Techatticup Mine in the Colorado Mining District.
Lucky Jim Camp Clark 1862 Barren In El Dorado Canyon (Nevada) near the Techatticup Mine in the Colorado Mining District.
Mazuma Mazuma Nevada 1908.jpg Pershing 1907 1912 Post office: 1907-1912. Site of flash flood that killed at least 8 and destroyed most of the town.[3]
Marietta Mineral
Metropolis A494, Metropolis, Nevada, USA, Lincoln School, 2016.jpg Elko
Midas Gold Circle, Midas Nevada 1907.jpg Elko 1908 1942 The camp was first called Gold Circle, but when the post office was established in 1907, officials decided that Nevada had too many towns with "gold" in their names, and the town was renamed Midas[3]
Miller's Esmeralda
Miriam White Plains, Ocala, and Miriam Nevada in 1910.jpg Churchill Non-agency station of the SPRR[9]
Mountain City 2013-06-16 15 39 22 View south across Mountain City in Nevada, with Nevada State Route 225 visible passing through town and the Owyhee River visible toward the right.jpg Elko
Mule Lick Nye 1890
Nevada City Churchill 1916 1919 A coöperative colony
Ocala White Plains, Ocala, and Miriam Nevada in 1910.jpg Churchill
Osceola White Pine
Palisade A339, abandoned car, Palisade, Nevada, USA, 2011.JPG Eureka 1868 1910
Palmetto Palmetto, Nevada ghost town.jpg Esmeralda 1866 1920s Miners named the town after local Joshua trees, which they thought were related to the Palmetto tree.
Parran Parran Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1910 A telegraph station and post office. PO closed 1913[10]
Pine Grove Pine grove nev steam boiler 1880.jpg Lyon 1866 1918 Several buildings remain.[4]
Pioneer Pioneer (ghost town) ruins.jpg Nye 1908 Post office 1909–1931
Poeville Washoe 1864 1880 Post office 1874–1878
Potosi Clark
Quartz Mountain Nye
Ragtown Churchill 1854 Leeteville may be the same location
Rawhide Rawhide Nevada 1908 a.jpg Mineral 1907 Devastating fire in 1908, $1 million in property damage and thousands left homeless.[3]
Rochester Rochester nv 1913 tent move.jpg Pershing 1912 1942
Rhyolite A363, Rhyolite, Nevada, USA, John S Cook and Company building, 2004.jpg Nye 1904 Post office closed 1913
Rio Tinto Elko 1932 1948 A few houses and the school remain.
Rioville Clark 1869 1906 Site is now under Lake Mead. Originally Junction City, Rioville had a post office from 1881 to 1906.
Ruby Hill Ruby Hill, Nevada 03.JPG Eureka 1873 1910
Ruth Ruth Neva, steam shovel 1910.jpg White Pine
San Juan Clark 1860s The camp was abandoned just weeks after being established.[3]
Scossa Pershing 1931 1937 One of the last important mining camps in Nevada.[3]
Seven Troughs Seven Troughs Nevada 1907.jpg Pershing 1907 1918
Silver Canyon Lincoln
Simonsville Clark 1865 1870s Barren Originally called Mill Point, located west of the south end of Overton Airport and east of the Muddy River.
Sprucemont 2013-06-27 10 07 04 Abandoned buildings adjacent to the old Monarch Mine on Spruce Mountain in Nevada.jpg Elko
Saint Joseph Clark 1865 1868 Barren Site located west of the north end of Overton Airport and east of the Muddy River. It burned down in 1868. Town name and population moved to what is now Logandale, Nevada.
St. Thomas St. Thomas, NV Building Foundation.JPG Clark Submerged beneath Lake Mead. Ruins became visible when water level of Lake Mead were lowered.
Star City Pershing
Stillwater Stillwater, Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill 1862
Sulphur Humboldt Neglected
Tempiute Lincoln 1868 1957 In the 1950s, the Lincoln mine was one of the primary producers of tungsten in the U.S.[3]
Tenabo Shoshone Range in Nevada.jpg Lander 1907 1930s
Treasure Hill White Pine The town was also called Treasure City.[3]
Tybo Nye
Unionville Unionville, Nevada.jpg Pershing
Vernon Pershing
Vya Washoe
White Cloud City Dixie Nevada 1910.jpg Churchill Also known as Coppereid
White Plains White Plains, Ocala, and Miriam Nevada in 1910.jpg Churchill 1879 1909 "No vegetation meets the eye when gazing on the vast expanse of dirty white alkali"[11]
Wonder Wonder Nevada 1907.jpg Churchill 1906 Post office closed 1920


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