List of ghost towns in Texas

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Abandoned jail in Clairemont (Kent Co).

This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in Texas:[1][2][3]

A through B[edit]

Abandoned school in Benton City (Atascosa Co).

C through D[edit]

Abandoned school in Close City (Garza Co).

E through H[edit]

Abandoned church in Estacado (Crosby/Lubbock Co).

I through L[edit]

Ruins of Kent Public School (Culberson Co).

M through O[edit]

Abandoned school in Mesquite (Borden Co).

P through R[edit]

Historical marker at former Rath City (Stonewall Co).

S through T[edit]

Abandoned courthouse in Stiles (Reagan Co).

U through Z[edit]

Abandoned grain elevator in Wastella (Nolan Co).


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