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The following is a list of ghosts:

African folklore[edit]

Asian folklore[edit]

Section of the Hungry Ghosts Scroll depicting one of the thirty-six types of hungry ghosts who constantly seeks water to drink and explaining how those who have been born as such are saved by the offerings of the living. Kyoto Museum

East Asia[edit]



Onryō from the Kinsei-Kaidan-Shimoyonohoshi (近世怪談霜夜星)


South Asia[edit]


A male kumbhāṇḍa (left) and female Kumbhāṇḍakā (right).

Sri Lanka[1]




  • Bhrommo Doitto
  • Bhoot
  • Dayniburi
  • Daynii
  • Doitoo
  • Geccho Bhoot
  • Kana Bhola
  • Khuqqush
  • Jukkho
  • Meccho Bhoot
  • Mamdo Bhoot
  • Nishi
  • Petni
  • Pishach
  • Shakchunni

Southeast Asia[edit]

Giovanni Battista de' Cavalieri 1585 depiction of "Monsters from all parts of the ancient and modern world" (Mostri de tute le parti del mondo antichi et moderni). The drawing depicts a Wewe Gombel





Middle East folklore[edit]

An ifrit named Arghan Div brings the chest of armor to Hamza. The flaming eyes of the ifrit are slightly crossed with orange spotted skin.

Egyptian and Arabic



Jewish mythology

European folklore[edit]

The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane by John Quidor (1801–1881)





  • Iele, feminine mythical creatures
  • Moroi, a type of vampire or ghost
  • Muma Pădurii, an ugly and mean old woman living in the forest
  • Pricolici, similar to Strigoi, but for worse souls
  • Samca, an evil spirit, said to curse children and pregnant women with illness
  • Spiriduş, a domestic spirit/familiar that when summoned, acts as an intermediate between the devil and the master of the home
  • Stafie, spirits of the dead who are bound to a place in which they lived in life; a poltergeist
  • Strigoi, troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave
  • Vâlvă, feminine nature spirits that control various phenomena. Can be good or bad
  • Vântoase, female spirits of the wind
  • Zmeu, a fantastic creature


Baba Yaga and Maiden-birds by Ivan Bilibin, 1902

Slavic folklore


Drawing from the 1591 Agnes Sampson trial, depicting the devil giving witches magic dolls

United Kingdom

North American[edit]

A depiction of John Dee (1527–1608) and Edward Kelley (1555–1597/8) invoking a spirit



United States

Other urban legends


South American folklore[edit]

  • La Llorona, a ghost of Latin American folklore who is said to have murdered her children
  • Sayona, a Venezuelan vengeful spirit who appears to unfaithful husbands
  • Sihuanaba, a shapeshifting spirit of Central America who lures men into danger before revealing her face to be that of a horse or a skull
  • The Silbón, a legendary figure in Colombia and Venezuela, described as a lost soul



List of reportedly haunted locations[edit]

Ghosts by culture[edit]



Popular culture[edit]

Television and film[edit]

  • Booboo, a young ghost and a regular inhabitant of the house, enjoys spooking but generally is not able to scare the other members of the household
  • "The Whites", two mature and rather heavyset male ghosts, call each other by the name "Mr. White". They have some rank in the ghostly realm and are Booboo's superiors. Both wear sunglasses but one wears a tie



Video games[edit]

  • Boo (formerly Boo Diddley) and King Boo, an enemy in the Mario series of games.
  • LeChuck of the series of graphic adventure games Monkey Island
  • Pac-Man's ghosts Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (blue) and Clyde (orange) and Sue
  • Mettaton and Napstablook from 2015 video game Undertale. The former is a ghost inside a robot body and the latter is Mettaton's cousin, a musician/DJ who makes "spooky remixes".

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