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Goats - farm animals of domestic goat (Capra hircus) species, small ruminants - are widespread throughout the world and are used in almost any natural and climatic conditions, even those where other productive animals cannot live. Different breeds of goats are adapted to different livestock systems - from small herds of 3-5 heads on meager grazing to large intensive livestock farms, from year-round grazing to fully stable housing, with many intermediate variations between them. Goats are a source of several types of products, of which the main ones are milk, meat and wool. Among the goat breeds there are highly productive specialized, dual-triple-use and universal breeds. External differences between breeds are represented by many major and minor traits that vary in a very wide range. Goat breeds (especially dairy goats) are some of the oldest defined animal breeds for which breed standards and production records have been kept. Selective breeding of goats generally focuses on improving production of fiber, meat, dairy products or goatskin. Breeds are generally classified based on their primary use, though there are several breeds which are considered dual- or multi-purpose.


Name Image Other names Origin Purpose References
Abaza Abkhasian, Abkhazskaya Turkey milk, meat
Abergelle [1]
Afar Abyssinian short-eared, Adal, Danakil
Agew Ethiopia
Agrupación de las Mesetas Spain
Albatinah Messi Oman
Algarvia Portugal
Aljabal Alakhdar Oman
Alpine Chevres alpines au paturage en region Centre.jpg Alpine polychrome, American Alpine, French Alpine French Alps milk
Altai Mountain Altai Republic fiber
Adi Keçi Turkey fiber, milk
Andaman local
Anglo-Nubian Anglo-Nubian goat & kid, Bristol, England arp.jpg Nubian Great Britain meat, milk
Angora Quebec angora goat.jpg Central Anatolia Region fiber
Appenzell Appenzell Goat (552849728).jpg Chèvre d’Appenzell, Appenzellerziege Switzerland milk
Aradi Ardi12345.jpg Aardi, A'ardiyah [1]
Arapawa Arapawa dairy goat.jpg Arapawa Island Goat Arapaoa Island meat, milk
Argentata dell'Etna Sicily milk
Arsi-Bale Ethiopia
Asmari Gujeri Afghanistan pack, meat, milk, fiber
Assam Hill India [2]
Aswad Saudi Arabia [1]
Attappady black India [3]
Attaouia Morocco [1]
Auckland Island Auckland Island meat [4]
Australian brown Australia [5]
Australian Cashmere Australian cashmere goat.png Australia fiber
Australian Heritage Angora Australia [6]
Australian Melaan Australia [7]
Australian Miniature Australian Miniature Goat (adult female) Australia Pet, milk [8]
Azpi Gorri
Azul NE Brazil [1]
Bagot Bagot goat Staunton Park.JPG England
Banatian White Banat
Barbari Barbari Goat.JPG India, Pakistan meat [citation needed]
Beetal Beetal Goat.JPG Punjab region meat, milk
Belgian Fawn Belgium milk
Benadir Southern Somalia meat, milk
Bhuj Northeastern Brazil meat, milk
Bilberry Bilberry Goat resting (bad quality).JPG Waterford
Bionda dell'Adamello Bionda adamello3.JPG Lombardy milk
Black Bengal India, Bangladesh meat, goatskin
Boer Boerbok.jpg Africander, Afrikaner South Africa meat
British Alpine Goat at Offley - - 245154.jpg England milk
Brown Shorthair Czech Republic milk
Canary Island Agrupación caprina canaria Canary Islands milk
Canindé Northeastern Brazil meat
Carpathian Southeast Europe meat, milk
Chyangra Nepal (High mountains) Himalayas Wool, meat
Chamba Himalaya
Chamois Coloured Gämse mit Glocke.JPG Chamoisée Switzerland meat, milk
Changthangi Pashmina goats.jpg Bamar, Pashmina Tibet, Southwest China, Myanmar fiber, meat, milk
Chappar Sindh meat
Charnequeira Portugal meat, milk
Chengde Polled Northern Hebei fiber, meat
Chengdu Brown Sichuan meat, milk
Chigu India fiber, meat
Chué Northeastern Brazil meat
Corsican Corsica milk
Dera Din Panah Pakistan milk
Damani Pakistan milk
Damascus Aleppo, Baladi, Chami, Damascene, Halep, Shami Syria milk
Danish Landrace Hjerl Hede - goat.jpg Denmark milk
Don Don River milk, goatskin, fiber
Drežnica Drezhnica goat (cropped).JPG Slovenia milk, meat [9]
Duan Guangxi meat
Dutch Landrace Nederlandse Landgeit Bok2.jpg Netherlands milk
Dutch Toggenburg Netherlands milk
Erzgebirge Erzgebirgsziege mit Kitz.JPG Saxony milk
Fainting Fainted.jpg Myotonic United States meat
Flemish Belgium milk, meat Vlaamse geit | Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed (
Frisa Valtellinese Frisa.JPG Italy meat
Finnish Landrace Finnish Landrace goat in winter.jpg Finland milk
Garganica Agrigentina Gargano milk, goatskin
Girgentana GirgentanaZiegen 04.jpg Northern Afghanistan, Balochistan, and Kashmir milk
Göingeget Sweden
Golden Guernsey Golden Guernsey goats eat pumpkin.jpg Guernsey milk
Grisons Striped Alte Strahlenziege beim fressen.JPG Switzerland milk
Guddi Himalayas [10]
Hailun Heilongjiang milk
Haimen Zhejiang meat
Hasi Northeastern Albania meat, milk
Hejazi Arabian Peninsula meat
Hexi Cashmere Northern Gansu fiber
Hongtong Hongdong County milk
Huaipi Henan meat
Huaitoutala Qinghai Animal fiber
Hungarian Improved Hungary milk
Icelandic Icelandic goats.jpg Settlement Iceland fiber, meat
Irish Irish Goat.jpg Ireland meat, milk
Jamnapari Jamnapari goat.jpg Jamunapari India milk [citation needed]
Jining Grey Shandong fiber, goatskin
Jonica Province of Taranto milk
Kaachan Pakistan Milk+meat
Kaghani Hazara meat
Kalahari Red Dikkes -Original Resolution-.jpg South Africa meat
Kalbian Charlie Goat (Pure Kalbian) Australia meat
Kamori Kamori (male).jpg Sindh milk
Kempic Kempense Belgium milk Kempense geit | Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed (
Kinder Kinder Goat Herd.jpg United States meat, milk
Kiko Kiko goat with kid USA 2011.jpg New Zealand meat
Korean Black Korea meat
Kri-kri Kri kri.jpg Cretan, Agrimi, or Cretan Ibex Eastern Mediterranean meat
American Lamancha Tortuga ADGA Natl Show 2006.jpg Lamancha United States meat, milk
Laoshan Shandong milk
Majorera Goat - El Cofete - Jandia - Fuerteventura - 03.jpg Fuerteventura Canary Islands milk
Malabari Tellicherry goat Malabar region Meat, milk [11]
Maltese Malta - Siggiewi - Triq Lapsi 08 ies.jpg Malta milk
Massif Central France milk, Meat
Markhoz بز در باغ وحش ایران-domestic goat in zoo iran.jpg Maraz Iran Mohair, milk
Messinese MessineseGoatBuck.JPG Nebrodi Province of Messina milk [12]
Mini Oberhasli Aberdeen-door.jpg Oberian, Miniature Oberhasli Pacific Northwest US milk
Mountain Moxotó Northeastern Brazil meat
Murcia-Granada Murciano Granadina Southeastern Spain milk
Murciana Murcian, Murcien, Murciene, Royal Murciana Murcia meat, milk
Nachi Punjab region meat
Nigerian Dwarf NigerianDwarfDairyGoat.jpg West Africa milk
Nigora EARLY ANGBA NIGORA GOATS.jpg United States fiber, milk [13]
Nera Verzasca Capra Nera di Verzasca.jpg Switzerland meat, milk
Norwegian Roadblock 03.jpg Norway meat, milk
Oberhasli Oberhasli Goat face.jpg Swiss Alpine Oberhasli milk
Orobica Razza orobica abc5.JPG Bergamo Alps milk
Peacock Pfauenziege.jpg Switzerland milk
Pinzgauer Pinzgauer Ziegen auf Bergweide in Rauris, Land Salzburg, Österreich 08.JPG Austria meat
Philippine Philippines meat
Poitou Poitou.jpg Western France milk
Pridonskaya Russia milk, Meat, Wool [14]
Pygmy Pygmy Goats Seattle Zoo.jpg African pygmy, American pygmy Cameroon meat, milk, Pet
Pygora Oregon Zoo White Goat.jpg Oregon City fiber
Pyrenean Chèvre Pyrénéenne.JPG France and Spain meat, milk
Qinshan Jining goatskin
Red Boer Boer goat at Kalakamati Farm 6.jpg South Africa meat, Pet
Red Mediterranean Syria milk [15]
Sokoto Red Red Sokoto Goats by Buhari Habibu.jpg Maradi Red, Red Sokoto Nigeria and Niger Republic Meat, Skin, milk [16][17]
Repartida Northeastern Brazil meat
Rove Chevres Rove BdRhone.jpg France meat
Russian White White goat at Rizopolozhensky Convent in Suzdal.jpg Russia milk
Saanen Saanenziege.jpg Saanen milk
Sable Saanen United States milk
Sahelian Sahel Goat By Buhari Habibu.jpg Sahel Sahel Belt of West Africa Meat [18]
Valdostana Razza Valdostana abc2.JPG Italy meat, milk
Sahelian West Africa Goatskin, meat, milk
San Clemente Island San Clemente goat kids.jpg San Clemente Island
Sarda Sardinia milk
Short-eared Somali Abgal
Sirohi Spotted Sirohi.jpg Ajmeri, Devgarhi,Parvatsari Sirohi

Ajmer, Nagaur, Tonk, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Chitorgarh, Udaipur, Rajasamand, Bhilwara, Jaipur and other districts of Rajasthan (India)

Meat and milk
Swedish Landrace Northern Sweden milk
Somali Somgts1.jpg Somalia, Djibouti and northeastern Kenya milk, meat, goatskin
Spanish U Wash - goats 04.jpg Brush, scrub Spain meat
Stiefelgeiss Stiefelgeiss.jpg St. Gallen meat
Surati Maharashtra
Syrian Jabali Syrian Mountain
Tauernscheck Tauernschecken Stübing 062.jpg Austria milk
Thuringian Thueringerwaldziege.jpg Thuringia milk
Toggenburg Toggenburger.jpg Toggenburg milk
Uzbek Black Uzbekistan fiber
Valais Blackneck Wallische bok.jpg Southern Switzerland meat, milk
Vatani Afghan native black
Verata Vera meat, milk
West African Dwarf Kabala goats.jpg African dwarf West and Central Africa
White Shorthaired Koza domácí (zoo Vyškov- czech republic).JPG Czech Republic milk
Xinjiang Xinjiang, China (27637339303).jpg Xinjiang fiber, meat, milk [19][20]
Xuhai Jiangsu meat
Yemen Mountain Yemen
Zalawadi Tara bakari Gujarat fiber, meat, milk
Zhiwulin Black Shaanxi fiber, meat [21][20]
Zhongwei Chung-wei, Chaungway, Chzhun'veiskaya China fiber, Pelt


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