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This is a list of categories of government bonds around the world.

Main issuers[edit]

Currency Country Generic Name or Nickname Public sector debt 2015
(US dollar bn nominal equivalent)
Government financial liabilities
as % of GDP
(end 2015 - source : OECD)
Issuer Internet site
Yen  Japan JGBs 9,074 205.5% Ministry of Finance (MoF) Site
US dollar  United States US Treasuries 18,150 (13,059 negotiable) 98.5% Bureau of the Fiscal Service Site
Euro  Italy BTPs 2,571 127.6 % Dipartimento del Tesoro Site
Euro  France OATs 2,304 86.8% Agence France Trésor Site
Euro  Germany Bunds 1,750 45.3% German Finance Agency Site
Pound sterling  United Kingdom Gilts 2,609 92.1% UK Debt Management Office Site


Country by country data[edit]


 South Korea[edit]

Issued by: Ministry of Strategy and Finance

  • Korea Treasury Bond (KTB)
  • Korea International Bond (KIB)
  • National Housing Bond (NHB)

Ministry of Strategy and Finance


Issued By: Ministry of Finance (Zaimu-shō)

  • Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs)
    • Revenue Bonds/Straight Bonds
    • Financing Bills
    • Subsidy Bonds
    • Subscription Bonds
    • Contribution Bonds
    • Demand Bonds (kofu kokusai)
    • Index-linked Bonds (JGBi)

Ministry of Finance

 Hong Kong[edit]

Issued by: Hong Kong Monetary Authority

  • Government Bond Programme [1]

 People's Republic of China[edit]

Issued by: Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Finance [2]




Issued By: Österreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur, the Austrian Federal Financing Agency

  • Government Bonds
  • Debt Issuance Programme (DIP and DIP 144A)
  • Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN)
  • ATB-Programms

Österreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur


Issued By: Agentschap van de schuld/Agence de la Dette, the Belgian Debt Agency

  • Belgian Treasury Bills BTB - bills, tap-issued
  • Certificats de Trésorerie (CTs) - bills
  • Obligations linéaires ordinaires (OLOs) - bonds

Agentschap van de schuld/Agence de la Dette


Issued By: Valtiokonttori, the Finland State Treasury

  • Government Bonds
  • Yield Bonds
  • EMTN Programme
  • Government Treasury Bills



Issued By: Agence France Trésor, the French Debt Agency

  • OATs
    • BTFs - bills of up to 1 year maturities
    • BTANs - 1 to 6 year notes
    • Obligations assimilables du Trésor (OATs) - 7 to 50 year bonds
    • TEC10 OATs - floating rate bonds indexed on constant 10year maturity OAT yields
    • OATi - French inflation-indexed bonds
    • OAT€i - Eurozone inflation-indexed bonds

Agence France Trésor


Issued By: German Finance Agency, the German Debt Agency

  • Bunds[2]
    • Unverzinsliche Schatzanweisungen (Bubills) - 6 and 12 month (zero coupon) Treasury discount paper
    • Bundesschatzanweisungen (Schätze) - 2 year Federal Treasury notes
    • Bundesobligationen (Bobls) - 5 year Federal notes
    • inflationsindexierte Bundesobligationen (Bobl/ei) - 5 year inflation-linked Federal notes
    • Bundesanleihen (Bunds) - 10 and 30 year Federal bonds
    • inflationsindexierte Bundesanleihen (Bund/ei) - 10, 15 and 30 year inflation-linked Federal bonds

Federal Republic of Germany - Finance Agency


Issued By: Οργανισμός Διαχείρισης Δημοσίου Χρέους, the Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA).

Negotiable debt : Euro 354bn on 31 March 2011[3]

Public Debt Management Agency


Issued By: Dipartimento del Tesoro

  • Buoni Ordinari del Tesoro (BOTs) - bills up to 1 year
  • Certificati del Tesoro Zero Coupon (CTZ) - bills up to 2 year
  • Buoni del Tesoro Poliannuali (BTPs) - bonds
  • Certificati di Credito del Tesoro (CCTs) - floating rate notes
  • BTP Indicizzato all'Inflazione - inflation linked bonds linked to Eurozone inflation
  • BTP Italia - inflation linked bonds linked to Italian Inflation [3]

Dipartimento del Tesoro


Issued by: Agentschap van het ministerie van Financiën, the Dutch State Treasury Agency

  • DTC (Dutch Treasury Certificates) - bills
  • DSL (Dutch State Loans) - bonds

Dutch State Treasury Agency


Issued By: Tesoro Público, the Spanish Public Treasury

  • Letras del Tesoro - bills
  • Bonos del Estado - bonds 2–5 years
  • Obligaciones del Estado - bonds 5+ years

Tesoro Público



Issued By: Ministry of Finance


Issued By: Danmarks Nationalbank, the Danish National Bank

  • Nominelle obligationer - bonds.
  • Inflationsindekserede obligationer - bonds, index-linked
  • Skatkammerbeviser - treasury bonds


 United Kingdom[edit]

Issued By: UK Debt Management Office

UK Debt Management Office


Issued By: Lánasýsla ríkisins, the Icelandic National Debt Management Agency

Bond information in English
National Debt Management Agency


Issued By: Ministerul Finanțelor Publice, the Public Finance Ministry

  • Certificate de trezorerie - bills, maturity up to a year
  • Obligațiuni de stat - bonds

Bond information in English from the Ministry of Public Finance


Issued By: Riksgäldskontoret, the Swedish National Debt Office




 Puerto Rico[edit]

Issued by: COFINA, Puerto Rico Government Development Bank

North America[edit]

 United States[edit]

Issued By: Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Bureau of the Fiscal Service


Issued By:

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