List of governors of Farah

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This is a list of the governors of the province of Farah, Afghanistan.

Governors of Farah Province[edit]

Governor Period Extra Note
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Abdul Hai Neamati -
February 2004
First governor installed after the fall of the Taliban[1]
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Bashir Baghlani February 2004
Summer 2004
Replaced Abdul Hai[1]
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Assadollah Falah Summer 2004
23 March 2005
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Izzatullah Wasifi March 2005
30 August 2006
Was a governor on 2 June 2006.[2]
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Abdul Ahmad Stanikzai 30 August 2006
January 2007
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Mohayoddin Baluch January 2007
May 2008
Rahool Amin in 2010-crpped.jpg
Roohul Amin May 2008
3 April 2012
Mohammad Akram Khpalwak in 2012-cropped.jpg
Mohammad Akram Khpalwak [3] 3 April 2012
1 December 2014
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Mohammad Asif Nang [4] 22 January 2015

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