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This is a list of the governors of the province of Herat, Afghanistan.[1]

Governors of Herat Province[edit]

Governor Period Extra Note
Sin foto.svg Mohammed Zaman Khan ????
Father of Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founding father of Afghanistan
Yaqub Khan.jpg Mohammad Yaqub Khan 1864
Son of Emir Sher Ali Khan
MohammadAyoubKhan.jpg Mohammad Ayub Khan February 1879
September 1881[2]
Son of Emir Sher Ali Khan,
brother of Mohammad Yaqub Khan
Sin foto.svg Saaduddin 1901[3] Supporter of the ruling dynasty
Sin foto.svg Gasi Saadulla Khan June 1902[4] mentioned as father of one of the Amir′s new wives. Possibly the same person as in 1901.
Sin foto.svg Muhammad Sulaiman Khan 1915
Former Military Secretary to King Habibullah Khan 1914-1915
Ismail Khan in December 2010-cropped.jpg Ismail Khan 1992
Mujahideen commander and warlord during the civil war in Afghanistan
Sin foto.svg Mulla Yaar Mohammad 1997
Ismail Khan in December 2010-cropped.jpg Ismail Khan 2001[6]
12 September 2004
Appointed as Minist of Water and Energy
Sin foto.svg Sayed Mohammad Khairkhah September 2004[7]
June 2005
Former Afghan Ambassador to Iran and Ukraine
Sin foto.svg Sayed Hussein Anwari June 2005[8][9]
23 January 2009
Former Minister of Agriculture in the Transitional Administration
Ahmad Yusef Nuristani in 2008.jpg Ahmad Yussef Nuristani 18 January 2009
24 August 2010
Resigned to run as Wolesi Jirga MP in the 2010 elections
Saba in October 2011-cropped.jpg Daud Shah Saba 3 September 2010
27 June 2013
Former Human Development Advisor to the President of Afghanistan, 2005-2008,
Fazlullah Wahidi in 2010.jpg Fazlullah Wahidi 3 July 2013
Former Governor of eastern Kunar Province, November 2007-July 2013,
Mohammad Asef Rahimi in April 2011-cropped.jpg Mohammad Asif Rahimi 27 April 2015

11 Dec 2018

Former Afghan Minister of Agriculture
Sin foto.svg Abdul Quayom Rahimi 23 January 2013
رییس اسبق دفتر حمایت‌های مردمی اداره ارگان های محلی و برادر عبدالسلام رحیمی رییس دفتر فعلی اشرف غنی رییس جمهور افغانستان است

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