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List of governors of Jämtland County

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Governor of Jämtland County
Landshövding i Jämtlands län
Coat of arms of Jämtland County Administrative Board.
Marita Ljung
since 1 April 2021
Jämtland County Administrative Board
ResidenceThe residence in Östersund, Östersund
AppointerGovernment of Sweden
Term lengthSix years[note 1]
PrecursorGovernor of Västernorrland County
Governor of Gävleborg County
First holderAnders Wasell
DeputyCounty Director (Länsrådet)
SalarySEK 97,800/month (2017)[2]
WebsiteGovernor Jöran Hägglund

This is a list of governors for Jämtland County of Sweden, from 1810 to present. Jämtland and Härjedalen was separated from Västernorrland County and Gävleborg County in 1810 to form the new county, see List of governors of Västernorrland County, List of governors of Gävleborg County before that date.

The governor has the title landshövding in Swedish. The governor is appointed by the government, and presides over the "County Administrative Board" (länsstyrelse). The governor's office is administrative by nature, which is also hinted at by the now obsolete title "the King's Deputy" (Konungens befallningshavande) and traditionally used as an honourable post for politicians to conclude their careers.


  1. ^ The governor is often appointed for a six-year mandate. It can be extended if the person has not reached retirement age.[1]


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