List of governors of Portuguese São Tomé and Príncipe

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The islands of Portuguese São Tomé and Príncipe were discovered and claimed by Portugal in the 1470s. Government structures were set up in 1485. Each island was governed as a separate entity until 1753, when they were united as a single colony. In 1951, the islands became an overseas province of Portugal. Autonomy was granted in 1974 and independence was granted on 12 July 1975.

São Tomé[edit]

Portuguese Colony (1485-1522)[edit]

Portuguese Crown Colony (1522-1641)[edit]

Dutch Occupation[edit]

  • 3 October 1641–1648 .... (Dutch commander)

Portuguese Crown Colony (1648-1709)[edit]

French Occupation (1709-1715)[edit]

  • 1709–1715 Junta

Portuguese Crown Colony (1715-1753)[edit]


1500–1753 ....

São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]

Portuguese Crown Colony (1753-1951)[edit]

Overseas Province of Portugal (1951-1974)[edit]

Autonomous Province of Portugal (1974-1975)[edit]

18 December 1974 – 12 July 1975 António Elísio Capelo Pires Veloso, High Commissioner

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