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This is a list of notable grocers. A grocer is a purveyor or bulk seller of food.



Joseph E. Grosberg (left) with business partner Sam Cramer on delivery truck marked, "Grosberg Grocery Co., Inc. Wholesale Grocers, Amsterdam, NY."
Clinton L. Hare (November 7, 1864 – June 4, 1909) was a manager, organizer, and coach of American football, and a lawyer and grocer.


Samuel Budgett (27 July 1794 – 29 April 1851) was an English merchant who built up a wholesale grocery business called H.H. & S. Budgett, based in Kingswood Bristol


Sam Steinberg was an immigrant to Canada who transformed the grocery store founded by his mother, Steinberg's Supermarket, into one of the largest chains in the Province of Quebec.


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