List of ground beetle (Carabidae) species recorded in Britain

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The following is a list of the ground beetles recorded in Britain,[1] organised by subfamily (-inae endings) and by tribe (-ini endings). For other beetle families, see the main list of beetle species recorded in Britain.

Cicindelinae Latreille, 1802[edit]

Brachininae Bonelli, 1810[edit]

Omophroninae Bonelli, 1810[edit]

Carabinae Latreille, 1802[edit]

Carabini Latreille, 1802
Nebriini Laporte, 1834
Notiophilini Motschulsky, 1850
Elaphrini Latreille, 1802
Loricerini Bonelli, 1810
Broscini Hope, 1838
Trechini Bonelli, 1810
Patrobini Kirby, 1837
Pterostichini Bonelli, 1810
Sphodrini Laporte, 1834
Harpalini Bonelli, 1810
Oodini LaFerté-Sénectère, 1851
Licinini Bonelli, 1810
Panagaeini Bonelli, 1810
Perigonini Horn, 1881
Masoreini Chaudoir, 1870
Odacanthini Laporte, 1834
Dryptini Schaum, 1857


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