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The following is a list of WIG or ' wing-in-ground '-effect craft, also referred to as water-skimming Wingships or, in Russia, 'ekranoplans'.

An A-90 Orlyonok, a Soviet-era ground-effect plane


  • Sea Eagle (WIG craft) - six seater Wing in Ground Effect Craft



  • TAF VIII-1 2 Seater Tandem Airfoil Flairboat Typ Jörg 1, built in 1987. This WIG Craft has experienced about 100.000 km and is still in use in private property.
  • TAF VIII-2, 4 seater Tandem Airfoil Flairboat Typ Jörg II, built in 1983. Following the F&E and test period, Dipl. Ing. Günther Jörg was awarded with the "Phillip Morris Scientific Award" for the Transportation System for the future.
  • Another TAF VIII-2, built in 1994 was given to a Japanese private citizen.
  • TAF VIII-3, 8 seater Tandem Airfoil Flairboat Typ Jörg III, built in 1990.
  • TAF VIII-4 12 seater TAF, Typ Jörg IV built in 1986 for coastal protection reasons.


  • Bavar 2, a 2-seater (allegedly) semi-stealth military GEV that entered active duty in 2010.


Military WIG


  • AF8-001 (Air Fish) - WigetWorks produces Lippisch WIG, previously known as Flightship or FS8. The AirFish line uses an air-cushion to raise the vehicle. Currently still prototype(see Wing In Ground-effect vehicle for more information)

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