List of hawthorn species with black fruit

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Most species of Crataegus (hawthorn) have red fruit, some have yellow fruit, and a number of species can have black or purple fruit.

Eurasian species[edit]

North American species[edit]

  • C. ambigens, series Silvicolae, eastern, fruit "greenish-yellow becoming dark purplish-red"[1]
  • C. angulata, series Pruinosae, eastern, fruit "light yellowish green becoming dark purplish-red"[1]
  • C. aquacervensis, western, fruit are deep red to purple
  • C. atrovirens, western
  • C. brachyacantha, native to the southern U.S.
  • C. castlegarensis, western
  • C. cupressocollina, western
  • C. douglasii, Northern and Western
  • C. enderbyensis, western
  • C. erythropoda, western
  • C. okanaganensis, western
  • C. okennonii, western
  • C. orbicularis, western
  • C. phippsii, western
  • C. purpurella, western
  • C. radina, series Silvicolae, eastern, fruit "yellow-green to dark purplish-red"[1]
  • C. rivularis, western
  • C. rivuloadamensis, western
  • C. saligna, western
  • C. shuswapensis, western
  • C. suksdorfii, western

The Kutenai called black hawthorn berries kasha (Ktunaxa: kaǂa).[2]

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