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This is a list of non-American heads of state and heads of government who have received their undergraduate or postgraduate education from American colleges and universities.

Head of State Country Term(s) of Office University Graduation
Hastings Banda Malawi 1961-1994 Central State University, Indiana University, University of Chicago Meharry Medical College 1925- diploma, 1931- BA, University of Chicago, 1937-MD
Albert II Monaco 2005-present Amherst College 1977-1981 BA, Political Science[1]
Nnamdi Azikiwe Nigerian 1963–1966 Howard University, Lincoln University (Pennsylvania), University of Pennsylvania
Laura Chinchilla Costa Rica 2010–present Georgetown University Masters in public policy
Mary Robinson Ireland 1990–1997 Harvard University LLM from Harvard Law School
Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer Iraq 2004–2005 American University, George Washington University Masters from George Washington University
Rafael Correa Ecuador 2007–present University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 1999 (Master of Science in Economics), 2001(PhD in Economics)
Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand 2011–present Kentucky State University 1990 (MS in Public Administration)
Hafizullah Amin Afghanistan September–December 1979 Columbia University 1962 (PhD in Education)
Jamshid Amuzegar Iran 1977–1978 Cornell University PhD
Corazon Aquino Philippines 1986–1992 College of Mount Saint Vincent 1953 (degree in French)
Arnulfo Arias Panama 1940–1941, 1949–1951, 1968 University of Chicago,[2] Harvard MD from Harvard
Ehud Barak Israel 1999–2001 Stanford University 1978 (Masters in engineering-economic systems)
José Manuel Barroso Portugal 2002–2004 Georgetown University 1998 (research for a PhD)
Marek Belka Poland 2004–2005 Columbia University, University of Chicago attended classes
Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Tunisia 1987–2011 Senior Intelligence School (Maryland), School for Anti-Aircraft Field Artillery (Texas) training
Benazir Bhutto Pakistan 1988–1990, 1993–1996 Harvard University 1973 (political science)
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Pakistan 1971–1973 University of Southern California, University of California, Berkeley 1950 (B.A. in political science from Berkeley)
Enrique Bolaños Nicaragua 2002–2007 Saint Louis University[3] 1962 (B.A. in industrial engineering)
Felipe Calderón Mexico 2006–2012 Harvard University Masters in Public Administration
Juan Manuel Santos Colombia 2010–present Harvard University Masters in Political Science
Alberto Fujimori Peru 1990–2000 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee 1971 (MS in Mathematics)
Toomas Hendrik Ilves Estonia 2006–present Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania Masters in psychology
Kostas Karamanlis Greece 2004–2009 Tufts University master's degree and doctorate in political sciences, international relations and diplomatic history
Karl Carstens West Germany 1979–1984 Yale University 1949 (Master of Laws)
Ahmed Chalabi Iraq September 2003 MIT, University of Chicago 1965 (Bachelors in Math from MIT), 1969 (PhD in Math from Chicago)
Sanford B. Dole[4] Hawaii 1894–1900 Williams College[5] attended classes
François Duvalier Haiti 1957–1971 University of Michigan studied public health
Ricardo Arias Espinosa Panama 1955–1956 Georgetown University 1935 (Walsh School of Foreign Service)
Ricardo de la Espriella Panama 1982–1984 Stanford University Economics
Vicente Fox Mexico 2000–2006 Harvard University attended classes
Alberto Fujimori Peru 1990-2000 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee 1969 (master's degree in mathematics)
Goh Chok Tong Singapore 1990–2004 Williams College 1967 (MA in Development Economics)
Ernesto de la Guardia Navarro Panama 1956–1960 Dartmouth College Masters in Finance
Jorge Illueca Panama February–October 1984 Harvard University, University of Chicago 1955 (Law)[6]
Cheddi Jagan Guyana 1992–1997 Howard University Dental School, and Northwestern University
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberia 2006–present Madison Business College, University of Colorado, Harvard University 1964 (BBA in Accounting from Madison),

1970 (economics diploma from Colorado), 1971 (Master of Public Administration from Harvard)

Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya 2013–present Amherst College 1985 (Political science)
William Lyon Mackenzie King Canada 1921–1926,

1926–1930, 1935–1948

University of Chicago,

Harvard University

1898 (MA in political economy from Harvard),

1909 (PhD from Harvard)

Ricardo Lagos Chile 2000–2006 Duke University 1962 (PhD)
Hastings Banda Malawi Prime Minister of Malawi (1964–1966), President of Malawi (1966–1994) University of Chicago Ph.B. 1931
José P. Laurel Philippines 1943–1945 Yale University 1920 (Law)
Salvador Laurel[7] Philippines February–March 1986 Yale University 1953(LL.M.), 1960 (Law)
Lee Hsien Loong Singapore 2004–present Harvard University 1980 (Master of Public Administration)
Lee Teng-Hui Republic of China 1988–2000 Iowa State University; Cornell University 1953 (Master's degree in agricultural economics); 1968 (PhD in agricultural economics)
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Philippines 2001–2010 Georgetown University attended 1964–1966
Golda Meir Israel 1969–1974 Milwaukee State Normal School graduate
Mireya Moscoso Panama 1999–2004 Miami-Dade Community College Interior design diploma
Benjamin Netanyahu Israel 1996–1999, 2009–present Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University B.Sc in Architecture from MIT, MBA from MIT
Kwame Nkrumah Ghana 1957–1966 Lincoln University (Pennsylvania), University of Pennsylvania 1939 (BA from Lincoln), 1942 (MS in Education from Penn), 1943 (MA in Philosophy from Penn)
Olof Palme Sweden 1969–1976, 1982–1986 Kenyon College 1948 (BA)
Andreas Papandreou Greece 1981–1989, 1993–1996 Harvard University 1943 (PhD in economics)[8]
Ernesto Pérez Balladares Panama 1994–1999 University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania 1969 (Masters in Economics from Notre Dame), 1970 (Masters in Marketing from Pennsylvania)
Fidel V. Ramos Philippines 1992–1998 United States Military Academy, University of Illinois 1950 (West Point), 1951 (Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Illinois)
Syngman Rhee South Korea 1948–1960 George Washington University, Harvard University, Princeton University 1907 (GWU), 1909 (MA from Harvard), 1910 (PhD in politics from Princeton)[9]
Joseph Jenkins Roberts Liberia 1848–1856, 1872–1876 Norfolk Academy, Maury High School
Edward James Roye Liberia 1870–1871 Ohio University
Carlos Salinas Mexico 1988–1994 Harvard University 1973 (master's degree in Public Administration), 1976 (master's in Political Economics), 1976 (PhD in Political Economics and Government)
Martín Torrijos Panama 2004–2009

Texas A&M University

1987 (Political Science and Economics)
Pierre Trudeau Canada 1968–1979


Harvard University

MA in Political Economy
Alvaro Magaña El Salvador 1982–1984 University of Chicago A.M 1955
José Napoleón Duarte El Salvador 1984–1989 University of Notre Dame B.S. in Engineering 1948
Ma Ying-jeou Taiwan 2008–2016 Harvard University PhD
Ernesto Zedillo Mexico 1994–2000 Yale University PhD
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada Bolivia 1993–1997, 2002–2003 University of Chicago 1952
Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero Honduras 1990–1994 Mississippi State University B.S. and M.S. in agricultural economics
Mario Monti Italy 2011–2013 Yale University M.Sc. in economics, 1968
Christopher Loeak Marshall Islands 2011–present Portland Community College,[10] Hawaii Pacific College, Gonzaga University School of Law 1978 (Bachelor's from Hawaii Pacific), 1982 (JD from Gonzaga)[11]


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