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List of presidents of São Tomé and Príncipe

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President of the
Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
Presidente da República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe
Carlos Vila Nova
since 2 October 2021
TypeHead of state
ResidencePresidential Palace, São Tomé
Term length5 years, renewable once
Formation12 July 1975
First holderManuel Pinto da Costa
Salary60,830,000 dobras annually[1]

This article lists the presidents of São Tomé and Príncipe, an island country in the Gulf of Guinea off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa, since the establishment of the office of president in 1975. Manuel Pinto da Costa was the first person to hold the office, taking effect on 12 July 1975. The incumbent is Carlos Vila Nova, having taken office on 2 October 2021.

Term limits[edit]

As of 2021, there is a two-term limit for the president in the Constitution of São Tomé and Príncipe. The first president for whom the term limits applied was Trovoada in 2001.[2]

List of officeholders[edit]

Political parties
Other factions
  Denotes Acting President
No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political party
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Manuel Pinto da Costa
(born 1937)
12 July 1975 4 March 1991 15 years, 235 days MLSTP–PSD
Leonel Mário d'Alva
(born 1935)
4 March 1991 3 April 1991 30 days PCD
2 Miguel Trovoada
(born 1936)
1991 3 April 1991 15 August 1995
4 years, 134 days ADI
Manuel Quintas de Almeida
Chairman of the National Salvation Junta
15 August 1995 21 August 1995 8 days Military
(2) Miguel Trovoada
(born 1936)
1996 21 August 1995 3 September 2001 6 years, 19 days ADI
3 Fradique de Menezes
(born 1942)
2001 3 September 2001 16 July 2003
1 year, 316 days MDFM–PL
Fernando Pereira
(born 1963)
Chairman of the Military Junta of National Salvation
16 July 2003 23 July 2003 7 days Military
(3) Fradique de Menezes
(born 1942)
2006 23 July 2003 3 September 2011 8 years, 42 days MDFM–PL
(1) Manuel Pinto da Costa
(born 1937)
2011 3 September 2011 3 September 2016 5 years Independent
4 Evaristo Carvalho
2016 3 September 2016 2 October 2021 5 years, 29 days ADI
5 Carlos Vila Nova
(born 1959)
2021 2 October 2021 Incumbent 2 years, 261 days ADI


Carlos Vila NovaEvaristo CarvalhoFernando Pereira (major)Fradique de MenezesManuel Quintas de AlmeidaMiguel TrovoadaLeonel Mário d'AlvaManuel Pinto da Costa

Latest election[edit]

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Carlos Vila NovaIndependent Democratic Action32,02239.4745,48157.54
Guilherme Posser da CostaMLSTP–PSD16,82920.7533,55742.46
Delfim NevesDemocratic Convergence Party13,69116.88
Abel Bom JesusIndependent2,9073.58
Maria das NevesIndependent2,6963.32
Júlio SilvaMovement of Independent Citizens1.99
Victor MonteiroIndependent1.82
Moisés ViegasIndependent1.63
Carlos NevesMDFMUDD
Elsa GarridoMSD–PVSTP
Elsa Teixeira PintoIndependent
Eugénio TinyIndependent
Aurélio MartinsIndependent
Jorge AmadoIndependent
Manuel do RosárioIndependent
Carlos StockIndependent
Miques JoãoIndependent
Olinto das NevesIndependent
Roberto GarridoIndependent
Valid votes81,12397.1079,03898.14
Invalid/blank votes2,4242.901,4971.86
Total votes83,547100.0080,535100.00
Registered voters/turnout123,30167.76123,30165.32
Source: STP-Press, STP-Press

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