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The heaviest land mammal has a weight up to 6 short tons (5.4 t), the African bush elephant.[1] This enormous mammal measures approximately 24 feet (7.3 m), and eats 500 pounds (230 kg) of vegetation like grasses and leaves a day. Their two elongated teeth-tusks can grow continuously during their lives and reach about 9 feet (2.7 m) in length. The average walking speed of an elephant is 4.5 miles per hour (7.2 km/h), but they can run at recorded speeds up to, and sometimes exceeding, 15 miles per hour (24 km/h).[2]

Heaviest land mammals[edit]

This list is of the heaviest land mammals when including their tusks, horns, etc.

Rank Name Image Family Taxonomy
1 African elephant African Bush Elephant.jpg Elephantidae African bush elephant, North African elephant, African forest elephant, Loxodonta atlantica, Loxodonta exoptata 10,000–13,000 pounds (4,500–5,900 kg)[3]
2 Asian elephant Elephas maximus (Bandipur).jpg Elephantidae E. m. asurus, E. m. maximus, E. m. indicus, E. m. sumatranus, E. m. borneensis 8,000–10,000 pounds (3,600–4,500 kg)[3]
3 White rhinoceros Rhinocéros blanc JHE.jpg Rhinocerotidae Ceratotherium neumayri, Ceratotherium mauritanicum, Northern white rhinoceros, Southern white rhinoceros 3,000–5,000 pounds (1,400–2,300 kg)[4]
4 Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis.jpg Giraffidae G. c. camelopardalis, G. c. reticulata, G. c. angolensis, G. c. antiquorum, G. c. tippelskirchi, G. c. rothschildi, G. c. giraffa, G. c. thornicrofti, G. c. peralta 1,544–4,255 pounds (700–1,930 kg)
5 Black rhinoceros Black Rhino.JPG Rhinocerotidae South-central Black Rhinoceros, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, Western Black Rhinoceros 1,500–4,000 pounds (680–1,810 kg)[4]
6 Hippopotamus Nijlpaard.jpg Hippopotamidae H. a. amphibius, H. a. kiboko, H. a. capensis, H. a. tschadensis, H. a. constrictus 2,500–3,300 pounds (1,100–1,500 kg)[4]
7 Gaur Bandipur 2.jpg Bovidae B. g. gaurus, B. g. readei, B. g. hubbacki 1,000–3,000 pounds (450–1,360 kg)[4]
8 American bison Bison Bull in Nebraska.jpg Bovidae 700–2,200 pounds (320–1,000 kg)[citation needed][5]
9 Water buffalo BUFFALO159.JPG Bovidae B. bubalis carabanesis, Bubalus bubalis, B. bubalis bubalis, B. bubalis arnee 660–2,200 pounds (300–1,000 kg)
10 Cape buffalo 2011-07-13 Afrikansk bøffel.jpg Bovidae Syncerus caffer caffer, S. c. nanus, S. c. brachyceros, S. c. aequinoctialis, S. c. mathewsi 1,100–2,200 pounds (500–1,000 kg)[citation needed]

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