List of high commissioners of New Zealand to the United Kingdom

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The high commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom is New Zealand's foremost diplomatic representative in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and in charge of New Zealand's diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom.

The High Commission of New Zealand is located in London, the United Kingdom's capital city. New Zealand has maintained a resident high commissioner in the United Kingdom since 1905, and a resident Agent-General since 1871. The high commissioner to the United Kingdom is concurrently accredited as Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland and High Commissioner to Nigeria.

As New Zealand was created as a part of the British Empire, its diplomatic relationship with the United Kingdom is its longest-standing; the position of high commissioner in London pre-dates New Zealand's dominion status by two years, the Balfour Declaration of 1926 by 21 years, and the adoption of the Statute of Westminster of 1931 by 42 years. New Zealand appointed a high commissioner to Canada in 1942, and a high commissioner to Australia in 1943.

As fellow members of the Commonwealth of Nations, diplomatic relations between New Zealand and the United Kingdom are at governmental level, rather than between Heads of State, with member countries exchanging high commissioners, rather than ambassadors.

Sir Jerry Mateparae, The current high commissioner

List of heads of mission[edit]

Agents-General in the United Kingdom[edit]

Name Portrait Monarch Took Office Left Office
1 Hon. Dr Isaac Earl Featherston Isaac Featherston.jpg Victoria 1871 1876
2 Rt Hon. Sir Julius Vogel Julius Vogel, ca 1870s.jpg 1876 1880
3 Hon. Sir Dillon Bell Francis Dillon Bell 1881.jpg 1880 1891
4 Sir Westby Perceval Westby Brook Perceval, 1890.jpg 1891 1895
5 Hon. William Pember Reeves William Pember Reeves (crop).jpg Victoria
Edward VII
1895 1905

High Commissioners to the United Kingdom[edit]

Name Portrait Monarch Took Office Left Office
1 Hon. William Pember Reeves William Pember Reeves (crop).jpg Edward VII 1905 1908
2 Hon. Sir William Hall-Jones William Hall-Jones 2.jpg Edward VII
George V
1908 1912
3 Rt Hon. Sir Thomas Mackenzie Thomas Mackenzie.jpg George V 1912 1920
4 Hon. Sir James Allen James Allen portrait.jpg 1920 1926
5 Hon. Sir James Parr James Parr.jpg 1926 1930
6 Hon. Sir Thomas Wilford Thomas Wilford, 1928.jpg 1930 1935
Hon. Sir James Parr, 2nd time James Parr.jpg George V
Edward VIII
1935 1936
7 Rt Hon. Sir Bill Jordan William Joseph Jordan.jpg Edward VIII
George VI
1936 1951
8 Hon. Sir Frederick Doidge Frederick Doidge.jpg George VI, Elizabeth II 1951 1955
9 Hon. Sir Clifton Webb Clifton Webb.jpg Elizabeth II 1955 1958
Dr Richard Mitchelson Campbell (acting)[1] No image.png 1958 1958
George Laking (acting)[1] No image.png 1958 1961
10 Hon. Sir Thomas Macdonald Thomas Lachlan Macdonald.jpg 1961 1968
11 Sir Denis Blundell Sir Denis Blundell.jpg 1968 1972
Merwyn Norrish (acting)[1] No image.png 1972 1973
12 Hon. Sir Terry McCombs Terry McCombs.jpg 1973 1975
13 Rt Hon. Hugh Watt Hugh Watt.jpg 1975 1976
14 Hon. Sir Douglas Carter No image.png 1976 1979
15 Hon. Les Gandar No image.png 1979 1982
16 Hon. Bill Young No image.png 1982 1985
17 Hon. Joe Walding Joe Walding.jpg 1985
18 Bryce Harland No image.png 1985 1991
19 Hon. George Gair George Gair.jpg 1991 1994
20 John Collinge No image.png 1994 1997
21 Richard Grant No image.png 1997 1999
22 Rt Hon. Paul East Paul East crop.jpg 1999 2002
23 Hon. Russell Marshall Russell Marshall.jpg 2002 2005
24 Rt Hon. Jonathan Hunt Jonathan Hunt.jpg 2005 2008
25 Derek Leask Derek Leask.jpg 2008 2013
26 Rt Hon. Sir Lockwood Smith Lockwood Smith 70th Anniversary of the arrival of US Forces in New Zealand.jpg 2013 2017
27 Rt Hon. Sir Jerry Mateparae Sir Jerry Mateparae February 2015.jpg 2017 incumbent


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