List of high schools in the Cincinnati metropolitan area

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The Greater Cincinnati area consists of many public school districts, most of which contain one or more high school. There are also a number of Catholic high schools, many of which are single-sex, along with many other private schools (which are generally co-ed).

Cincinnati Public Schools[edit]

The Cincinnati Public Schools district serves the city of Cincinnati (along with select areas outside of city limits). Cincinnati Public Schools includes 16 high schools, each accepting students on a citywide basis.

Public High Schools (Listed by School District) of Greater Cincinnati[edit]


  • Franklin County School Corporation (Franklin County High School)
  • Lawrenceburg School Corporation (Lawrenceburg High School)
  • South Dearborn School Corporation (South Dearborn High School)
  • Sunman Dearborn School Corporation (East Central High School)
  • Batesville Community School Corporation (Batesville High School)


Private schools[edit]


Cincinnati is also home to a number of private schools, many of which are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati.


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