List of highest points in Nevada by county

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This is a list of highest points in the U.S. state of Nevada, in alphabetical order by county.

All elevations use the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88), the currently accepted vertical control datum for United States, Canada and Mexico. Elevations are from the National Geodetic Survey when available. Others are from the United States Geological Survey topographic maps when available. Elevations followed by a plus sign (+) were interpolated using topographic map contour lines. The true elevation is between that shown and the elevation plus forty feet since the relevant topographic maps all use 40-foot contours.

Boundary Peak is the highest peak in terms of elevation, however, it has only 253 feet of clean prominence and so is usually considered a subsidiary peak of Montgomery Peak in California. Wheeler Peak, the next highest, has a clean prominence of 7,563 feet.

County Name Height
feet / m
Carson City Snow Valley Peak 9,218 / 2,809 PB
Churchill Desatoya Peak 9,977 / 3,041 NGS
Clark Mount Charleston 11,916 / 3,632 NGS
Douglas East Peak 9,595 / 2,924 PB
Elko Ruby Dome 11,392 / 3,472 PB
Esmeralda Boundary Peak 13,147 / 4,007 NGS
Eureka Diamond Peak 10,631 / 3,240 NGS
Humboldt Granite Peak 9,736 / 2,967 PB
Lander Bunker Hill 11,477 / 3,498 NGS
Lincoln Mount Grafton (South Ridge) 10,645+ / 3,244+ PB
Lyon Middle Sister (Northeast Ridge) 10,565+ / 3,221+ PB
Mineral Mount Grant 11,285+ / 3,439+ PB
Nye Mount Jefferson 11,946 / 3,642 PB
Pershing Star Peak 9,840 / 2,999 NGS
Storey Mount Davidson 7,868 / 2,398 NGS
Washoe Mount Rose 10,785 / 3,287 NGS
White Pine Wheeler Peak 13,065 / 3,982 NGS


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