List of highways in Barbados

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Barbados has Highway coverage throughout the entire country.


This is a list of Barbadian Highways. The main highways number 1–8, however there also smaller secondary routes off these main highways.

  • ABC Highway: Cave Hill, St. Michael–Seawell, Christ Church
  • Ermie Bourne Highway
  • Highway 1 (H1): Bridgetown–Farley Hill, St. Peter
    • Highway 1A (H1A): Holetown–Rock Hall, St. Thomas
    • Highway 1B (H1B): Speightstown–Six Men's Bay, St. Peter
    • Highway 1C (H1C): Clinketts, St. Lucy–Spring Hall, St. Lucy
  • Highway 2 (H2): Bridgetown–Farley Hill, St. Peter
    • Highway 2A (H2A): Warrens–Bakers, St. Peter
  • Highway 3 (H3): Bridgetown–Belleplaine, St. Andrew
    • Highway 3A (H3A): Coffee Gully, St. Joseph–Bruce Vale, St. Andrew
    • Highway 3B (H3B): Market Hill, St. George–Gall Hill, St. John
  • Highway 4 (H4): Bridgetown–Massiah Street, St. John
    • Highway 4B (H4B): Carmichael, St. George–Thicket, St. Philip
  • Highway 5 (H5): Bridgetown–Workhall, St. Philip
  • Highway 6 (H6): Bridgetown–Six Cross Roads, St. Philip
  • Highway 7 (H7): Bridgetown–Rock Hall St. Philip
  • Princess Alice Highway: Bridgetown–Fontabelle, St. Michael

Spring Garden Highway Fontabelle St. Michael