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List of Brazilian Highways, sorted by jurisdiction and official number designation:

Road system in Brazil, with divided highways highlighted in red. The São Paulo state, which has state control of federal roads in its territory, makes its road network the best in the country.

Types of Highways[edit]

List of Highways[edit]

Federal Highways[edit]

Federal District (DF)[edit]

State of Acre (AC)[edit]

State of Alagoas (AL)[edit]

State of Amapá (AP)[edit]

State of Amazonas (AM)[edit]

State of Bahia (BA)[edit]

State of Ceará (CE)[edit]

State of Espírito Santo (ES)[edit]

  • ES-010: From Vitória to Northern Beach Cities
  • ES-060.svg ES-060: Rodovia do Sol - From Vitória to Southern Beach cities

State of Goiás (GO)[edit]

State of Maranhão (MA)[edit]

State of Mato Grosso (MT)[edit]

State of Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)[edit]

State of Minas Gerais (MG)[edit]

State of Pará (PA)[edit]

State of Paraíba (PB)[edit]

State of Pernambuco (PE)[edit]

State of Paraná (PR)[edit]

State of Piaui (PI)[edit]

State of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)[edit]

State of Rio Grande do Norte (RN)[edit]

State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS)[edit]

State of Rondônia (RO)[edit]

State of Roraima (RR)[edit]

State of Santa Catarina (SC)[edit]

State of Sergipe (SE)[edit]

State of São Paulo (SP)[edit]

  • SP-065.svg SP-065: Rodovia Dom Pedro I
  • SP-070.svg SP-070: Rodovia Ayrton Senna
  • SP-070.svg SP-070: Rodovia Carvalho Pinto
  • SP-075.svg SP-075: Rodovia Santos Dumont
  • SP-099.svg SP-099: Rodovia dos Tamoios
  • SP-123.svg SP-123: Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro
  • SP-150.svg SP-150: Rodovia Anchieta
  • SP-160.svg SP-160: Rodovia dos Imigrantes
  • SP-215.svg SP-215: Rodovia Dr. Paulo Lauro e Rodovia Luís Augusto de Oliveira
  • SP-270.svg SP-270: Rodovia Raposo Tavares
  • SP-280.svg SP-280: Rodovia Castelo Branco
  • SP-300.png SP-300: Rodovia Marechal Cândido Rondon
  • SP-306.png SP-306: Rodovia Luiz de Queiroz
  • SP-310.svg SP-310: Rodovia Washington Luís
  • SP-318.svg SP-318: Rodovia Eng° Thales de Lorena Peixoto Jr.
  • SP-326A.png SP-326: Rodovia Brigadeiro Faria Lima
  • SP-330.svg SP-330: Rodovia Anhangüera
  • SP-332.png SP-332: Rodovia General Milton Tavares de Lima
  • SP-340.png SP-340: Rodovia Adhemar de Barros
  • SP-348.svg SP-348: Rodovia dos Bandeirantes
  • SP-425.png SP-425: Rodovia Assis Chateaubriand

State of Tocantins (TO)[edit]

Territory of Fernando de Noronha[edit]

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