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This is a list of Israeli highways. Besides highways in Israel proper, it includes highways in the West Bank and the Golan Heights, because the Israeli administration maintains them in these areas.

There are 48 designated Israeli highways. Most of these are open-access arterial expressways, which may be entered from ordinary junctions. Some are limited-access freeways, which may be entered from interchanges. Six highways are freeways, six are partially limited-access freeways and partially expressways, and the other 35 are expressways. There is only one three-digit road in the country classified as a freeway, Route 431. Highway 6, the Trans-Israel Highway, is the only toll road.

Two of the expressways (Highway 57 and Highway 60) are divided into several separate sections as a result of an IDF decree forbidding Israelis from traveling on certain stretches of these highways (see Notes below).


Road Classification Start location Intermediate locations End location Length
ISR-HW1.png Highway 1 Freeway,
part Expressway
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport, Lod, Jerusalem Jordan River
99 km
ISR-HW2.png Highway 2 Freeway,
part Expressway
Tel Aviv Herzliya, Netanya, Hadera Haifa 89 km
ISR-HW3.png Highway 3 Expressway Ashkelon Kiryat Mal'akhi Mevo Horon 47 km
ISR-HW4.png Highway 4 Expressway,
part Freeway
border crossing
Ashkelon, Ashdod, Yavne, Rishon LeZion, Holon,
Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Netanya,
Hadera, Haifa, HaKerayot, Akko, Nahariya
Rosh HaNikra Crossing 205 km
ISR-HW5.png Highway 5 Freeway,
part Expressway
Tel Aviv Ramat Hasharon, Petah Tikva, Rosh HaAyin Ariel 37 km
ISR-HW6.png Highway 6 Tollway Shoket Rosh HaAyin Eliakim 170 km
ISR-HW7.png Highway 7 Expressway Gedera Yad Binyamin
ISR-HW9.png Highway 9 Freeway Mikhmoret Elyakhin, Hadera Maor, Sde Yitzhak
ISR-HW10.png Highway 10 Expressway Sayarim Valley Nitzana Kerem Shalom 168 km
ISR-HW12.png Highway 12 Expressway Eilat Ovda Neot Smadar 51 km
ISR-HW13.png Highway 13 Expressway Menuha Plain Tzhiha Valley 12 km
ISR-HW20.png Highway 20 Freeway Gan Sorek Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Holon, Tel Aviv,
Giv'atayim, Ramat Gan
Herzliya 29 km
ISR-HW22.png Highway 22 Freeway,
Haifa HaKrayot Kfar Masaryk 17 km
ISR-HW23.png Highway 23
(Carmel Tunnels)
mostly tunnel
Haifa Haifa 7.3 km
ISR-HW25.png Highway 25 Expressway Nahal Oz Netivot, Beersheba, Dimona Arava 70 km
ISR-HW31.png Highway 31 Expressway Eshel HaNassi Lehavim, Hura, Kuseife, Arad Neve Zohar 85 km
ISR-HW34.png Highway 34 Expressway Netivot Sderot Yad Mordechai 19 km
ISR-HW35.png Highway 35 Expressway Ashkelon Kiryat Gat Hebron 54 km
ISR-HW38.png Highway 38 Expressway Bet Govrin Bet Shemesh Sha'ar HaGai 28 km
ISR-HW39.png Highway 39 (planned) Freeway Nir Banim Valley of Elah Jerusalem 25 km (planned)
ISR-HW40.png Highway 40 Expressway Lotan Mitzpe Ramon, Beersheba, Kiryat Gat,
Kiryat Mal'akhi, Gedera, Rehovot, Ramla, Lod,
Petah Tikva, Hod HaSharon
Kfar Saba 279 km
ISR-HW41.png Highway 41 Expressway Ashdod Gedera 16 km
ISR-HW42.png Highway 42 Expressway Ashdod Yavne Rishon LeZion 12 km
ISR-HW44.png Highway 44 Expressway Tel Aviv Holon, Lod, Ramle Eshet'el 41 km
ISR-HW45.png Highway 45 Expressway Givat Ze'ev Atarot Industrial Zone 41 km
ISR-HW46.png Highway 46 Expressway Ben Gurion
Intl Airport
Tirat Yehuda 4 km
ISR-HW50.png Highway 50[1] Freeway Atarot Beit Hanina, Ramot, Har Hotzvim, Kiryat HaLeom,
Katamonim, Malha, Gilo
Gilo 12.2 km
ISR-HW55.PNG Highway 55 Expressway Kfar Saba Karnei Shomron Kedumim 23 km
ISR-HW57.png Highway 57
(Western section)[2]
Expressway Netanya Kfar Yona Nitzanei Oz 15 km
ISR-HW57.png Highway 57
(Eastern section)[2]
Expressway Hamra Adam Bridge
Border Crossing
15 km
ISR-HW60.png Highway 60
(Southern section)[3]
Expressway Beersheba Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem A-Ram
ISR-HW60.png Highway 60
(Central section)[3][4]
Expressway Atarot Shilo, Eli Tel Dotan
ISR-HW60.png Highway 60
(Northern section)[3]
Expressway Jalame
Afula Nazareth
ISR-HW61.png Highway 61 Expressway Maor, Sde Yitzhak Baqa al-Gharbiyye 2 km
ISR-HW65.png Highway 65 Expressway Caesarea Hadera, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Umm al-Fahm,
ISR-HW66.png Highway 66 Expressway Ma'ale Iron Yokneam Illit
ISR-HW70.png Highway 70 Expressway Zikhron Ya'akov Yokneam Illit, Kiryat Tivon, Kiryat Atta, I'billin, Shefar'am,
Tamra, Judeide-Maker, Abu Sinan
Shlomi 72 km
ISR-HW71.png Highway 71 Expressway Afula Bet She'an Jordan River
Border Crossing
ISR-HW73.png Highway 73 Expressway Nahalal Migdal HaEmek Tel Adashim 12 km
ISR-HW75.png Highway 75 Expressway Haifa Nesher, Kiryat Tivon, Migdal HaEmek, Nazareth Illit Nazareth
ISR-HW77.png Highway 77 Expressway,
part Freeway
Ramat Yishay Zarzir, Kafar Kanna Tiberias
ISR-HW79.png Highway 79 Expressway,
part Freeway
Kiryat Bialik Kiryat Atta, Shefar'am Reineh
ISR-HW80.png Highway 80 Expressway Ar'ara BaNegev Bet Yatir
ISR-HW85.png Highway 85 Expressway Akko Shagor, Karmiel, Nahf, Rame Korazim
ISR-HW87.png Highway 87 Expressway Kfar Nahum Alonei HaBashan
ISR-HW89.png Highway 89 Expressway Nahariya Ma'alot-Tarshiha, Safed Elifelet
ISR-HW90.png Highway 90 Expressway Taba
Border Crossing
Eilat, Jericho, Bet She'an, Tiberias, Hatzor HaGlilit,
Kiryat Shmona
Metula 480 km
ISR-HW91.png Highway 91 Expressway Mahanayim Eyin Zivan
ISR-HW92.png Highway 92 Expressway Tzemah Bet Tzeyda
ISR-HW98.png Highway 98 Expressway Ma'agan Majdal Shams Hermon
Ski resort
ISR-HW99.png Highway 99 Expressway Kiryat Shmona Mas'ade



  1. ^ Also referred to as "Sderot (Menachem) Begin", "(Menachem) Begin Boulevard", "Begin Expressway" or "Begin Highway", the road has been known as and still appears on some maps as "Route 404". In 2012, the Israel Ministry of Transport and the Jerusalem Municipality began using the new designation, "Highway 50". New blue "Highway 50" signs are being posted to reflect this change.
  2. ^ a b At the time of its designation Highway 57 was a consecutive highway, running from Netanya to Adam Bridge Border Crossing. With the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada an IDF decree forbade Israelis from traveling on the Nitzanei Oz – Hamra section, effectively splitting Highway 57 into two separate highways. Final designation of the highway is dependent on the final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
  3. ^ a b c At the time of its designation Highway 60 was a consecutive highway, running from Beersheba to Nazareth. With the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada an IDF decree forbade Israelis from traveling on the A-Ram checkpoint – Atarot and the Tel Dotan – Jalame checkpoint sections, effectively splitting Highway 60 into three separate highways. Final designation of the highway is dependent on the final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
  4. ^ Travel on the northernmost 24 km of this section of Highway 60 (Shavei Shomron - Tel Dotan) is recommended only with an IDF escort, due to security concerns.

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