List of hills and mountains in Denmark

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This is a list of hills and mountains in Denmark.

Hills in Denmark[edit]

This table lists only hills in the country of Denmark, excluding Danish territories (Faroe Islands and Greenland). Also note that the listing only considers natural formations.

Source: Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen,[1][2]

No. Mountain Country part Elevation Notes
1 Møllehøj Skanderborg municipality 170.87 m
2 Yding Skovhøj Horsens municipality 170.77 m
3 Ejer Bavnehøj Skanderborg municipality 170.35 m
4 Lindbjerg 170.08 m
5 Margretelyst SØ 169.78 m
6 Vistofte 169.44 m
7 Rytterknægten Bornholm 162 m Highest point of the island
8 Himmelbjerget Skanderborg municipality 147 m Until year 1847 considered the highest peak in Denmark.
9 Aborrebjerg Møn 143 m Highest point of the island

Mountains in Danish territories[edit]

  • Gunnbjørn, Greenland, 3700 m. Highest mountain in Danish territories.