List of historians by area of study

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This is a list of historians categorized by their area of study. See also List of historians.

By time period[edit]

Ancient history[edit]

Medieval history[edit]

By nation or geographical area[edit]

North America[edit]

History of Canada[edit]

See also List of Canadian historians.

History of the Caribbean[edit]

History of the United States[edit]

Latin America[edit]

History of Latin America[edit]

See also Category:Historians of Latin America





History of Europe[edit]

History of Albania[edit]

History of Belgium[edit]

History of Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

History of England and Britain[edit]

History of the British Empire[edit]

History of Croatia[edit]

History of Finland[edit]

History of France[edit]

See also List of historians of the French Revolution.

History of Germany[edit]

History of the Habsburg monarchy[edit]

History of Ireland[edit]

History of Italy[edit]

History of Moldova/Bessarabia[edit]

History of the Netherlands[edit]

History of Norway[edit]

History of Poland[edit]

History of Portugal[edit]

History of Romania[edit]

History of Russia[edit]

History of Serbia[edit]

History of Scotland[edit]

Historiographer Royal of Scotland[edit]

History of Slovakia[edit]

History of Slovenia[edit]

History of Spain[edit]

History of Sweden[edit]

History of Yugoslavia[edit]

Europe and Asia[edit]

History of The Republic of Turkey and Turkish Empires[edit]

  • Halil İnalcık (1916–2016), İstanbul, Türkiye), history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
  • İlber Ortaylı (born 1947, Bregen, Österreich), history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
  • Heath W. Lowry (born 1942, America), history of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey
  • Mehmet Fuat Köprülü (1890–1966, İstanbul, Türkiye), Turcologist and historian, history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
  • Yusuf Halaçoğlu (born 1949, Adana, Türkiye), history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
  • Reşat Ekrem Koçu (1905–1975, İstanbul, Türkiye), writer and historian, history of the Ottoman Empire
  • Ahmed Cevad Pasha (Kabaağaçlızade Ahmet Cevat Paşa) (1851–1900, İstanbul, Türkiye), Ottoman statesman (Grand Vizier), history of the Ottoman Empire
  • Aşıkpaşazade (Âşıkpasazâde Derviş Ahmet Âşıkî) (yak. 1400, Amasya–yak. 1484), Ottoman Empire/ Türkiye) history of the Ottoman Empire
  • Ibn Kemal (Kemal Paşazade (ibn-i Kemâl)) (1468–1534, The Ottoman Empire/Türkiye), Ottoman statesman, history of the Ottoman Empire
  • Koçi Bey (Mustafa Koçi Bey) (?–1650, The Ottoman Empire/Türkiye), Ottoman statesman, history of the Ottoman Empire
  • Katip Çelebi (Haci Halife Kalfa) (1609–1657, İstanbul, The Ottoman Empire/Türkiye), history of the Ottoman Empire


Middle East[edit]

Central Asia[edit]

South Asia[edit]

History of the Indian Subcontinent[edit]
History of India[edit]
History of Pakistan[edit]

Far East[edit]

History of Japan[edit]
History of Korea[edit]
History of China[edit]

History of Hong Kong[edit]


History of the Serers[edit]


History of Australia[edit]

History of Fiji[edit]

History of New Zealand[edit]

History of Tonga[edit]

History of Papua New Guinea[edit]

By historical viewpoint[edit]



  • Niall Ferguson (born 1964) – Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals (1997)





  • Ludwig Quidde (1858–1941) – Prescient German pacifist and student of history who combined his specialties in his condemnation of Kaiser Wilhelm II

By general category[edit]

Architectural history[edit]

Art history[edit]


Classical Antiquity[edit]

Economic history[edit]


Environmental history[edit]


Food history[edit]

Gender history[edit]


Academic protagonists in Australia's "history wars"[edit]

History of business[edit]

History of ideas, culture, literature, and philosophy[edit]

History of international relations[edit]

History of science and technology[edit]

History of the papacy[edit]



Maritime history[edit]

Media history[edit]

History of newspapers and magazines, History of radio, History of television, and History of the Internet

Military history[edit]


Naval history[edit]


Social history[edit]

World history[edit]



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