List of historic buildings of the United Kingdom

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Westminster Abbey, founded 1065, completed c. 1090

The historic buildings of the United Kingdom date from prehistoric times onwards. The earliest are Neolithic buildings and these are followed by those of ancient, medieval and modern times, all exemplifying the architecture of the United Kingdom. Below is a list of important buildings and structures from the beginning until Georgian times (18th and early 19th centuries).

Pre-historic buildings and structures[edit]

Roman buildings and structures[edit]

Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Viking buildings and structures[edit]

Approximately 5th century to the Norman Conquest of 1066.

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Norman architecture[edit]

11th and 12th centuries.

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Early Gothic architecture[edit]

Late 12th century until the mid to late 13th century.

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Decorated and Perpendicular Gothic architecture[edit]

Late 13th century until the mid 16th century.

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Renaissance, Tudor and Jacobean architecture[edit]

Late 15th century until the mid 17th century.

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Caroline and interregnum architecture[edit]

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English Baroque architecture[edit]

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Georgian architecture[edit]

Around 1720 to around 1840.

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