List of historic buildings in Bridgetown and Saint Ann's Garrison

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This is a list of buildings which have been listed as protected properties of UNESCO's World Heritage site within Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison.

List of buildings[edit]

Historic buildings in the City of Bridgetown and St. Ann's Garrison
NAME OF PROPERTY (former)[1] Current occupant Address (Alley, Gap, Row, St., Rd., Ln.) Status Usage Photo Architectural style Built Notes
Paul's Boutique Snaps McGregor St. In-use Commercial (A)
ManShop McGregor St. vacant
Mustor's Restaurant Mustor's Restaurant McGregor St. In-use Restaurant
Lynch Insurance Building N/A McGregor St. In-use Commercial (A)
Le Bistro & Timex Centre N/A Prince William & Henry St. In-use Commercial (A)
The Spirit Bond N/A The Wharf Rd. In-use Mixed-use The Spirit Bond building, Bridgetown.jpg
Dacosta Mall Dacosta Mall Broad St. In-use Commercial (A)
Barbados Mutual Life Butterfield Bank/
Goddards Enterprises
Lower Broad St. In-use Commercial (B) Butterfield branch, Bridgetown, Barbados.jpg
Town Hall Building Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. Cheapside Main Rd. In-use Commercial (B) Former Bridgetown Towne Hall, Cheapside-001.jpg
Saint Mary's (Anglican) Church Saint Mary's (Anglican) Church Cheapside Main Rd. In-use Church Bridgetown 014.jpg
Carlisle Bond Carlisle Bond Hincks St. In-use Commercial (A)
Gretna Green Gretna Green Mason Hall St. In-use Residential
Viola Cot N/A Mason Hall St. Residential Residential
Mrs. Drakes House Mrs. Drakes House Mason Hall St. Unk. Dilapidated
Saint Mary's Junior School Saint Mary's Junior School Mason Hall St. In-use School
Scotty's Scotty's Cheapside Main Rd. In-use Commercial (A)
Travel House Travel House Cheapside Main Rd. vacant
Queensbury Queensbury Reed St. In-use Mixed-Use
Thinking Computers Thinking Computers Reed St. In-use Commercial (A)
C. M. Greenidge & Sons N/A Tudor St. Unk. Dilapidated
Maxwell Shop Flame Shop Tudor St. In-use Commercial (A)
Liberty Store Liberty Store Swan St. In-use Commercial (A)
Kirpalani Ltd. Stepper's Boutique Swan St. In-use Commercial (A)
Kiddies Korner Tim's Restaurant Swan St. In-use Mixed-Use
Foam House Foam House Lucas St. In-use Commercial (A)
Mr. Waithe's House Mottley House Coleridge St. In-use Commercial (B)
Central Police Station Central Police Station Coleridge St. In-use Governmental Bridgetown 029.jpg
Supreme Court Supreme Court Coleridge St. vacant Governmental Former Supreme Court Coleridge Street Bridgetown-1.jpg
Carnegie Public Library building Public Library Coleridge St. vacant Governmental National Library Service of Barbados, Bridgetown-2.jpg
Parliament Parliament & Museum Trafalgar St. In-use Governmental
Jewish Synagogue Nidhe Israel Jewish Synagogue Magazine Ln. In-use Synagogue Nidhe Israel Synagogue - Bridgetown-22.jpg
Nidhe Israel Jewish Museum Jewish Synagogue Synagogue Ln. In-use Jewish Museum
The Torch Printery N/A Marhill St. In-use Commercial (A)
Building No. 1 Shalom Hair & Nails Salon Dottin's Alley In-use Mixed-Use
Building No. 3 Island Treasure / Tasty Treats Dottin's Alley In-use Mixed-Use
Olympic Cinema Bell's Leather Establishment & Accessories Palmetto St. In-use Commercial (A)
Pal-Mal Pal-Mal Palmetto St. In-use Commercial (A)
Sahely's Sahely's Palmetto St. In-use Commercial (A)
Realty Investments Realty Investments Palmetto St. In-use Commercial (A)
Masonic Lodge Masonic Lodge Spry St. In-use Lodge
Saint Michael's (Anglican) Cathedral Saint Michael's (Anglican) Cathedral Saint Michael's Row In-use Church
Stratton House Stratton House Saint Michael's Row vacant
Gitten's Cozy Nook N/A Roebuck St. vacant
Hilton Bar and Restaurant N/A Roebuck St. In-use Mixed-Use
Grasmere Grasmere Roebuck St. Unk. Residential
Alders Furniture Depot N/A Roebuck St. In-use Commercial (A)
V Bourne Bar Andy's Bakery & Vegetarian Deli Roebuck St. In-use Restaurant
De Freitas and Company De Freitas and Company Roebuck St. In-use Mixed-Use
Straughns Garage N/A Roebuck St. In-use Mixed-Use
Lenville Lenville Crumpton St. Unk. Dilapidated
The Retreat Harrison's College Crumpton St. In-use Secondary School
Villa Angela Villa Angela Crumpton St. vacant
Rus In Urbe Rus In Urbe Crumpton St. In-use Commercial (C)
Ministry of Agriculture Harrison's College (Laboratories) Crumpton St. In-use Secondary School
Queen's Park House Queen's Park House Constitution Rd. In-use Mixed-Use
The Engine Room /
the Pumping House
The Clock House Constitution Rd. In-use Storage
College Gate College Gate Constitution Rd. In-use Access point
Governor-General's Gate Governor-General's Gate Constitution Rd. In-use Access point
Bandstand Bandstand Constitution Rd. In-use Gazebo
Old Headmistress Office: Queen's College Ministry Of Education Constitution Rd. Unk. Governmental
Old Combermere Ministry Of Education Constitution Rd. Unk. Governmental
Old Queen's College Ministry Of Education
Elsie Payne Complex
Constitution Rd. Unk. Governmental
The Grotto The Grotto River Rd. Demolished null
Norma Villa Norma Villa River Rd. vacant
H Lynch Liquor store N/A Beckwith St. Unk. Dilapidated



  1. ^ Name shown is property's name previous to Government of Barbados application to UNESCO for enlisting. If an earlier name of property is well-known, that may be listed here instead.

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