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This list of the oldest buildings and structures lists the oldest buildings still standing in Markham, Ontario, Canada along with their year of completion.

1816 to 1936[edit]

Building Location Year Completed Comment Image
Heintzman House or Sunnyside Manor Farm 135 Bay Thorn Drive, Thornhill 1816 Museum
Hoover House Markham Museum - 9350 Highway 48 1824
Hoover house.jpg
Gapper-Duncan House 6 Wismer Place 1828 relocated from Yonge Street
Chapman House Markham Museum 1832 Carpenter Gothic building moved from Milliken’s Corners
Chapman house.jpg
McKinnon-Eakin House 145 Main Street Unionville 1835 Now Minken Employment Lawyers
Prentice House or Delos Crosby House 33 Rougehaven Way, Markham c. 1836 Now part of the townhome complex with 31 and 29 Rougehaven Way
Eckhardt-McKay House or Salem Eckhardt House 197 Main Street, Unionville 1837 Restored, now home to Kathleen Gormley McKay Art Centre
Robert Grundy House 6 Alexander Hunter Place c. 1840 Relocated from 9954 Woodbine Ave
Henry R. Wales House 159 Main Street North, Markham 1845 Restored
John Edey House 4 Leahill Drive, Thornhill 1845 Relocated from Yonge Street in 1966
The Ninth Line Baptist Church Markham Museum 1848 Relocated from original site
Ninth line baptist church.jpg
Maxwell House Markham Museum 1850 Moved from Scarborough
Maxwell house.jpg
John Grice General Store 7703 and 7707 Yonge Street, Thornhill 1850 Now Benjamin Moore Thornhill Paint Supplies and Thornhill Denture Clinic
John Ramer Homestead 6278 19th Avenue, Dickson Hill 1850 Barn built 1869
Ellen Ramsden House on Thornhill Village Library 10 Colbourne Street, Thornhill 1851
The John Irving Calvert House 10 Alexander Hunter Place 1855
Benjamin Milliken House 7710 Kennedy Road, Markham near location of hamlet of Hagerman's Corners 1855 Now Major Milliken Pub
James Thomas House 14 David Gohn Circle 1856 Georgian architecture home was restored
The James Thomas House - 14 David Gohn Circle Markham Ontario.JPG
The John Galloway House 4 David Gohn Circle 1858 Moved in 1995
John Galloway House - 4 David Gohn Circle Markham Ontario1.JPG
Buttonville General Store 8971 Woodbine Ave, Buttonville 1860 restored, currently Amici day spa
Queen's Hotel 174 Main Street, Unionville 1860 Restored, and lived in; damaged by fire March 2015 (and restoration in progress[1])
The Cedar Grove Blacksmith Shop Markham Museum 1862 Moved from Cedar Grove
Cedar grove blacksmith.jpg
Cedar Grove School House 7667 14th Avenue, Thornhill 1869 Restored as Cedar Grove Community Centre
Box Grove School House 7651 9th Line South, Markham 1870 Now home to Box Grove Co-op Daycare
Box Grove Church[permanent dead link] 2 Legacy Drive Markham 1870 Box Grove Heritage United Church and Cemetery
Unionville Train Station 7 Station Lane, Unionville 1871 Restored and used as community centre; tracks separated by fence
The McKenzie-Gowland House 12 Alexander Hunter Place 1871 Moved from 9785 McCowan Road and restored 1997
Markham GO Station 214 Main Street North, Village of Markham 1871 Built by Toronto and Nipissing Railway, used by Grand Trunk Railway and CN Rail; restored 2000 as GO Transit station and community centre
James Speight House / Wedding Cake House 48 Main Street North, Markham 1870 Restored
S.S. #5 21 Renfrew Drive, Buttonville 1872 Now the York Regional School Board Heritage Schoolhouse
Lapps Cider Mill Markham Museum c.1872 Rebuilt at Markham Museum 1981-1983
Cider mill.jpg
James Darius Harrington House 9642 9th Line (north of 16th Avenue/Don Cousens Parkway) 1873 Abandoned and vacant
German Mills School, S.S. #2 80 German Mills Road 1874 Now used as German Mills Community Centre
Wilson Variety Hall Markham Museum 1875 Carpenter Gothic was relocated from the original site
Wilson store.jpg
Town Hall 96 Main Street North, Markham 1881 Jail housed in north part of basement and now building is home to private business
Markham Grammar School / Markham High School 55 Albert Street (Joseph Street and Albert Street) 1892 Later became Markham Union Masonic Lodge after Markham District High School was built in 1954; now The Village Hive
Mount Joy School Markham Museum 1907 Moved from Mount Joy
Stiver Mill Main Street and Carlton Road, Unionville c. 1916 Restored 2014 [2]
Milliken Public School Steeles Avenue East and Midland Avenue, Milliken Mills 1929 Later Scarborough Christian School; all but south facade on Steeles Avenue demolished and site of a commercial/residential development
Locust Hill Train Station Markham Museum 1936 Moved from Locust Hill
Locust Hill Train Station (1936) at Markham Museum.jpg

Lost Buildings and Structures[edit]

Various historic structures have been burned down or demolished over time.

Building Location Year Completed Comment Image
Union Mills Along Rouge River in Unionville 1841 Burned down 1934; located on west side of Main Street South and Rouge River

(near site of Bill Crothers Secondary School)

Franklin Hotel north of Robinson Street and Main Street, Markham 1900 demolished, now parking lot on Robinson Street behind 96 Main Street North
Ratcliff Sawmill Lot 35, Concession 6 (Stouffville Road and Kennedy Road), Stouffville 1840s-1850s Built by William Ratcliff and remained operational until 1970s, but destroyed by fire 1982, but mill equipment saved and used in Ashmore Reesor's mill at Markham Museum. Family owned Century Mill Lumber continues to operate on site
Speight Wagon Works Factory approximately 20 Main Street North (west) and 25 Main Street North (east) ~1840s Originally on west side and later moved to east side of Main Street; operations ceased in 1917 and burned down with garage in 1922; both sites now occupied by commercial buildings
James Campbell House Markham Village 1865 Cottage built next to another home by shoemaker; demolished
St. Patrick's Church Vinegar Hill 1855 Torn down 1977 after new church moved to Highway 7 in 1971[3]
Agricultural Hall (Rink) Markham Village 1916 Burned down same year it was completed
Grace Anglican Church 8th Line (Markham Main Street South) and Old Wellington Street 1848 Demolished 1963 and now site of Esso gas station
Grace Anglican Church Rectory 8th Line (Markham Main Street South) and Old Wellington Street 1889 Demolished 1963 and now site of Esso gas station
Presbyterian Church Washington Street 1873 Demolished after 1963
Main Street Markham bridge / old Iron Bridge 1946 Concrete bridge replaced an earlier steel truss bridge in 1909. Demolished and replaced with current bridge.
Agricultural Hall, Ice rink and ticket office Highways (Wellington Street) and Highway 48 - old Markham Fairgrounds 1894 Burned down 1916 and replaced with new structure at site of original. Fairgrounds buildings all demolished in 1963.
Main Street Post Office Joseph Street and Main Street 1910 Demolished in 1978 and replaced by current Bank Of Nova Scotia branch.

List of other historic places[edit]

  • Speight Wagon Works
  • Old Markham Jail
  • Heritage School House, Unionville

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