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This List of historic buildings in Shanghai seeks to show all the significant historic buildings in Shanghai, many of which are located on The Bund, while others are located in former Shanghai International Settlement, or French Concession.

Pre-19th century[edit]

Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Jing'an Temple 1216 Unknown Buddhist

Nineteenth century[edit]

Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Consulate General of the United Kingdom - 33 Zhongshan Lu 1847, 1873 Later used as home of the Shanghai Municipal Government
Astor House Hotel (Pujiang Hotel)
15 Huangpu Rd, Hongkou District
1858, 1911 Davies & Thomas
Annex: Atkinson & Dallas
neo-classic Baroque
Russell & Co. Building - # 9 the Bund 1881 Romanesque Revival architecture; Victorian Gothic later Chinese Merchant Bank
Russian Consulate 1896
Medium College Building, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 1898


Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Russo-Chinese Bank Building, Shanghai - # 15 the Bund 1901-1902 Becker & Baedecker (Heinrich Becker) classic French architecture former Jiaotong Bank Building and headquarters of the Shanghai Labor Union; now Chinese Foreign Exchange and Trade Center[1]
Xujiahui Cathedral 1905–1910 William Doyle neo-Gothic Revival architecture formerly St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai
Hospital of the Shanghai Navigation Company 1906 late French Renaissance now the Bangkok Bank and the Thai Consulate
Commercial Bank of China 1907 Romanesque and classical styles
Waibaidu Bridge 1906–1907 Howarth Erskine Limited camelback truss bridge
China Merchants Bank Building, Shanghai - # 6 the Bund 1907 Beaux-Arts
Bund Observatory/The Meteorological Signal Tower (Gutzlaff Signal Tower) 1907 re-located and now a museum on ground level with bar on the tower
Hongkou Fire Station - Siping Lu 1910?


Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Banque de l'Indochine Building - # 29 The Bund 1911 French Baroque
Dongya Hotel on Nanjing Donglu 1914 formerly Wing On Department Store
Asia Building, Shanghai - # 1 The Bund 1916 Baroque and Classical later home to Shanghai Metallurgical Designing & Research Institute
Union Building, Shanghai - # 4 the Bund 1916 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Renaissance
Mercantile Bank of India, London and China - # 3 the Bund 1916-18 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Renaissance Three on the Bund
Asiatic Petroleum Building/McBain Building 1916 now the China Pacific Insurance Company

Dupleix Apartments 233 Anfu Rd, Xuhui District 1918

Classical Private residences

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library 1919
Yangtze Insurance Building - # 26 The Bund 1916–1920 later home to Shanghai Foodstuffs Import and Export; now Agricultural Bank of China


Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Yangtze Insurance Building 1920s
No.1 Building on the Xingguo Hotel compound 1920s formerly a private residence owned by Butterfield & Swire; now part of the Radisson Xinggua Hotel
Joint Savings and Loan Building 1920s László Hudec
Yokohama Specie Bank Building, Shanghai - # 24 The Bund 1920s Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors now Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Textile Administration
Carter Apartments, 50B Feng Xian Road, Jingan district 1920s Art Deco Now home to Am Art Space
Ohel Rachel Synagogue 1920 Moorhead & Halse
St. Theresa Catholic Church (小德勒撒天主教堂 ), 370 Datian Lu 1920[2] Gothic
North China Daily News Building - # 17 The Bund 1921 Baroque towers, Renaissance relief sculpture, classic pillars Now AIA Company
No. 1 People's Hospital c1921 formerly a British hospital (British Military Hospital in Shanghai)
Glen Line Building - # 2 Beijing Road 1922 Renaissance also home to P & O Bank; later as US Consulate and now Everbright Bank
Union Insurance Building 1922
Jardine Matheson Building - # 27 The Bund 1922 neo-Classical now Shanghai Foreign Trade Building
General Post Office, Shanghai (Sichuan Road Bridge Post Office), 250 North Suzhou Lu 1922–1924 Classical China Chemical Co
No 18 The Bund 1923 retail complex - Cartier and Zegna, Bar Rouge
HSBC Building, Shanghai - # 12 The Bund 1923 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Shànghai Pudong Development Bank
Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China (Chartered Bank Building) - # 18 the Bund 1923 English
Bank of Taiwan Building - # 16 The Bund 1924 Art Deco with Chinese and Japanese influence now China Merchants Bank
Wukang Lu Building - home to Normandie Apartments, Shanghai (Intersavin Society (I.S.S.) Apartments) 1924 Minutti Ledreux and Leonard Architects Flatiron building
Blackstone Apartments (Shanghai) 1924 Baroque Fuxing Road Apartments
All Saints Church, 425 Fuxing Lu 1925 17th Century Church architecture[3]
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Gymnasium 1925
Nissin Building - # 5 the Bund 1925
Nishin Navigation Company 1925 now Huaxia Bank
Cercle Sportif Français, route du Cardinal Mercier (茂名南路58号) 1926 Leonard and Veysseyre Now as entrance to Okura Hotel[4]
Hongkou District Yulin Lu (榆林路) garden houses 1927 Classical/European[5]
Customs House, Shanghai - # 13 the Bund 1927 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Classical
Ohel Moishe Synagogue 1927 now the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
The Grand Theatre on Nanjing Lu 1928 László Hudec Art Deco
Denis Apartments 1928 Art Deco
British American Tobacco Co. Building - Shahmoon Building (the Capitol Theater) 1928 now Shanghai Main Post Office
Peace Hotel - # 19 (Palace Hotel) and #20 (Sasson House) The Bund 1929 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Art Deco
Mu'en Church, Xizang Zhonglu 1929 László Hudec Formerly the Moore Memorial Church


Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Tilanqiao Prison Hospital 1930s
Shanghai Library 1930s
Shanghai Changning Children's Palace 1930-1934 Victorian Gothic Former Home of Wang Boqun. Previously rented to the British Consulate.
Musee Heude 1930 Leonard-Veysseyre Art Deco now Institut Pasteur of Shanghai
Shanghai Metropole Hotel 1930 Palmer and Turner Baroque
Si Hang Warehouse 1931 Art Deco now memorial to the Defense of Sihang Warehouse in 1937 and retail space.[6]
Hamilton House 1931 Palmer and Turner Art Deco
Lyceum Theatre, home of the Amateur Dramatic Club 1931
Midgets Corner Building, 115 Antinglu. 武康路115号 1931 Leonard and Veysseyre (Alexandre Léonard and Paul Veysseyre)
Russian Orthodox Mission Church 1931
Dubail Apartments 1931 Art Deco
Stellar International Cineplex, 330 Haining Lu 1932 Art Deco Opened as Ever Bright Cinema and used as Central Propaganda Film Services Office under the Kuomintang government, later became Guoji in 1949 under the Shanghai Literature and Art Department; last renovated 1992 and Stellar International Cineplex since 2009[7]
Embankment House 1932 built for the Sassons
Engineering Building at the Xuhui campus - Jiao Tong University 1932 Art Deco
The Paramount Theatre 1932 Yang Ximiao Art Deco
Cathay Theatre, 870 Huaihai Zhong Lu 1932 Art Deco
The Astrid 1933 Art Deco Built for Wing On of Hong Kong[8]
Paramount Ballroom 1933
Poste de police Mallet 1933 Leonard and Veysseyre (Alexandre Léonard and Paul Veysseyre)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Administrative Building 1933
Medhurst Apartments 1934 Art Deco
Grosvenor House 1934 Palmer and Turner with Algar & Co Art Deco now part of the Jin Jiang Hotel
Yangtze Hotel, Shanghai 1934 Art Deco Currently trading as the Yangtze Boutique Hotel
Chung Wai Bank Zhonghui Dalou, 16 Henan Nanlu 河南南路16号 1934 Leonard, Veysseyre, Kruze (Alexandre Léonard and Paul Veysseyre)
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Military Church - rue Comeille 1934 now a restaurant and casino
Park Hotel 1934 László Hudec
Broadway Mansions - # 20 North Suzhou Road 1930–1934 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors Art Deco, Modern Cubist
She Shan Basilica 1935
Alfred Magy Apartments - West Fuxing Rd 1936 Leonard-Veysseyre & Kruze Architects[9] Art Moderne
Old Bank of China Building, Shanghai - # 23 The Bund 1937 Palmer & Turner Architects and Surveyors with Lu Qianshou Art Deco, Chicago and Chinese influences
Rong Home (King of Cotton), south of Amyron on Cohen Road (Gao An Lu 高安路18弄20号) 1930s Leonard-Veysseyre
Eddingburg House 195 Changde Lu (常德路195号(常德公寓)) 1939-1941 Leonard and Veysseyre (Alexandre Léonard and Paul Veysseyre)


Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Majestic Theatre, Shanghai, 66 Jiangning Lu 1941 Art Deco
Amyron résidence pour artistes, 14 route Cohen (now Gao'an lu) 1941 Leonard Architects (Alexandre Léonard and Paul Veysseyre)
Wheelock and Co Sichuan Mansion - East Yan'An Rd 1943 Art Deco
China Bank of Communications Building - # 14 The Bund 1949 modernistic/Art Deco now Bank of Shanghai/Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions

Dates unknown[edit]

Building Year Completed Builder Style Notes
Japanese Buddhist Temple Japanese

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