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List of historic reserves in Ukraine includes historic sites that in Ukraine is known as Historic and Cultural Reserves. Main historic reserves are officially listed by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and usually known as national. There are other historic reserves that are established at regional level.

Definition and background[edit]

Historic and cultural reserves (Ukrainian: Історико-культурні заповідники, Istoryko-Kulturni Zapovidnyky) are special legally defined territories that include ensembles and complexes of landmarks of history and culture, which possess exceptional historic, scientific and cultural value and placed under protection of the state.

In Ukraine[edit]

First historic and cultural reserves in Ukraine were created in 1920s. Resolutions of the Council of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR proclaimed next territories as reserves: Ancient Greek Colony of Olbia (31 May 1924), the Monk's Hill in Kaniv – Taras Shevchenko burial (20 August 1925), Kiev Pechersk Lavra (29 September 1926), Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites in Berdychiv (8 March 1928), Castle-Fortress in Kamianets-Podilskyi (23 March 1928), Prince Ostrogski Castle in Starokostiantyniv (15 January 1929), so called Dytynets in Chernihiv, territories of Chernihiv Saint Trinity Elijah Monastery and Chernihiv Yelets Dormition Monastery (18 March 1929) as well as Novhorod-Siverskyi Saint Transfiguration Monastery and Saint Cyril Church in Kiev. In total at the end of 1920s in the Ukrainian SSR existed 9 historic and cultural reserves. At that time there was started creation of reserves of local significance. Particularly according to respective decisions of local authorities there existed historic and archaeological reserve in Verkhniy Saltiv (1929; Vovchansk Raion), manor house and park "Kachanivka" (1928), others.

During 1930s due to mass repressions among specialists of cultural heritage conservation and fall of the cultural heritage conservation system, many reserved territories lost their reserved status. After the World War II, portion of earlier created reserves that during the war suffered damage were not renewed in its reserved status. There were created new reserves, particularly the Kiev Acropolis with remnants of Church of the Tithes (1945), museum-reserve "Fields of Battle for Kiev" (1945), "Fields of Battle of Poltava" (1949), Ivan Tobilevych museum-reserve "Khutir Nadia" (1956). In 1965 there was announced creation of historic and cultural reserve at Khortytsia island in Zaporizhia, however due to unleashed ideological campaign in fight against the so called Ukrainian bourgeoisie nationalism all respective events were stopped.

In the mid 1970-80s process of creation of historic and cultural reserves started to be reviewed as an effective way to preserve not only separate landmarks, but whole historic and cultural complexes. The status of reserves was expanded to streets, neighborhoods, districts, historic city centers, historic landscapes. There were proclaimed historic and cultural reserves in cities of Lviv (1975), Kamianets-Podilskyi (1977), Sevastopol (1978), Ostroh (1981), Lutsk (1985), Putyvl (1986), Ancient Kiev (1987), Kerch (1987), Chyhyryn (1989), and others.

With proclamation of state independence of Ukraine, the process of establishing historic and cultural reserves had awakened. Particularly in the first half of 1990s there was initiated or reorganized 32 state reserves by providing them with more status weight. Among them were Historic and Cultural Reserve "Taras Shevchenko Homeland", "Berestechko Battle Fields", "Hetmanate Capital", "Trakhtemyriv" as well as historic and architectural and archaeological complexes in cities of Alupka, Bakhchysarai, Vyshhorod, Halych, Hlukhiv, Dubno, Zhovkva, Zbarazh, Zolochiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Novhorod-Siverskyi, village Verkhniy Saltiv, others.

The Presidential decree of 11 October 1994 "About National Institutions of Culture" defined status and order of creation national historic and cultural reserves.[1] First national reserves became, particularly, historic and ethnographic reserve "Pereyaslav", historic and archaeological reserve "Chersonesos of Taurica", historic and architectural reserves "Sophia of Kiev", "National Kiev Pechersk Historic and Cultural Reserve", "Chernihiv the Ancient", "Old Halych", "Chyhyryn", "Khortytsia".

Listed reserves (Ministry of Culture)[edit]

# Name of Reserve Location Area Established Website
1 National Kiev-Pechersk Historic-Cultural Reserve 21 vulytsia Lavrska 23.54 ha September 29, 1926 website
2 National Reserve Khortytsia Zaporizhia, Khortytsia island September 18, 1965
3 National Reserve "Sophia of Kiev" 24 vulytsia Volodymyrska, Kiev 1934 website
4 National Historic-Cultural Reserve "Chyhyryn" Chyhyryn, 26 vulytsia Hrushevskoho March 7, 1989
5 National Historic-Memorial Reserve "Babyn Yar" May 22, 2001
6 National Reserve "Taras Shevchenko Homeland" Shevchenkove, Zvenyhorodka Raion, 3 vulytsia Petrovskoho March 25, 1992
7 National Reserve "Ancient Halych" Krylos, Halych District, 1 Franko St. February 8, 1994
8 National Reserve "Chersonesos Tuarica" 1 vulytsia Drevnya February 8, 1994
9 National Historic-Archeological Reserve "Kamyana Mohyla" Terpinnya, Melitopol Raion July 7, 1954
10 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital" Baturyn, Bakhmach Raion, 70 vulytsia Lenina June 14, 1993
11 National Historic-Memorial Reserve "Fields of Berestechko Battle" Plyasheva, Radyvyliv Raion June 12, 1991
12 National Historic-Memorial Reserve "Bykivnia Graves" May 22, 2001
13 Shevchenko National Reserve in Kaniv Kaniv, Taras Hill August 20, 1925
14 National Historic-Cultural Reserve "Kachanivka" Kachanivka, Ichnya Raion November 24, 1981
15 National Historic-Ethnographic Reserve "Pereyaslav" Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi, 8 vulytsia Shevchenka March 13, 1979 Info
16 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in the Belz city Belz December 13, 2001
17 State Historic-Architectural Reserve in the Zhovkva city Zhovkva August 10, 1994
18 National Reserve Hlukhiv Hlukhiv, 30 vulytsia Shevchenka February 8, 1994
19 National Reserve "Castles of the Ternopil Land" Zbarazh February 8, 1994
20 National Historic-Architectural Reserve "Kamianets" Kamyanets-Podilskyi, 20 vulytsia Karla Marksa May 18, 1977
21 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in the Berezhany city Berezhany November 17, 2001
22 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Khotyn Fortress" Khotyn October 12, 2000
23 National Architectural-Historic Reserve "Chernihiv ancient" Chernihiv, 1 vulytsia Karla Marksa June 22, 1978
24 National Historic-Architectural Reserve "Old Uman" Chernihiv, 1 vulytsia Karla Marksa June 22, 1978
25 Kremenets-Pochaiv State Historic-Architectural Reserve Kremenets May 29, 2001

Listed reserves (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)[edit]

# Name of Reserve Location Area Established Website
1 Historic-Archeological Reserve "Olbia" Parutyne, Ochakiv Raion May 31, 1926

Reserves of Regional State Administration[edit]

# Name of Reserve Location Area Established Website
 Kiev city
1 State Historic-Architectural Reserve "Ancient Kiev" 5 Andriyivskyy Descent May 18, 1987
2 State Historic-Memorial Reserve "Lukianivka Cemetery" 7 vulytsia Dorohozhytska July 1, 1994
 Crimean Autonomous Republic
3 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Kerch Kerch, 7 vulytsia Sverdlova March 5, 1987
4 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Bakhchysarai Bakhchysarai, 133 vulytsia Rechna September 8, 1990
5 State Palace-Park Museum-Reserve in Alupka
(Vorontsov Palace/Masandra)
Alupka, 10 Palatsove shose September 8, 1990 Info
6 Republican Historic-Archeological Reserve "Kalos Limen" Chornomorske   Info
7 Historic-Cultural Reserve "Staryi Krym" Staryi Krym
 Vinnytsia Oblast
8 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Busha" Busha, Yampil District August 18, 2000 website
 Volyn Oblast
9 Lutsk Historic Cultural Reserve Lutsk, 23 vulytsia Drahomanova March 26, 1985
10 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Volodymyr" Volodymyr-Volynskyi November 17, 2001
 Donetsk Oblast
11 State Historic-Architectural Reserve in Slavianohirsk Sviatohirsk May 27, 1980
 Zaporizhia Oblast
12 Historic-Architectural Museum-Reserve "Popov's Villa" in Vasylivka Vasylivka January 29, 1993
 Kiev Oblast
13 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Vyshhorod Vyshhorod, 58 vulytsia Shkilna July 6, 1994
14 State Museum-Reserve "Battle for Kiev in 1943" Novi Petrivtsi, Vyshhorod District 12.03.1996
 Kirovohrad Oblast
15 State Museum-Reserve of Tobilevych "Khutir Nadia" Mykolaivka, Kirovohrad Raion August 1, 1956
 Lviv Oblast
16 State Historic-Architectural Reserve in Lviv (Old Town) Lviv, 20 vulytsia Valova June 12, 1975 Declaration
17 State Museum-Reserve "Olesko Castle" Olesko, Buzk Raion January 19, 1989
18 State Historic-Cultural Reserve Tustan Urych, Skole Raion October 5, 1994
19 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Nahuyevychi" Nahuyevychi, Drohobych Raion March 10, 1994
20 Historic-Cultural Reserve "Lychakiv Cemetery" Lviv, vulytsia Lychakivska July 10, 1990
21 Museum-Reserve "Zolochiv Castle" Zolochiv  
 Poltava Oblast
22 National Museum-Reserve of Ukrainian Pottery in Opyshni Opyshni, Zinkiv Raion November 3, 1989
23 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Fields of Poltava Battle" Poltava, 32 vulytsia Shvedska Mohyla March 31, 1981 website
24 State Museum-Reserve of Mykola Hohol Hoholove, Shyshatsk Raion July 17, 1979
 Rivne Oblast
25 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Ostroh Ostroh, 5 vulytsia Akademichna August 11, 1981
26 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Dubno Dubno, 7 vulytsia Zamkova June 14, 1993
 Sumy Oblast
27 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Putivl Putivl, 60 vulytsia Radyanska December 30, 1986
 Kharkiv Oblast
28 State Historic-Archeological Museum-Reserve "Verkhniy Saltov" Verkhniy Saltov, Vovchansk Raion  
29 Chuhuiv Historic-Cultural Reserve of Repin Chuhuiv  
 Khmelnytskyi Oblast
30 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Samchyky" Samchyky, Starokostyantyniv Raion August 5, 1997
31 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Mezhybozh" Mezhybozh, Letychiv Raion December 27, 2001
 Cherkasy Oblast
32 State Historic-Cultural Reserve "Trakhtemyriv" Hryhorivka, Kaniv Raion July 1, 1994
33 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Korsun-Shevchenkivsky Korsun-Shevchenkivsky, 4 ostriv Kotsyubynskoho February 8, 1994
34 State Historic-Cultural Reserve in Kamianka Kamianka, 42 vulytsia Lenina July 21, 1995
 Chernihiv Oblast
35 State Historic-Cultural Museum-Reserve "Tale of Igor's Campaign" Novhorod-Siversky, 1 vulytsia Pushkina June 22, 1978

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Further reading[edit]

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