List of historical equipment of the Hellenic Army

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Balkan Wars[edit]

Pistols and revolvers
Model D'Ordonance M1873/1874 Revolver (France)
Ruby M1914 Semi automatic Pistol (France/Spain)
Mannlicher–Schönauer M1903 Bolt Action Rifle and Carbine (Austria)

World War II[edit]

Pistols and revolvers
Ruby M1914 Semi automatic Pistol (France/Spain)
Nagant M1892 Revolver (Belgium)
FN M1922 Semi automatic Pistol (Belgium)

Mannlicher–Schönauer M1903/14/27/30 Bolt Action Rifle (Austria)
Fabrique Nationale Mauser M1930 Bolt Action Rifle (Belgium)
Lebel M1886 Bolt Action Rifle (in reserve) (France)
Berthier M1907/15 or 1916 Bolt Action Rifle (in reserve) (France)
Berthier M1892 or 1916 Bolt Action Carbine (in reserve) (France)
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 Bolt Action Rifle (rechambered in 7.92x57) (Austria-Hungary)
Lee–Enfield Bolt Action Rifle (after 1942) (UK)
Carcano Bolt Action Rifle (after 1943) (Italy)
Machine guns
Chauchat M1915 Light Machine Gun (France)
Hotchkiss M1922 Light Machine Gun (France)
Hotchkiss M1914 Heavy Machine Gun (France)
Hotchkiss M1926 Heavy Machine Gun (France-Greece)
Saint Etienne M1907/16 Heavy Machine Gun (France)
Schwarzlose Heavy Machine Gun (Austria)
Bren Light machine gun (after 1942) (UK)
Submachine guns
Sten Submachine gun (UK)
Thompson Submachine gun (US from UK aid)M1928 (1941), M1A1 (after 1942)
M3 Submachine gun (US)Used by the mountain Commandos (after 1942)


Lee–Enfield Bolt Action Rifle (UK)
Springfield 1903 Bolt Action Rifle (US)
M1 Garand Semi automatic Rifle (USA)
FN FAL Selective fire battle Rifle (Belgian and Greek made)
Bren Light machine gun (UK)
BAR Light Machine Gun (US)
Browning M1919 Machine Gun (US)
Sten Submachine gun (UK)
Thompson Submachine gun (US)
M3 Submachine gun (US)

Heckler & Koch G3 Selective fire Battle rifle (Germany and Greek made-current standard issue)


Armoured vehicles[edit]

M3 Half-Track Armoured Personnel Carrier (USA)
M8 Greyhound light armored car (USA)
M18 Hellcat tank destroyer (USA)
M24 Chaffee Light Tank (USA)
M47 Patton Medium Tank (USA)
M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle (USA)
AMX-30 Main Battle Tank (France)
AMX-10P Infantry Fighting Vehicle (France)
Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car (South Africa)
Universal Carrier Light Armoured tracked Vehicle (United Kingdom)
Centaur A-27L Mk VIII Cruiser Tank (United Kingdom)
M59 Armoured Personnel Carrier (USA)
L3/35 Tankette Captured (Italy)


M1915 Adrian helmet (France)
M1938 helmet (Greek)
Brodie helmet (UK)
M1 helmet (USA)


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