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This annotated list of individual monkeys includes monkeys who are in some way famous or notable. The list does not include notable apes, or fictional primates.

Monkey actors[edit]

Monkeys used in experiments[edit]

Miss Baker, with her Certificate of Merit from the ASPCA.
  • Able - (rhesus macaque) and Baker - (peruvian squirrel monkey), both female, the first monkeys sent into space to survive the experience. They were launched on 28 May 1959 in the nose cone of a Jupiter AM-18 missile as a test of NASA's launch facilities at Cape Canaveral and procedures for retrieving astronauts after splashdown. Miss Able died a few months after the mission, but Miss Baker lived another 25 years.[1]
  • Albert II - (rhesus monkey) the first primate in space, June 14, 1949. Died upon hitting the ground due to a parachute failure
  • Britches - (stump-tailed macaque) removed from his mother at birth, Britches was left alone with his eyes sewn shut as part of a study into blindness. He was rescued by the Animal Liberation Front, which publicized the condition he was found in, and the experiment was shut down.
  • Gordo (also known as "Old Reliable") - (squirrel monkey) He was launched in the US Jupiter AM-13 Rocket in 1958, but was lost after a technical failure at the end of the mission.
  • Hellion - (capuchin) trained by Mary Joan Willard to assist disabled people, was the first trainee to be placed. In 1979, Hellion started assisting a quadriplegic, Robert Foster, with chores and general assistance.[2]
  • Miss Sam - (rhesus macaque) sent into space under the Little Joe program in 1960.[3]
  • Semos - a nine-year-old male rhesus macaque at the Oregon National Primate Research Center who supplied the skin cells from which scientists were able to successfully derive embryonic stem cells.[4]
  • Tetra - a rhesus macaque at the Oregon National Primate Research Center who was the first cloned primate, created through splitting.[5]


  • Jacco Macacco, was a fighting ape or monkey who was exhibited in monkey-baiting matches at the Westminster Pit in London in the early 1820s.
  • Ramu, arrested and kept behind bars in India for 5 years on the charge of disturbing communal harmony. At the age of three, while under the care of a family, Ramu attacked some children. This sparked communal riots in the Jagannathpur village, ultimately leading to Ramu's arrest.
Jack the Signalman
  • Jack, known as Jack the Signalman [1].[6] This baboon was reputed to have become an expert at working the railroad signals for the Cape Government Railway.
  • Fred, euthanized in March 2011. Fred had a reputation for stealing food anywhere he could, but when he turned too aggressive, he was caught and controversially euthanized.

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