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The Imperial Russian anthem, God Save the Tsar!,[trans 1] used words by Vasily Zhukovsky (left) and music by Alexei Lvov (right). Adopted in 1833, the anthem was used continuously until the Empire's dissolution in 1917.

The oldest national anthem, defined as "a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism",[1] is the Dutch national anthem Het Wilhelmus,[trans 2] which was written between 1568 and 1572, but not then given any official status.[2] The first anthem to be officially proclaimed as such was La Marcha Real,[trans 3] adopted by Spain in 1770.[3] Het Wilhelmus was declared the national anthem of the Netherlands in 1932; both of these anthems remain in use today. A royal or imperial anthem is a song that is similar in patriotic character to a national anthem, but which specifically praises a monarch, or royal dynasty. Some states have doubled their royal or imperial anthem as their national anthem.

An anthem may fall out of use if the country that uses it ceases to exist, or because it adopts a new anthem; the rationale for a new national anthem is often political, perhaps based on a new ruling dynasty or system of government. For example, following the French Revolution, which overthrew the monarchy, La Marseillaise, a republican revolutionary song, became national anthem in 1795. Conversely, when the monarchy was restored 19 years later, the 16th-century royalist tune Vive Henri IV was revived and adapted to create Le Retour des Princes français à Paris, an overt celebration of the restored government.[trans 4] Following a number of further changes, La Marseillaise was readopted in 1870 and remains France's contemporary national anthem.

Some historical anthems share the same tune; for example, Heil dir im Siegerkranz,[trans 5] the Imperial German anthem, used the same music as Britain's national anthem, God Save the Queen. There are also instances of the music of a former national anthem still being used in a current anthem; for instance, the modern national anthem of Germany, Das Lied der Deutschen,[trans 6] uses the same tune as the 19th and early 20th-century Austro-Hungarian anthem Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser.[trans 7] Another well-known example is the Hymn of the Soviet Union,[trans 8] used until its dissolution in 1991, which was given new words and adopted by the Russian Federation in 2000 to replace the unpopular instrumental anthem it had introduced in 1993.[4][5]

This was not the first time that a country's de facto or de jure national anthem had proved controversial among its own people. My Country, 'Tis of Thee, a de facto anthem of the United States during the 19th century, divided opinion as it used the same tune as God Save the Queen.[note 1] A more recent example is Hej, Sloveni,[trans 9] the former Yugoslavian anthem which was retained by Serbia and Montenegro until 2006;[note 2] because it was frequently booed when played in public – at sporting events, for example – it was eventually replaced.[6]



National anthem title
in local language(s)
English translation of title Period Lyrics writer Music writer Audio Notes
Kingdom of Afghanistan Afghanistan Schahe ghajur-o-mehrabane ma Our Brave And Noble King 1943–1973 Makhtar, MohammedMohammed Makhtar Farukh, MohammedMohammed Farukh [7]
Afghanistan Afghanistan Soroud-e-Melli[trans 10] National Anthem 1973–1978 Benawa, Abdul RaufAbdul Rauf Benawa Brechna, Abdul GhafurAbdul Ghafur Brechna [7]
Afghanistan Afghanistan Soroud-e-Melli[trans 10] National Anthem 1978–1992 Laeq, SuleimanSuleiman Laeq Ghahlānd, JalīlJalīl Ghahlānd [7]
Afghanistan Afghanistan Soroud-e-Melli[trans 10] National Anthem 1992–1999
Farani, DaoudDaoud Farani Qasim, UstadUstad Qasim [7]
 Armenian SSR Haykakan SSH orhnerg[trans 11] Anthem of the Armenian SSR 1944–1991 Sarmen Khachaturian, AramAram Khachaturian
 Austrian Empire Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser God Save Emperor Francis 1804–1835
Haschka, Lorenz LeopoldLorenz Leopold Haschka Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser                           
[note 3]
 Austrian Empire Segen Öst'reichs hohem Sohne Blessings to Austria's high son 1835–1848 Zedlitz, Joseph Christian vonJoseph Christian von Zedlitz Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn
Segen Öst'reichs hohem Sohne
[note 3]
 Austrian Empire Volkshymne Anthem of the People 1854–1867 Seidl, Johann GabrielJohann Gabriel Seidl Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn
Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze
[note 3]
 Austria-Hungary Volkshymne Anthem of the People 1867–1918 Seidl, Johann GabrielJohann Gabriel Seidl Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn
Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze
[note 3]
 Austria Deutschösterreich, du herrliches Land German Austria, you wonderful country 1920–1929
(de facto)
Renner, KarlKarl Renner Kienzl, WilhelmWilhelm Kienzl
 Austria Sei gesegnet ohne Ende Be Blessed Without End 1929–1938 Kernstock, OttokarOttokar Kernstock Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn
Sei gesegnet ohne Ende
[note 3]
 Azerbaijan SSR Azərbaycan Sovet Sosialist Respublikasının Himni Anthem of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic 1944–1992 Rustam, SuleymanSuleyman Rustam
Vurgun, SamadSamad Vurgun
Arif, HuseynHuseyn Arif
Hajibeyov, UzeyirUzeyir Hajibeyov
Azərbaycan SSR Himni
 Grand Duchy of Baden Badnerlied Song of Baden 1865–1871 Unknown Unknown [note 4]
 Bavaria Bayernhymne Hymn of Bavaria 1806–1871 Öchsner, MichaelMichael Öchsner Kunz, MaxMax Kunz [note 4]
 Biafra Land of the Rising Sun 1967–1970 Unknown Sibelius, JeanJean Sibelius
Lefatshe leno la bo-rrarona This Land of Our Forefathers 1976–1994 Ntsime, J. M.J. M. Ntsime Mathibe, E. B.E. B. Mathibe
J. J. Loots
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Jedna si jedina The One and Only 1992–1998 Dervišhalidović, EdinEdin Dervišhalidović Dervišhalidović, EdinEdin Dervišhalidović
 Empire of Brazil Hino da Independência Hymn of Independence 1822–1830 da Veiga, EvaristoEvaristo da Veiga Pedro I of Brazil, Pedro I of Brazil
Hino da Independência
 Empire of Brazil Hino Nacional Brasileiro Brazilian National Anthem 1830–1889 Estrada, Joaquim Osório DuqueJoaquim Osório Duque Estrada da Silva, Francisco ManuelFrancisco Manuel da Silva
Hino Nacional Brasileiro
[note 5]
Bulgaria Bulgaria Shumi Maritsa[trans 12] Maritsa Rushes 1886–1944 Zhivkov, NikolaNikola Zhivkov Vazov, IvanIvan Vazov [note 6]
People's Republic of Bulgaria Bulgaria Republiko nasha, zdravey![trans 14] Hail to our Republic! 1944–1950 Penev, KrumKrum Penev Dimitrov, GeorgiGeorgi Dimitrov
People's Republic of Bulgaria Bulgaria Balgariyo mila[trans 15] Dear Bulgaria 1950–1964 Furnadshiev, NikolaNikola Furnadshiev
Mladen Issaev
Elisaveta Bagrjana
Dimitrov, GeorgiGeorgi Dimitrov
Georgi Zlatev-Tscherkin
Svetoslav Obretenov
 Byelorussian SSR Dzyarzhauny himn BSSR[trans 16] State Hymn of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic 1952–1991 Sakalowski, NestarNestar Sakalowski Klimovich, Mihas'Mihas' Klimovich
Dzyarzhauny himn BSSR
 Cambodia Song of the Khmer Republic[trans 17] Song of the Khmer Republic 1970–1975 Khieu Chum Khieu Chum
 Cambodia Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey[trans 18] Glorious Seventeenth of April 1976–1993 Unknown Unknown
Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey
 Cape Verde Esta É a Nossa Pátria Bem Amada This Is Our Beloved Country 1975–1996 Cabral, AmílcarAmílcar Cabral Cabral, AmílcarAmílcar Cabral [note 7]
 Central America La Granadera The Grenadier 1823–1839 Durón, RómuloRómulo Durón Unknown
La Granadera
 Qing China Li Zhong Tan Yue [trans 19] Tune of Li Zhongtang 1896–1906 Hongzhang, LiLi Hongzhang Hongzhang, LiLi Hongzhang
 Qing China Song Long Qi[trans 20] Praise the Dragon Flag 1906–1911 Collective Collective
 Qing China Gong Jin'ou[trans 21] Cup of Solid Gold 1911–1912 Fu, YanYan Fu Tong, BoBo Tong
Gong Jin'ou
 Republic of China Zhōngguó xióng lì yǔzhòujiān[trans 22] China Heroically Stands in the Universe 1915–1921 Chang, YinYin Chang Lu, WangWang Lu
 Republic of China Qing yun gē[trans 23] The Song to the Auspicious Cloud 1921–1926 Taiyan, ZhangZhang Taiyan Youmei, XiaoXiao Youmei
Qing yun gē
 Republic of China Guómín gémìng gē[trans 24] Revolution of the Citizens 1926–1928 Qianwu, LiaoLiao Qianwu Traditional
Guómín gémìng gē
 Chinese Soviet Republic Guójìgē[trans 25] The Internationale 1931–1937 Qiubai, QuQu Qiubai De Geyter, PierrePierre De Geyter [9]
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika God Bless Africa 1976–1994 Sontonga, EnochEnoch Sontonga Parry, JosephJoseph Parry
 Comoros Wungwana Ngasi Nuwo We have the Freedom 1975–1978 Unknown Unknown
 Confederate States of America God Save the South 1861–1865
(de facto)
Miles, George HenryGeorge Henry Miles Ellerbrock, CharlesCharles Ellerbrock [note 8]
 People's Republic of Congo Les Trois Glorieuses The Three Glorious Days 1969–1991 Lopès, HenriHenri Lopès Mockouamy, PhilippePhilippe Mockouamy
Corsica Corsican Republic Dio vi Salvi Regina God Save Our Queen 1755–1769
(de facto)
de Geronimo, FrancisFrancis de Geronimo de Geronimo, FrancisFrancis de Geronimo
Corsica Anglo-Corsican Kingdom Dio vi Salvi Regina God Save Our Queen 1794–1796 de Geronimo, FrancisFrancis de Geronimo de Geronimo, FrancisFrancis de Geronimo
 Czechoslovakia Kde domov můj
Nad Tatrou sa blýska
Where is my home? and Lightning over the Tatras 1918–1938
Tyl, Josef KajetánJosef Kajetán Tyl
Matúška, JankoJanko Matúška
Škroup, FrantišekFrantišek Škroup
Kde domov můj a Nad Tatrou sa blýska
[note 9]
 Free City of Danzig Für Danzig For Danzig [Gdańsk] 1920–1939 Enderling, PaulPaul Enderling Göhler, GeorgGeorg Göhler
 Kingdom of Egypt Eslami ya Misr[trans 26] Be Safe Oh Egypt 1923–1936 Al-Rafe'ie, Mostafa SaadeqMostafa Saadeq Al-Rafe'ie Ali, SafarSafar Ali [12]
 Egypt Walla Zaman Ya Selahy[trans 27] Oh My Weapon 1971–1979 Jahin, SalahSalah Jahin Al Taweel, KamalKamal Al Taweel
 Estonian SSR Eesti Nõukogude Sotsialistliku Vabariigi hümn Anthem of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic 1945–1991 Semper, JohannesJohannes Semper Ernesaks, GustavGustav Ernesaks
Eesti Nõukogude Sotsialistliku Vabariigi hümn
 Ethiopia Ityopp'ya Hoy Dess Yibelish[trans 28] Ethiopia Be Happy 1930–1975 Collective Dalbandyan, KevorkKevork Dalbandyan
 Ethiopia Ityopp'ya, Ityopp'ya, Ityopp'ya qida mi[trans 29] Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia Be First 1975–1991 Tessama, Assefa Gebre-MariamAssefa Gebre-Mariam Tessama Haggos, Daniel YohannesDaniel Yohannes Haggos
 France Vive Henri IV Long live Henri IV 16th century-1792 Unknown Unknown
Vive Henri IV
France France Chant du départ Song of the Departure 1799–1815 Chénier, Marie-JosephMarie-Joseph Chénier Méhul, Étienne NicolasÉtienne Nicolas Méhul
Chant du départ
[note 10]
Bourbon Restoration France Le Retour des Princes français à Paris The Return of the French Princes to Paris 1814–1815
Unknown Castil-Blaze, François-HenriFrançois-Henri Castil-Blaze
Le Retour des Princes français à Paris
 France La Parisienne The Parisian 1830–1848 Delavigne, CasimirCasimir Delavigne Auber, DanielDaniel Auber
 France Le Chant des Girondins The Song of Girondists 1848–1852 Dumas, AlexandreAlexandre Dumas
Auguste Maquet
Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle
Varney, AlphonseAlphonse Varney
 France Partant pour la Syrie Departing for Syria 1852–1870 de Laborde, AlexandreAlexandre de Laborde de Beauharnais, HortenseHortense de Beauharnais
 Georgian SSR Sakartvelos sabch'ota socialist'uri resp'ublikas sakhelmts'ipo himni[trans 30] State Anthem of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic 1946–1991 Abashidze, GrigolGrigol Abashidze
Abasheli, AlexanderAlexander Abasheli
Taktakishvili, OtarOtar Taktakishvili
SSSR Sakhelmts'ipo himni
 Georgia Dideba[trans 31] Praise 1918–1920
Potskhverashvili, KoteKote Potskhverashvili Potskhverashvili, KoteKote Potskhverashvili
 German Empire Heil dir im Siegerkranz Hail to Thee in Victor's Crown 1871–1918 Harries, HeinrichHeinrich Harries Unknown
 Germany Das Lied der Deutschen The Song of the Germans 1918–1933 von Fallersleben, August Heinrich HoffmannAugust Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn [note 11]
 Germany Das Lied der Deutschen The Song of the Germans 1933–1945 von Fallersleben, August Heinrich HoffmannAugust Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn [note 12]
 Federal Republic of Germany Das Lied der Deutschen The Song of the Germans 1918–1933 von Fallersleben, August Heinrich HoffmannAugust Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben Haydn, JosephJoseph Haydn [note 13]
 German Democratic Republic Auferstanden aus Ruinen Arisen from Ruins 1949–1990 Becher, Johannes R.Johannes R. Becher Eisler, HannsHanns Eisler
Auferstanden aus Ruinen
 Guatemala La Granadera The Grenadier 1847–1879 Durón, RómuloRómulo Durón Unknown
La Granadera
 Guatemala Himno Popular de Guatemala People's Anthem of Guatemala 1879–1896 Molina, RamónRamón Molina Rafael Álvarez Ovalle
People's Anthem of Guatemala
 Gran Colombia Marcha Libertadora Liberating March 1819–1830 Unknown Unknown [[File:|noicon|80px]] [[:File:|Marcha Libertadora]]
 Grenada Grenada National State Anthem 1967–1974 Rolstan Percival Jawahir Adams John George Fletcher
 Haiti Quand nos Aïeux brisèrent leurs entraves When our ancestors broke their chains 1893–1904 Durand, OswaldOswald Durand Unknown
 Hawaii God Save the King 1810–1860 Unknown Unknown
God Save the King
 Hawaii E Ola Ke Alii Ke Akua God Save the King 1860–1866 Lunalilo Unknown
 Hawaii He Mele Lahui Hawaii The Song of the Hawaiian Nation 1866–1876 Liliuokalani Unknown
 Hawaii Hawaii Ponoi Hawaii's Own True Sons 1876–1893 Kalakaua Berger, HenriHenri Berger
 Hong Kong God Save The Queen
Tin Jau Neo Wong'[trans 32]
Unknown Unknown
God Save the Queen
 Honduras La Granadera The Grenadier ca. 1838–1915 Durón, RómuloRómulo Durón Unknown
La Granadera
 Honduras Dios Salve a Honduras God Save Honduras ca. 1890-1915 Unknown Laurcano Campos
 Iran (Persia) Salām-e Shāh[trans 33] Royal Salute 1873–1909 Instrumental Lemaire, Alfred Jean BaptisteAlfred Jean Baptiste Lemaire
Salām-e Shāh
 Iran (Persia) Salāmati-ye Dowlat-e Elliye-ye Irān[trans 34] Salute of Sublime State of Persia 1909–1934 Unknown Minbashian, Gholam-RezaGholam-Reza Minbashian
Salāmati-ye Dowlat-e Elliye-ye Irān
 Iran (Persia) Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran[trans 35] Imperial Anthem of Iran 1934–1979 Afsar, Mohammad-HashemMohammad-Hashem Afsar Najmi Moghaddam, DavudDavud Najmi Moghaddam
Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran
 Iran (Persia) Ey Iran[trans 36] Oh Iran 1979–1980 Gol-e-Golab, HosseinHossein Gol-e-Golab Khaleghi, RuhollahRuhollah Khaleghi
Ey Iran
 Iran (Persia) Payandeh Bada Iran[trans 37] A Lasting Iran 1980–1990 Halat, AbolghasemAbolghasem Halat Beglary-Pour, MohammadMohammad Beglary-Pour
Pāyandeh Bādā Irān
 Iraq Ardulfurataini Watan[trans 38] The Land of The Two Rivers 1981–2003 Alkamali, ShafiqShafiq Alkamali Gholmieh, Walid GeorgesWalid Georges Gholmieh
 Italy Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza Royal March of Ordinance 1861–1946 Unknown Gabetti, GiuseppeGiuseppe Gabetti
Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza
 Italian Social Republic Il Canto degli Italiani The song of the Italians 1943–1945 Mameli, GoffredoGoffredo Mameli Novaro, MicheleMichele Novaro
 Katanga La Katangaise The Katangan 1960–1963 Unknown Kiwele, S.E. JosephS.E. Joseph Kiwele
 Kazakh SSR Qazaq Sovettik Socïalïstik Respwblïkasınıñ memlekettik änuranı[trans 39] Anthem of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic 1945–1992 Tazhibaev, AbdildaAbdilda Tazhibaev
Mukhamedzhanov, SydykSydyk Mukhamedzhanov
Musirepov, GabitGabit Musirepov
Tulebayev, MukanMukan Tulebayev Brusilovsky, YevgenyYevgeny Brusilovsky Khamidi, LatifLatif Khamidi
 Kazakhstan Qazaqstan Respwblïkasınıñ memlekettik änuranı[trans 40] Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1992–2006 Alimbayev, MuzafarMuzafar Alimbayev Myrzaliyev, KadyrKadyr Myrzaliyev Moldigaliyev, TumanbaiTumanbai Moldigaliyev Daribayeva, ZhadyraZhadyra Daribayeva Tulebayev, MukanMukan Tulebayev Brusilovsky, YevgenyYevgeny Brusilovsky Khamidi, LatifLatif Khamidi
Qazaqstan Respwblïkasınıñ memlekettik änuranı
[note 14]
 Kirghiz SSR Kyrgyz SSR Mamlekettik Gimni[trans 41] Anthem of the Kirghiz SSR 1936–1991 K. Malikov
T. Sydykbekov
M. Tokobaev
A. Tokombaev.
Vlasov, VladimirVladimir Vlasov
Maldybaev, AbdylasAbdylas Maldybaev
Fere, VladimirVladimir Fere
 Korean Empire Daehan jeguk aegukga[trans 42] Patriotic song of the Korean Empire 1902–1910 Unknown Eckert, FranzFranz Eckert [[File:|noicon|80px]] [[:File:|Daehan jeguk aegukga]]
 Kuwait As-salām al-amīrī[trans 43] Amiri Salute 1951–1978 Instrumental Adees, YusufYusuf Adees [note 15]
 Kingdom of Laos Pheng Xat Lao[trans 44] Anthem of the Lao people 1951–1975 Sounthonevichit, ThongdyThongdy Sounthonevichit Sounthonevichit, ThongdyThongdy Sounthonevichit [note 16]
 Latvian SSR Latvijas Padomju Sociālistiskās Republikas himna Anthem of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic 1945–1991 Rokpelnis, FricisFricis Rokpelnis
Vanags, JūlijsJūlijs Vanags
Liepiņš, AnatolsAnatols Liepiņš
Libya Libya Lībīya, Lībīya, Lībīya[trans 45] Libya, Libya, Libya 1951–1969 Al Arebi, Al BashirAl Bashir Al Arebi Wahab, Mohammed AbdelMohammed Abdel Wahab [note 17]
 Libya Allahu Akbar[trans 46] God is Greatest 1969–2011 El-Sharif, MahmoodMahmood El-Sharif El-Din, Abdalla ShamsAbdalla Shams El-Din [note 18]
 Lithuanian SSR Lietuvos Tarybų Socialistinės Respublikos himnas Anthem of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic 1950–1991 Venclova, AntanasAntanas Venclova Dvarionas, BalysBalys Dvarionas
Švedas, JonasJonas Švedas
 Macau A Portuguesa The Portuguese 1911–1999 Lopes de Mendonça, HenriqueHenrique Lopes de Mendonça Keil, AlfredoAlfredo Keil
A Portuguesa
[note 19]
 Mahabad Ey Reqîb Oh Enemy 1945–1947 Dildar Unknown [note 20]
 Marshall Islands Ij Io̧kwe Ļo̧k Aelōn̄ Eo Aō I Love the Islands 1986–1991 Unknown Langrine, SamuelSamuel Langrine
 Federated States of Micronesia Preamble 1989–1991 Unknown Unknown
 Moldavian SSR Imnul de Stat al RSS Moldoveneşti State Anthem of the Moldavian SSR 1945–1991 Bukov, EmilianEmilian Bukov
Bodarev, IvanIvan Bodarev
Neaga, ŞtefanŞtefan Neaga
Lazarev, EduardEduard Lazarev
 Montenegro Ubavoj nam Crnoj Gori[trans 47] Our Beautiful Montenegro 1910–1918 Sundečić, JovanJovan Sundečić Ivanišević, JovoJovo Ivanišević
Ubavoj nam Crnoj Gori
 Mozambique Viva, Viva a FRELIMO Long Live FRELIMO 1975–2002 Chemane, Justino SigaulaneJustino Sigaulane Chemane Chemane, Justino SigaulaneJustino Sigaulane Chemane
   Nepal Rastriya Gaan[trans 48] May Glory Crown Our Illustrious Sovereign 1899–2007 Chalise, ChakrapaniChakrapani Chalise Budhapirthi, BakhatbirBakhatbir Budhapirthi
 Netherlands Wien Neêrlands Bloed Those in whom Dutch blood 1815–1932 Tollens, HendrikHendrik Tollens Wilms, Johann WilhelmJohann Wilhelm Wilms
Wien Neêrlands Bloed
 Netherlands Antilles Anthem without a title 2000–2010 Hiliman, ZahiraZahira Hiliman
Lucille Berry-Haseth
Hiliman, ZahiraZahira Hiliman
 Newfoundland Ode to Newfoundland 1907–1949 Boyle, CavendishCavendish Boyle Parry, HubertHubert Parry [note 21]
 Nicaragua Hermosa Soberana Beautiful and Sovereign 1893–1910 Unknown Cousin, AlejandroAlejandro Cousin
 Nigeria Nigeria We Hail Thee 1960–1978 Williams, Lilian JeanLilian Jean Williams Benda, FrancesFrances Benda
 Norway Norges Skaal Toast to Norway 1771–1819 Bruhn, Johan NordahlJohan Nordahl Bruhn Unknown
 Norway Sønner av Norge Sons of Norway 1820–c.1905 Bjerregaard, Henrik AnkerHenrik Anker Bjerregaard Blom, ChristianChristian Blom
 Oldenburg Heil dir, o Oldenburg Hail to thee, o Oldenburg 1844–1871 von Kobbe, TheodorTheodor von Kobbe Cecilia, Grand Duchess of Oldenburg, Cecilia, Grand Duchess of Oldenburg [note 4]
 Orange Free State Heft, Burgers, 't lied der vrijheid Sing, Citizens, the song of Freedom 1854–1902 Hamelberg, H. A. L.H. A. L. Hamelberg Nicolai, W. F. G.W. F. G. Nicolai [15]
 Ottoman Empire Mahmudiye Marşı March of Mahmud 1829–1839
Instrumental Donizetti, GiuseppeGiuseppe Donizetti [note 22]
 Ottoman Empire Mecidiye Marşı March of Abdülmecid 1839–1861 Instrumental Donizetti, GiuseppeGiuseppe Donizetti
 Ottoman Empire Aziziye Marşı March of Abdülaziz 1861–1876 Instrumental Guatelli, CallistoCallisto Guatelli
 Ottoman Empire Hamidiye Marşı March of Abdulhamid 1876–1909 Unknown Paşa, NecipNecip Paşa
Hamidiye Marşı
 Ottoman Empire Reşadiye Marşı March of Mehmed Reşad 1909–1918 Unknown Selvelli, ItaloItalo Selvelli
Reşadiye Marşı
 Papal States Noi vogliam Dio, Vergine Maria Virgin Mary, We Desire God 1800–1857 Unknown Unknown
 Papal States Marcia trionfale Triumphal March 1857–1869 Instrumental Hallmayer, ViktorinViktorin Hallmayer [note 23]
 Philippines Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan Noble Hymn of the Tagalogs 1895–1899 Nakpil, JuanJuan Nakpil Nakpil, JuanJuan Nakpil
 Portugal Hymno Patriótico Patriotic Hymn 1809–1826 Unknown Portugal, Marcos AntónioMarcos António Portugal
Hymno Patriótico
 Portugal Hino da Carta Hymn to the Charter 1826–1911 Pedro IV of Portugal, Pedro IV of Portugal Pedro IV of Portugal, Pedro IV of Portugal
Hino da Carta
 Prussia Borussia (de) Prussia 1820–1830 Dunker, Joseph Friedrich LeopoldJoseph Friedrich Leopold Dunker Spontini, GaspareGaspare Spontini
 Prussia Preußenlied Song of Prussia 1830–1840 Thiersch, BernhardBernhard Thiersch Neithardt, AugustAugust Neithardt
 Rhodesia and Nyasaland God Save The Queen 1953–1963 Unknown Unknown
God Save the Queen
 Rhodesia God Save the Queen 1965–1970 Unknown Unknown
God Save the Queen
[note 24][16]
 Rhodesia Rise, O Voices of Rhodesia 1974–1979 Bloom, MaryMary Bloom Beethoven, Ludwig vanLudwig van Beethoven
Rise, O Voices of Rhodesia
[note 24][16]
 Romania Trăiască Regele Long live the King 1881–1947 Alecsandri, VasileVasile Alecsandri Hübsch, EduardEduard Hübsch [17]
 Romania Zdrobite cătuşe Broken Handcuffs 1948–1953 Baranga, AurelAurel Baranga Socor, MateiMatei Socor [17]
 Romania Te slăvim, Românie We glorify thee, Romania 1953–1977 Frunză, EugenEugen Frunză
Dan Deşliu
Socor, MateiMatei Socor [17]
 Romania Trei culori Three Colours 1977–1989 Unknown; adapted from the original Cântecul tricolorului Porumbescu, CiprianCiprian Porumbescu [17]
 Russian Empire Molitva russkikh[trans 49] The Prayer of Russians 1816–1833 Zhukovsky, VasilyVasily Zhukovsky Unknown (same tune as God Save the Queen)
Molitva russkikh
 Russian Empire Bozhe, Tsarya khrani![trans 1] God Save the Tsar! 1833–1917 Zhukovsky, VasilyVasily Zhukovsky Lvov, AlexeiAlexei Lvov
Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!
Russia Russian Republic Rabochaya Marselyeza[trans 50] Worker's Marseillaise 1917 Lavrov, PyotrPyotr Lavrov Lisle, Claude Joseph Rouget deClaude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
Rabochaya Marselyeza
 Russian SFSR Rabochaya Marselyeza[trans 50] Worker's Marseillaise 1917–1918 Lavrov, PyotrPyotr Lavrov Lisle, Claude Joseph Rouget deClaude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
Rabochaya Marselyeza
[note 25]
 Russian SFSR Internatsional[trans 51] The Internationale 1917–1944 Pottier, EugèneEugène Pottier De Geyter, PierrePierre De Geyter
[note 25]
 Russian Federation Patrioticheskaya Pesnya'[trans 52] The Patriotic Song 1990–2000 Instrumental Glinka, MikhailMikhail Glinka
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya
 Rwanda Rwanda Rwacu Our Rwanda 1962–2002 Habarurema, MichaelMichael Habarurema
Habarurema, MichaelMichael Habarurema
 San Marino Giubilanti d'amore fraterno Praise of Brotherly Love ?–1896 Balsimelli, UlisseUlisse Balsimelli Muccioli, AurelioAurelio Muccioli
 Kingdom of Sarawak Gone Forth Beyond the Sea ?–1946 Brooke, MargaretMargaret Brooke Unknown
 Sarawak Fair Land Sarawak 1946–1973 Ogden, FCFC Ogden Freeth, GeorgeGeorge Freeth
 Sardinia S'hymnu sardu nationale The Sardinian National Anthem 1842–1861 Angius, VittorioVittorio Angius Gonella, GiovanniGiovanni Gonella
 Saxony Sachsen Hymne Hymn of Saxony 1806–1871 Hallbauer, MaximilianMaximilian Hallbauer Otto, Ernst JuliusErnst Julius Otto [note 4]
 Saudi Arabia السلام الملكي السعودي The Royal Saudi Anthem 1953–1984 Khafaji, IbrahimIbrahim Khafaji Al-Khateeb, Abdul RahmanAbdul Rahman Al-Khateeb
 Serbia and Montenegro Hej, Sloveni Hey, Slavs 1991–2006 Tomášik, SamuelSamuel Tomášik Ogiński, Michał KleofasMichał Kleofas Ogiński
Hej, Sloveni
[note 2]
 Seychelles En Avant Forward 1976–1978 Unknown Unknown
 Seychelles Fyer Seselwa Be Proud Seychellois 1978–1996 Unknown Dastros-Gèze, PierrePierre Dastros-Gèze
 Siam Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami[trans 53] Siamese Royal Anthem 1913–1932 Nuvadtivongs, NarisaraNarisara Nuvadtivongs
Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami
[note 26]
 Slovenia Naprej, zastava slave Forward, Flag of Glory 1860–1990 Jenko, SimonSimon Jenko Jenko, DavorinDavorin Jenko [note 27]
 Somalia Heesta qaranqa Soomaaliya National anthem of Somalia 1960–2000 Instrumental Blanc, GiuseppeGiuseppe Blanc
 Somalia Soomaaliyeey toosoo Somalia, Wake Up 2000–2012 Mire Awale, AliAli Mire Awale Mire Awale, AliAli Mire Awale
Yusuf Haji Aden
Soomaaliyeey toosoo
[note 28]
 South Africa Die Stem van Suid-Afrika The Call of South Africa 1957–1997 Langenhoven, Cornelis JacobusCornelis Jacobus Langenhoven de Villiers, Marthinus LourensMarthinus Lourens de Villiers
Die Stem van Suid-Afrika
[note 29][21]
 South Africa Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika God Bless Africa 1994–1997 Sontonga, EnochEnoch Sontonga Parry, JosephJoseph Parry [note 29][21]
 South African Republic Volkslied van Transvaal National anthem of the Transvaal 1875–1902 van Rees, CatharinaCatharina van Rees van Rees, CatharinaCatharina van Rees [22]
 Soviet Union Internatsional[trans 51] The Internationale 1922–1944 Pottier, EugèneEugène Pottier De Geyter, PierrePierre De Geyter
 Soviet Union Gosudarstvenniy Gimn SSSR[trans 54] Hymn of the Soviet Union 1944–1991 Mikhalkov, SergeySergey Mikhalkov Alexandrov, AlexanderAlexander Alexandrov
Gosudarstvenniy Gimn SSSR
Spain Spain Himno de Riego Anthem of Riego 1931–1939 Gomis, José MelchorJosé Melchor Gomis Gomis, José MelchorJosé Melchor Gomis
Himno de Riego
  Switzerland Rufst du, mein Vaterland When you call, my fatherland c. 1850–1961 Wyss, Johann RudolfJohann Rudolf Wyss
Henri Roehrich
Unknown (same tune as God Save the Queen)
Rufst du, mein Vaterland
 Tajik SSR Gimni Respublikai Sovetii Sotsialistii Tojikiston[trans 55] State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic 1946–1994 Lahouti, AbolqasemAbolqasem Lahouti Yudakov, SuleimanSuleiman Yudakov
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika God Bless Africa 1976–1994 Sontonga, EnochEnoch Sontonga Parry, JosephJoseph Parry
 Tunisia Salam al-Bey[trans 56] Beylical Salute 1846–1958 Unknown Unknown
 Tunisia Ala Khallidi[trans 57] Immortal and Precious 1958–1987 Naccache, JalaleddineJalaleddine Naccache El Mahdi, SalahSalah El Mahdi
 Turkey İstiklâl Marşı Independence March 1924–1930 Ersoy, Mehmet AkifMehmet Akif Ersoy Osman Zeki Üngör, Osman Zeki Üngör
İstiklâl Marşı (1938)
 Turkmen SSR Türkmienistan Soviet Socialistik Riespublikasy Döwlet Gimni State Anthem of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic 1946–1997 Kekilov, AmanAman Kekilov Mukhatov, VeliVeli Mukhatov [note 30]
 Two Sicilies Inno al Re Hymn to the King 1816–1861 Unknown Paisiello, GiovanniGiovanni Paisiello
 Ukrainian SSR Derzhavnyy himn URSR[trans 58] State Anthem of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic 1949–1991 Lebednyets, Anton DmytrovychAnton Dmytrovych Lebednyets Tychyna, PavloPavlo Tychyna
Derzhavnyy himn URSR
 United Arab Republic Walla Zaman Ya Selahy[trans 27] Oh My Weapon 1960–1971 Jahin, SalahSalah Jahin Al Taweel, KamalKamal Al Taweel
 United States My Country, 'Tis of Thee c. 1831–1931
(de facto)
Smith, Samuel FrancisSamuel Francis Smith Unknown (same tune as God Save the Queen)
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
[note 1]
 Upper Volta Hymne National Voltaïque Voltaique National Anthem 1960–1984 Ouedraogo, RobertRobert Ouedraogo Ouedraogo, RobertRobert Ouedraogo
 Uzbek SSR O'zbekiston Sovet Sotsialist Respublikasining davlat madhiyasi State Anthem of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic 1947–1992 Fattah, TimurTimur Fattah
Tula, TurabTurab Tula
Burkhanov, MutalMutal Burkhanov
  Vatican City Marcia trionfale Triumphal March 1869–1950 Instrumental Hallmayer, ViktorinViktorin Hallmayer [note 23]
Pfano na vhuthihi Peace and Togetherness 1979–1994 Unknown Unknown
Nguyễn Vietnam Đăng đàn cung The King mounts his throne 1802–1945 Thieu, UngUng Thieu Chaigneau, J.B.J.B. Chaigneau
 South Vietnam Tiếng Gọi Công Dân Call to the Citizens 1955–1975 Phuoc, Luu HuuLuu Huu Phuoc Phuoc, Luu HuuLuu Huu Phuoc
Tiếng Gọi Công Dân
[note 31]
FNL Flag.svg South Vietnam Giải phóng miền Nam Liberate the South 1975-1976 Phuoc, Luu HuuLuu Huu Phuoc Phuoc, Luu HuuLuu Huu Phuoc
Giải phóng miền Nam
Morning Star flag.svg West Papua Hai Tanahku Papua Oh My Land Papua 1961–1963 Kijne, Izaak SamuelIzaak Samuel Kijne Kijne, Izaak SamuelIzaak Samuel Kijne
 Württemberg Württemberger Hymne Hymn of Württemberg 1806–1871 Unknown von Lindpaintner, Peter JosefPeter Josef von Lindpaintner [note 4]
 Kingdom of Yugoslavia Himna Kraljevine Jugoslavije Hymn of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918–1941 Đorđević, JovanJovan Đorđević
Mihanović, AntunAntun Mihanović
Jenko, SimonSimon Jenko
Jenko, DavorinDavorin Jenko
Runjanin, JosifJosif Runjanin
Himna Kraljevine Jugoslavije
[note 32]
 SFR Yugoslavia Hej, Sloveni Hey, Slavs 1977–1991 Tomášik, SamuelSamuel Tomášik Ogiński, Michał KleofasMichał Kleofas Ogiński
Hej, Sloveni
 Zaire La Zaïroise The Zairian 1972–1997 Lutumba, JosephJoseph Lutumba Londi, Simon-Pierre Boka Di MpasiSimon-Pierre Boka Di Mpasi Londi
 Zimbabwe Ishe Komborera Africa God Bless Africa 1980–1994 Sontonga, EnochEnoch Sontonga Parry, JosephJoseph Parry [note 33]

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An autograph score, including lyrics, for a piano version of the first Austrian national anthem, Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, handwritten and signed by Joseph Haydn in 1797. The tune, today more associated with Germany, was last used by Austria in 1938.
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Translations and transliterations[edit]

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