List of historical reenactment groups

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This is a list of Wikipedia articles on notable historical reenactment groups.

Name Real world location Period Earliest year portrayed Latest year portrayed Speciality
60th Royal Americans of Michigan  USA French and Indian War 1756 1763 Combat reenactment, living history
Company of Saynt George   Switzerland,  France,  UK,  Sweden,  Austria,  Italy,  Netherlands,  Belgium,  Denmark,  Poland,  Czech Republic,  Germany Middle Ages 1470 AD 1480 AD Living history, Burgundian Artillery Unit.
Company of the Wolf  Australia Middle Ages 1250 AD 1490 AD Combat reenactment, living history
The English Civil War Society  UK English Civil War 1642 AD 1651 AD Combat reenactment, living history
Ermine Street Guard  UK Roman army 50 AD 200 AD Combat reenactment, living history, TV and film work, education work, research
Historia Normannis  UK  France  USA 12th to 13th centuries 1100 1215 Combat reenactment, living history
Historical Maritime Society  UK Modern 1805 AD 1945 AD Naval combat reenactment, naval living history
The Medieval Siege Society  UK Wars of the Roses 1350 AD 1490 AD The largest Wars of the Roses reenactment group in the UK
Nova Roma  US,  Canada,  Mexico,  Brazil,  Argentina,  Italy,  France,  Spain,  Portugal,  UK,  Germany,  Hungary,  Romania,  Finland, and  Sweden Ancient Rome Education, Roman religion, living history
Pax Romana  Netherlands Ancient Rome 28 AD 320 AD Cohors XV, Classis Germanica, Batavian civilians, gladiator combat reenactment, Roman cavalry, Late Roman army, living history, education, film and TV work
Regia Anglorum  UK,  US,  Canada 850 to 1100 850 AD 1100 AD Combat reenactment, living history, archery
The Sealed Knot  UK, (links with  Germany and  Czech Republic) English Civil War, Monmouth Rebellion 1642 AD 1685 AD Combat reenactment, living history
Society for Creative Anachronism  US,  Canada,  Australia,  New Zealand,  Europe,  Israel,  South Africa,  Japan,  South Korea,  Thailand Early Medieval to Early Renaissance None (official); 600 AD (unofficial) 1600 AD Combat recreation, period arts and sciences, living history, not-for-profit educational group
The Vikings  UK,  US,  Canada,  Netherlands,  Ireland,  Italy Vikings – 790 to 1066 790 AD 1066 AD Combat reenactment, living history, educational visits, film and TV work