List of honours of Bulgaria awarded to heads of state and royalty

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European monarchies

United Kingdom British Royal Family[edit]

To be complete if any ...

Norway Norwegian Royal Family[edit]

See also decorations pages (mark °) : Harald, Sonja, Haakon, Mette-Marit, Mârtha Louise, Astrid & Ragnhild

Sweden Swedish Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[2]

Denmark Danish Royal Family[edit]

Netherlands Dutch Royal Family[edit]

Belgium Belgian Royal Family[edit]

King and Queen's state visit in Republic of Bulgaria (14/10/2003 - 16/10/2003)

Luxembourg Luxembourgish Grand-Ducal Family[edit]

To be complete if any ...

Spain Spanish Royal Family[edit]

To be complete if any ...

Monaco Monegasque Princely Family[edit]

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein's Princely Family[edit]

To be complete if any ...


to be completed

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