List of honours of Terengganu awarded to heads of state and royalty

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This article serves as an index – as complete as possible – of all the honorific orders or similar decorations awarded by Terengganu, classified by Monarchies chapter and Republics chapter, and, under each chapter, recipients' countries and the detailed list of recipients.



Terengganu Terengganu Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded:[1]


Johor Johor Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[6]

Kelantan Kelantan Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded:[8]

Negeri Sembilan Negeri Sembilan Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[9]

Pahang Pahang Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[11]

Perlis Perlis Royal Family[edit]

Selangor Selangor Royal Family[edit]

They have been awarded :[14]

Malacca Governors of Malacca[edit]

To be completed ...


Brunei Brunei Royal Family[edit]

See also List of Malaysian Honours awarded to Heads of State and Royals

Thailand Thai Royal Family[edit]

to be completed


To be completed if any ...


To be completed if any ...

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