List of honours of Thailand awarded to heads of state and royals

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Thailand Thai Royal Family[edit]

King and Queen
Prince Vajiralongkorn's family
King's daughters & family
- Ubolratana & family
- Princess Sirindhorn
- Chulabhorn & daughters
Other decorations
Orders Sirikit Vajiralongkorn Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirindhorn Chulabhorn Walailak
Freeman Safeguarding Medal - Class 1 (Thailand).png Freeman Safeguarding Medal (First Class) X X . X .
Dushdi Mala - Civilian (Thailand).png Civil Dushdi Mala Medal X . . X .
Border Service Medal (Thailand) ribbon.png The Border Service Medal X X . X .
Chakra Mala Medal (Thailand) ribbon.png Chakra Mala Medal . X . X .
The Boy Scout Citation Medal 1st class (Thailand) ribbon.png The Boy Scout Citation Medal (First Class) . . . X .
King Rama IX Rajaruchi Medal (Thailand) ribbon.png King Rama IX Rajaruchi Medal (Gold Class) X X . X X
Red Cross Medal of Merit (Thailand) ribbon.png The Red Cross Commendation Medal X . . . .
Red Cross Medal of Appreciation (Thailand) ribbon.png Red Cross Medal of Appreciation (First Class) . X . X X


European monarchies

United Kingdom British Royal Family[edit]

Norway Norwegian Royal Family[edit]

See also decorations pages (mark °) : Harald, Sonja, Haakon, Mette-Marit, Mârtha Louise, Astrid & Ragnhild

Sweden Swedish Royal Family[edit]

Denmark Danish Royal Family[edit]

Netherlands Dutch Royal Family[edit]

Dead Members

Belgium Belgian Royal Family[edit]

Dead Members

Luxembourg Luxembourgish Grand-Ducal Family[edit]

Spain Spanish Royal Family[edit]

Monaco Monegasque Princely Family[edit]

Non available information

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein's Princely Family[edit]

Non available information

Asian monarchies

Jordan Jordanian Royal Family[edit]

Non available information

Malaysia Malaysian Yang di-Pertuan Agongs & family[edit]

Nepal Nepalese Royal Family[edit]

Japan Japanese Imperial Family[edit]

Late honoured family members

Former Monarchies[edit]

 Kingdom of Greece Greek Royal Family[edit]

Iran Iranian Imperial Family[edit]









 United States[edit]

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