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Joseph "Sepp" Blatter (born 10 March 1936) is a Swiss sports administrator who, from 1998 to 2015, served as the eighth president of FIFA, the world governing body of association football. Before being banned from football for eight years in 2015, Blatter has received numerous honours and awards from nation states, sport governing bodies, special interest groups, universities, and cities.

Individual honours[edit]

Individual honours awarded to Blatter include the American Global Award for Peace, and the title of "International Humanitarian of the Year" and the "Golden Charter of Peace and Humanitarianism" from the International Humanitarian League for Peace and Tolerance.[1]

Blatter's efforts for peace have also won him a limited edition watch, the "Dove of Geneva" made by the Swiss watchmakers Quinting.[2]

Blatter has also received Soccerex's "Tenth Anniversary Soccerex Merit Award" and the 'Best World Sports award' from the Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich, Switzerland, and the South African Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality's 'Golden Key Recognition Trophy'.[1][3]

Foreign honours[edit]

Country Date Ribbon Appointment Ref.
Jordan Jordan Date unknown Order of Independence Jordan.svg Order of Independence [1]
Bolivia Bolivia Date unknown Medalla al Mérito Deportivo (Bolivia) - ribbon bar.gif Medalla al Mérito Deportivo [1]
South Africa South Africa 1998 Ord.GoodHope-ribbon.gif Order of Good Hope [4]
Liberia Liberia 1999 Humane Order of African Redemption (Liberia) - ribbon bar.gif Humane Order of African Redemption [5]
Tunisia Tunisia 2001 Order of the Republic (Tunisia) - ribbon bar.gif Grand Cordon de l'Ordre de la République Tunisienne [1][6]
United Arab Emirates UAE 2003 Order Zayed rib.png Order of Zayed [7]
Morocco Morocco 2004
MAR Order of the Throne - 1st Class BAR.png
Grand Officer, Order of the Throne [1]
Yemen Yemen 2004 Award of Merit [1]
France France 2004 Legion Honneur Chevalier ribbon.svg Knight of the French Legion of Honour [8]
Central African Republic Central African Republic 2005 Ordre de la reconnaissance centrafricaine - chevalier.svg Commander, Ordre de la Médaille de la Reconnaissance [1]
Sudan Sudan 2005 Order of the Two Niles (Sudan) - ribbon bar.gif Order of the Two Niles [1]
Djibouti Djibouti 2005 Djibouti - National Order of June 27 - ribbon.png Commander, L'Ordre National du 27 Juin 1977 [1]
Germany Germany 2006 GER Bundesverdienstkreuz 6 GrVK Stern Band.svg Grand Cross of the Order of Merit [9]
Ukraine Ukraine 2007 Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 1st 2nd and 3rd Class of Ukraine.png Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Grade V [1]
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 2007 Dustlik rib.png Order of National Friendship, or Do'stlik [1]
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 2007 KRG Order Danaker.png Order of Danaker [10]
India India 2007 Crown of Peace [1]
Venezuela Venezuela 2007 VEN Order Francisco de Miranda - Knight BAR.png Order of Francisco de Miranda - First Class [1]
Bahrain Bahrain 2008 Bahrain - medal - ribbon.png Bahrain, Medal of the First Degree [1][11]
State of Palestine Palestine 2008 Wissam Al-Qods (Order Jerusalem), with distinction [12]
Japan Japan 2009 ribbon bar Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun [1]
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 2009 ribbon bar Order of Friendship [1]
South Korea South Korea 2010 ROK Order of Sports Merit Cheongnyong (1st Class) ribbon.png Order of Merit for Sports [1]
South Africa South Africa 2010 Order of the Companions of O.R. Tambo (ribbon bar).gif Order of the Companions of O. R. Tambo On the official South African government website, he was named as "Joseph Sepp Bellend Blatter" [13]
Malaysia Malaysia 2011 MY-PAH Grand Royal Order of Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang - SDSA.svg Dato' Sri – First Class Grand Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of the Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang [1]

Honorary degrees[edit]

Honorary citizenships[edit]

East Timor made Blatter an honorary citizen in 2011.[1] Blatter has also been awarded honorary citizenships from the cities of Bangkok (2006), Guatemala City and Managua in 2011.[1] Blatter was appointed an honorary citizen of Visp, his hometown in southwestern Switzerland, in 2006.[1]

Sports association honours[edit]

Honours from sport governing bodies and associations awarded to Blatter include the Order of Olympic Merit from the International Olympic Committee, the 'Global Award for Peace' from the International Amateur Athletic Association, and honorary memberships of the German Football Association, Swiss Football Association, the Swiss Olympic Association, and Real Madrid C.F..[14][1] Blatter has also been awarded the 'Necklace of Honour' from the Ecuadorian Football Federation in 2010,[1] the Asian Football Confederation's Diamond of Asia Award in 2006[1] and UEFA's Order of Merit in Diamond in 2004.[1]


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