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This list of horticulture and gardening books includes notable gardening books and journals, which can to aid in research and for residential gardeners in planning, planting, harvesting, and maintaining gardens. Gardening books encompass a variety of subjects from garden design, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, to shade gardens. Every plant genus or category of plants may also be covered including roses, clematis, bulbs, hellebores, and hydrangeas. The Internet has expanded and enhanced the availability of gardening resources. Online plant databases, photographic collections, as well as detailed articles and blogs greatly add to the range and depth of home gardening information.


Early works[edit]



  • Fisher, S. (1999). Scented containers: great ideas for year-round fragrance. NY: Sterling Pub. (ISBN 0-7063-7800-8)


Diseases and pests[edit]



  • Morgan, J. Richards, A. and Dowle E. The New Book of Apples: The Definitive Guide to Over 2,000 Varieties. (2003). Ebury.[1]


  • Lacy, A. (1998).The inviting garden: gardening for the senses, mind, and spirit. NY: Henry Holt.
  • Jarman, Derek and Sooley, Howard. (1995). Derek Jarman's Garden. Thames & Hudson.[1]
  • Cobbett, William. (1833). The English Gardener. (Full view). Harvard University.[1]
  • Heizer, Roy (2009) Savannah's Garden Plants (Schiffer Publishing)
  • Alexander, William (2006) The $64 Tomato (Algonquin Books)

Perennials and plants[edit]

Photographic collections[edit]

Plant information[edit]

  • Damrosch, B. (2008). The Garden Primer. (2nd ed). New York: Workman. (ISBN 0-7611-2275-3)[2]
  • Dirr, M.A. (1997). Dirr’s hardy trees and shrubs: an illustrated encyclopedia. Portland: Timber Press. (ISBN 0-88192-404-0)
  • Dirr, M.A. (1998). Manual of woody landscape plants: their identification, ornamental characteristics, culture, propagation and uses. Champaign, IL: Stipes. (ISBN 0-87563-800-7)
  • Dirr, M.A. (2002). Dirr's Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (ISBN 088192525X)
  • Pears, P. (2002). Rodale's illustrated encyclopedia of organic gardening. New York: DK Pub. (ISBN 0-7894-8908-2)
  • Smith, Jim. The Wise Old Gnome Speaks: How to Really, Really, Really Care About Your Garden

Reference books[edit]

  • Hortus Third
  • American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
  • Manual of Woody Landscape Plants Michael Dirr

Shrubs and trees[edit]

  • Bean, W.J, Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles
  • The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs



  • Epstein, E. and Bloom, A.J. (2005). Mineral Nutrition of Plants: Principles and Perspectives. (2nd ed). Sunderland: Sinauer Associates. (ISBN 978-0878931729)

Journals and periodicals[edit]


Plant databases[edit]

  • UI Plants. Gary J. Kling. 2008. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 17 Mar. 2008

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External links[edit]

  • Gold Medal Plant Award Program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society this program recognizes "trees, shrubs, and woody vines of outstanding merit" and are recommended for USDA Zones 5-7 and is a good place to look when considering adding shrubs and trees to the home garden.
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