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In 2012, there were 79 hospitals and clinics in Croatia.[1]

All hospitals listed below are operated by the Croatian health ministry. The ministry classifies hospitals into five categories:

  • Clinical hospital centre (Klinički bolnički centar or KBC) – five major medical centres in the country, two of which are located in the capital city of Zagreb
  • Clinical hospital (Klinička bolnica or KB) – three large hospitals, all based in Zagreb
  • Clinic (Klinika) – three large clinics, two of which are located in Zagreb
  • General hospital (Opća bolnica or OB) – 22 smaller general hospitals, serving individual counties around the country
  • Specialist hospitals (Specijalne bolnice) – 27 specialised hospitals, including various children's hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and the like, scattered around the country

List of hospitals[edit]

Clinical hospital centres
Clinical hospitals
  • KB Merkur in Zagreb - Medical center with 300 beds, Hospital employs some 1200 medical and support staff.
  • KB Sveti Duh in Zagreb - Large General Hospital with over 600 beds. Hospital is located in Cernomerec district of Zagreb.
  • KB Dubrava in Zagreb
General hospitals

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