List of hospitals in the Republic of Ireland

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This is a list of hospitals in the Republic of Ireland.

County Carlow[edit]

County Cavan[edit]

County Clare[edit]

County Cork[edit]

County Donegal[edit]

County Dublin[edit]

County Galway[edit]

County Kerry[edit]

County Kildare[edit]

County Kilkenny[edit]

County Laois[edit]

County Leitrim[edit]

County Limerick[edit]

County Louth[edit]

Louth County Hospital, Dundalk

County Mayo[edit]

County Meath[edit]

County Monaghan[edit]

County Offaly[edit]

County Roscommon[edit]

County Sligo[edit]

County Tipperary[edit]

County Waterford[edit]

County Westmeath[edit]

County Wexford[edit]

County Wicklow[edit]