List of hospitals in Jamaica

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This is a list of hospitals in Jamaica.

Surrey County[edit]

Kingston and Saint Andrew[edit]

  • Chinese Sanitarium
  • Hope Institute
  • Andrews Memorial Hospital (private)
  • Bellevue Hospital (BVH)
  • Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC)
  • Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)
  • Medical Associates Hospital (private)
  • el shaddai medical centre Jamaica
  • National Chest Hospital (NCH)
  • Nuttall Memorial Hospital (private)
  • St. Joseph's Hospital
  • University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI)
  • Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH)
  • Heart Institute of the Caribbean
  • Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center
  • Maxfield Park Medical Center
  • Gynae Associates Hospital (private)

Portland Parish[edit]

  • Buff Bay Hospital
  • Port Antonio Hospital

Saint Thomas Parish[edit]

  • Princess Margaret Hospital

Middlesex County[edit]

Clarendon Parish[edit]

  • Chapelton Hospital
  • May Pen Hospital
  • Lionel Town Community Hospital

Manchester Parish[edit]

  • Hargreaves Hospital (Private)
  • Mandeville Hospital
  • Percy Junior (Spalding Community) Hospital

Saint Ann Parish[edit]

  • St. Ann's Bay Hospital
  • Alexandria Community Hospital

Saint Catherine Parish[edit]

Saint Mary Parish[edit]

  • Annotto Bay Hospital
  • Port Maria Hospital

Cornwall County[edit]

Noel Holmes Hospital

Saint Elizabeth Parish[edit]

  • Black River Hospital

Saint James Parish[edit]

Trelawny Parish[edit]


  • Savanna-la Mar Public Hospital
  • Royale Medical Centre


  • Noel Holmes Hospital

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