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This is a list of hospitals in Niger. While the World Bank classified 40 hospitals in Niger in 2001, most are small clinics. There were on 296 Physicians in a country of over 13 million people in 2004.[1] Some of the larger hospitals are listed below.

Niamey Capitol District[edit]


Name Locale Opened Closed
National Hospital[2][3] Niamey
Lamordé National Hospital (Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire – CHU)[3] Niamey
La Maternité Issaka Gazoby[3] Niamey
Gamkalley Clinic (Private) Niamey
CURE Hôpital des Enfants au Niger[4] (Charitable) Niamey 2010

National Hospital of Niamey[edit]

Created in 1922 by the colonial administration, it received the title of National Hospital of Niamey (Hopital National de Niamey or HNN) in 1962. It is a modern and government operated hospital in the capital of Niger. It is the largest hospital in the country that provides a full range of medical and surgical services to patients in Niamey and the rest of the country. Along with the Lamorde National Hospital, it is the leading hospital in the country. Other regional hospitals refer cases to the National Hospital of Niamey and the Lamorde National Hospital when in need. It is equipped with radiology equipment and provides psychiatry, neurosurgery and cardiology services.

Maradi Region[edit]

Name Locale Opened Closed
Galmi Hospital (charitable)[2] Galmi
Mayahi District Hospital[3][5] Maradi
Guidan Roumji Hospital[6] Maradi

Dosso Region[edit]

Foreign and Nigerien dignitaries enter the main building of a new health clinic complex, Dosso Regional Hospital, Dosso, Niger. March 2008.
Name Locale Opened Closed
Dosso Regional Hospital[3] Dosso

Diffa Region[edit]

Tillabéri Region[edit]

Tahoua Region[edit]

Agadez Region[edit]

Name Locale Opened Closed
Centre Medical Hospitalier[7] Agadez
Cominak Hospital[7] Arlit

Zinder Region[edit]

Name Locale Opened Closed
Children's Hospital[8] Zinder

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