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There are 59 hospitals in Oman and 897 medical centres, dispensaries and clinics. Only 10 hospitals are private and the rest are Government hospitals.[1]

This is a list of hospitals in Oman.

Hospitals in Muscat Governorate (the Capital)[edit]

Al Hayat International Hospital
  • Advanced Fertility & Genetics Center LLC, Al Khuwair
  • Al Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, Al Azaiba
  • Al Hakeem fertility Mother and child care centre al khuwair
  • Al Hakeem united pharmacy al khuwair
  • Al Hayat International Hospital Medical and dental clinics, Laser and Plastic surgery, Al Qurm St, Muscat, Oman,[2]
  • Al Hayat International Hospital Oman (Muscat, Al Ghubra) [3]
  • Al Hayat Polyclinic Sohar
  • Al Nahdha Hospital, Ruwi
  • Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Al Ghubra, Muscat
  • Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar
    • Aster Al Raffah Polyclinic, Al Amerat, Muscat
  • Aster Al Raffah Polyclinic, Al Khoudh, Muscat
  • Aster Al Raffah Polyclinic, Ruwi, Muscat
    • American Specialty Clinics Center, Medical and dental clinics, Al Qurm St, Muscat, Oman
  • Apollo Hospital Muscat [4]
  • Armed Forces Hospital
  • Atlas Hospital, Al Ghoubra
  • Atlas Hospital, Ruwi
  • Badr al Samaa group of hospitals and polyclinics, Ruwi, Al Khuwair, Alkhoud, Barkha, Sohar, Sur, Salalah, Nizwa, falaaj
  • Burjeel Hospital -Al Khuwair, Muscat,Oman - [5]
    • Diwan Medical Services
  • Gulf Specialized Hospital, Maktabi Building, AL Wattaya, Muscat
  • Gulf Specialized Hospital, Maktabi Building, AL Wattaya, Muscat [6]
  • Muscat Private Hospital and IVF center
  • Hatat Polyclinic (Hatat Complex, Wadi Adai and Azaibha)
  • Khoula Hospital (Al Wattya) (National Trauma Center)
  • KIMS Oman Hospital (Darsait), Muscat
  • Lama Polyclinic Ruwi & Al-Khuwair
  • Lifeline Hospital, Salalah
  • Lifeline Hospital, Sohar
  • Medical vision specialty center (Qurum)
  • Muscat Private Hospital
  • Noor al shifa Medical complex, Thumarit, Oman
  • Oman Medical Complex, Ibri
  • Starcare Hospital -As Seeb, Muscat, Oman,[7]
  • Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
  • The Royal Hospital, Bausher, Muscat

JCI accredited hospitals[edit]

  • Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar
  • Badr Al Samaa hospital Al Khoud
  • Badr Al Samaa hospital Ruwi
  • Muscat Private Hospital. Muscat
  • Starcare Hospital, As Seeb, Muscat.

ACHSI accredited hospitals[edit]

KIMS Oman Hospital, Darsait

Hospitals in the rest of Oman[edit]

  • Al Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, Al Azaiba
  • Al Hakeem fertility mother and child care center al khuwair
  • Al Manar polyclinic - Mabelah, Sinaya
  • Al Noor Medical Complex (Dr Mir Mustafa Ali Fazal, Physician) - Sur
  • Al-Raffah Hospital, Sohar
  • Badr Al Samaa [Sohar], Salalah
  • Badr al Samaa hospitals and poly clinics, Sur
  • Badr Al Samaa Polyclinic, Sur
  • Barka Health Center - Barka
  • Barka Polyclinic - Barka
  • Burjeel Hospital -Al Khuwair, Muscat,Oman
  • Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre, Al Azaibha
  • Ibra Hospital - Ibra
  • Ibri Hospital - Ibri
  • Khasab Hospital, Musandam
  • Lifeline hospital - Sohar
  • Musanah Polyclinic - Musanah
  • Nizwa Hospital - Nizwa - 2 Hospitals
  • Oman Al Khair Hospital- Ibri
  • Quiriyat Hospital - Quriyat
  • Rustaq Hospital - Rustaq
  • Sohar Hospital - North Batinah, Sohar
  • Sultan Qaboos Hospital Salalah
  • Sur Hospital - Sur, Oman
  • Um Balqees Dental Clinic, Ibra, Sharqiya, Oman


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