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The list below is a database that contains hospitals in Romania. All public hospitals receive funding from the Ministry of Health. Romania has a universal healthcare system, hence all public hospitals are charge-free and available to each citizen of the European Union. There are 425 operational hospitals across the country.[1][2] At the moment, there are 6.2 hospital beds available per 1000 citizens.[3]

As a result of the European recession,[4] the executive has decided to shut down 67 hospitals nationwide.[5]


In Romania, each hospital is assigned to a certain city, town, region or medical university.[6]

A dispensary (dispensar in Romanian) is common out in the countryside. They do not have the facilities or labor power of a hospital, but some famous dispensaries appear in the list below.

A town hospital (spital orășenesc in Romanian) is a hospital where residents of a particular town are being admitted into. Such hospitals are able to sustain most medical emergencies and common surgeries.

A municipal hospital (spital municipal in Romanian) is a hospital where residents of a particular municipality are being admitted into. Such hospitals usually have a greater bed capacity than a town hospital.

A county hospital (spital județean in Romanian) is a hospital where citizens from all over the county are being brought in. If the procedure cannot be performed into a town hospital, the patients are being admitted in a hospital as such. This kind of hospital has a wide range of departments and a high bedding capacity.

A university hospital (spital universitar in Romanian) is a hospital ascribed[clarification needed] to a medical university. Such hospitals have a state-of-the-art medical technologies and tend to perform experimental operations.

A sanatorium (sanatoriu in Romanian) is a recovery facility where patients with a chronic disease are being admitted into shortly before treatment.

A private hospital is a hospital that only operates with people that own a private medical insurance. Such hospitals have a closed circuit network and differ from the public hospitals.

Active hospitals[edit]

This list has been created with information provided by the Romanian Ministry of Health.[7][8]

County Location Full name Total capacity Founding year
Alba Aiud Aiud TB hospital 120 hospital beds ??
Alba Aiud Aiud Municipal Hospital 225 hospital beds 1867
Alba Alba Iulia Alba Iulia Emergency County Hospital 763 hospital beds 1973
Alba Blaj Blaj Municipal Hospital 40 hospital beds 1951
Alba Câmpeni TB Sanatorium Câmpeni ?? 1937
Alba Câmpeni Câmpeni Town Hospital 155 hospital beds ??
Alba Cugir Cugir Town Hospital ?? ??
Alba Sebeș Sebes Municipal Hospital 301 hospital beds ??
Alba Zlatna Zlatna Town Hospital ?? ??
Arad Arad Dr. Salvator Vuia Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology 60 hospital beds 1919
Arad Arad Arad County Emergency Clinical Hospital 631 hospital beds 1981
Arad Arad Arad County Clinical Hospital 340 hospital beds 1775
Arad Capalnas Capalnas Psychiatric Hospital 85 hospital beds ??
Arad Chișineu-Criș Sf. Gheorghe Hospital 90 hospital beds 2003
Arad Dezna Dr. Corneliu Bârsan Neurological rehabilitation Hospital ?? ??
Arad Gurahonț Gurahonț Territorial TB Hospital 100 hospital beds 2011
Arad Ineu Ineu Town Hospital 100 hospital beds 1855
Arad Lipova Lipova Town Hospital 110 hospital beds 1906
Arad Mocrea Mocrea Psychiatry Hospital ?? 1834
Arad Sebiș Chronic diseases Sebiș Hospital ?? 1968
Argeș Călinești Ion Crăciun Hospital 70 hospital beds 1884
Argeș Câmpulung Muscel Câmpulung Muscel Municipal Hospital 390 hospital beds 1983
Argeș Costești King Carol I Municipal Hospital 140 hospital beds 1918
Argeș Curtea de Argeș Curtea de Argeș Municipal Hospital 215 hospital beds 1981
Argeș Domnești Dr. Teja Papahagi Town Hospital 55 hospital beds ??
Argeș Mioveni Sf. Spiridon Town Hospital 87 hospital beds 1894
Argeș Pitești Pitești Pediatric Hospital 396 hospital beds ??
Argeș Pitești Pitești County Emergency Hospital 1019 hospital beds ??
Bacău Bacău Bacău Pediatrics Hospital 293 hospital beds 2003
Bacău Bacău Bacău County Hospital 1182 hospital beds 1857
Bacău Buhuși Buhuși Town Hospital 173 hospital beds ??
Bacău Comănești Ioan Lascăr Town Hospital 120 hospital beds 1931
Bacău Moinești Moinești Municipal Hospital 388 hospital beds 1973
Bacău Onești Onești Municipal Hospital 573 hospital beds 1965
Bacău Podu Turcului Podu Turcului Communal Hospital ?? ??
Bacău Târgu Ocna Târgu Ocna Town Hospital ?? ??
Bihor Aleșd Aleșd Town Hospital 135 hospital beds 1955
Bihor Beiuș Beiuș Municipal Hospital 245 hospital beds 1890
Bistrița Beclean Beclean Town Hospital 244 hospital beds ??
Bistrița Bistrița Bistrița Năsăud County Emergency Hospital 1197 hospital beds ??
Bistrița Năsăud Dr. George Trifon Town Hospital 165 hospital beds 1950